10 Best Dark Chocolates In The UK And Buying Guide

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You’re a chocolate lover and want to find out the best dark chocolates in the UK? This post will meet your needs!

There are billions of people who love chocolates, not only for their fantastic taste but also for their benefits. However, not all chocolates are tasty and good for health, so choosing the right one isn’t an easy task.

We’re glad that you’re here as we can give you some suggestions from our top 10 best products in the UK. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Best Dark Chocolates In The United Kingdom

Anthon Berg Apricot Marzipan Dark Chocolate – Best Fruit Chocolate

Anthon Berg Apricot Marzipan Dark Chocolate

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If you love the bitterness of chocolate and the refreshing one of fruit, why don’t you combine them? In case you have no idea, have a taste with Anthon Berg Apricot Marzipan Dark Chocolate!

Marzipan is a popular cake in Europe, especially during Christmas. The combination with dark chocolate is a bold and effective idea as it gives a fantastic taste.

This product combines the bitterness of original chocolate, blends with the aroma of almonds and the sweetness of apricot. Maybe, you couldn’t imagine how tasty it is until you really tried it out. Besides, if you don’t like the bitter taste of chocolate, this is an ideal choice. Or if your family has kids, give this to them, and they’ll definitely love it!

In addition, a holiday would be a time for people to gather and give each other meaningful gifts. In case you are still struggling or don’t know what to give your loved one, consider this!

However, the price of this product is quite high. With only 8 packs in a box, its price makes many users unsatisfied.

  • Includes fruit
  • Natural cocoa ingredient
  • Suitable for child and adults
  • Can be a meaningful gift
  • A bit pricey

KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt – Best Nut Chocolate Snacks

KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

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Are you looking for a healthy but still delicious snack? Then under no circumstances should you ignore this KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt!

What you feel about this product from the first bite is its crispness. It’s the crunch of almonds and peanuts combined with the crispness of the dark chocolate, which will make you feel interesting and delicious.

After that, you will feel many notes of different flavours. It includes a mild chocolate bitter taste, a sweet honey flavour, a rich nut aroma and a slight saltiness. Thanks to the salt content, you will not feel greasy like eating other chocolate nuts.

This product is packaged according to the specification of 40g each, a set you buy will include 12 bars. This is quite convenient for every use as you don’t have to worry about unused bars storing. And it’s also easy to carry around to eat anytime and anywhere.

However, this product has a sweet (from Lecithin) and salty taste. If you’re a lover of the bitter taste, it would be better to consider another suitable option.

  • Good crispness
  • Wonderful taste
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Convenient packaging
  • Less bitter taste

Lindt Excellence Dark 70% Cocoa – Best Overall

Lindt Excellence Dark 70% Cocoa

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Do you know what is the best of the best dark chocolates on the market? In our top list, it must be Lindt Excellence Dark 70% Cocoa.

The high organic cocoa content is one of the main reasons that contribute to the quality of this product. While some only note the cocoa content in the range of percentage, 70% of this product attracts many master chocolatiers.

Main ingredients that make the chocolate bars are organic cocoa beans and some others such as cocoa butter, natural bourbon vanilla beans that are completely safe for health. It also doesn’t go through alkali processes or contain emulsifiers.

Lindt Excellence Dark 70% is a combination of many different flavours. You will feel a bitter taste blended with enticing notes of citrus and vanilla. It will slowly dissolve in the mouth, not too soft and dissolve quickly.

One plus point that will make you fall in love with this organic bar: its affordable price. Compared to the values ​​that this chocolate brings, it’s cheap.

Because of texture characteristics, it is quite fragile if subjected to a strong impact. Therefore, you should pay attention to storing unused bars to avoid breaking.

  • HIgh-quality dark chocolate: 70% cocoa content
  • Not include emulsifiers
  • Suitable for bitterness taste lover
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to break

Nestle 106695517 – Best For A Special Gift 

Nestle 106695517

Chocolate is not only a wonderful food, but it can also be a meaningful gift for your loved ones. If you’re considering which one to choose then take a look at this product!

Nestle’s Dark Chocolate is one of the best selling chocolate sets in the market. It’s preferred for the delicious taste but also for its elegant box design as gifts.

The main ingredient to make this product is pure chocolate with cocoa content above 47%. Thus, it won’t be too bitter but delicious and easy to eat, thanks to the sweetness from Soya Lecithin. In addition to dark chocolate, this one also mixes with milk, fruits like orange, raspberry and nuts.

If your family has many people with different interests, this sweet chocolate will meet your needs. It includes up to 9 different flavours to choose from pure black magic, coffee crescent, midnight truffle, hazelnut swirl, raspberry heaven, dreamy fudge, orange sensation, almond crunch and caramel heart.

One thing you should keep in mind when using this product is preservation. It is packaged in a box and doesn’t have separate packaging for each individual. If not preserved carefully, they will easily spoil.

  • Meaningful gift
  • Smooth texture
  • Quality ingredients
  • Various flavours
  • Need to store carefully

Cranberries & Macadamia Dark Chocolate – Eat Natural – Best Budget 

Cranberries & Macadamia Dark Chocolate

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Looking for a chocolate that is affordable and has a good taste? Are you worried about the quality of cheap products on the market? Eat Natural Dark Chocolate will be your saviour!

You don’t have to worry about “the cheapest is the dearest”. The quality of this product is the complete opposite of that opinion and will make you satisfied.

Compared with other popular products on the market, it only const a half. Moreover, if you buy a pack of 12 bars, you can save a bit more.

This chocolate is often used as a healthy snack. In its composition, there is no gluten content, so even if you’re a veggie, you can use this product without any concerns.

It’s also very handy for you to bring to the office or school. Each bar weighing 45g is enough to provide you with up to 215 calories of energy, 2g of protein and 3.4g of fibre.

In general, it contains quite a lot of cranberries and macadamia. So if you’re looking for a kind with a high amount of chocolate, then this is probably not a suitable product.

  • Bargain price
  • Healthy snack
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Handy packaging
  • Small amount of chocolate

Hershey’s Nuggets Dark Chocolate With Almonds – Best Of Balanced Taste

Hershey’s Nuggets Dark Chocolate With Almonds

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The balance in taste is definitely what a lot of people are looking for as not everyone can withstand the bitterness of chocolate or the sweetness of sugar. To meet this need, we chose Hershey’s Nuggets Dark Chocolate with Almonds.

Hershey’s is one of the most famous chocolate brands, so their product quality is always guaranteed. And of course, this dark chocolate with almond one isn’t an exception. All the ingredients are checked and selected carefully.

This product is popular with many people thanks to its well-balanced flavour. The taste is moderately bitter and sweet, along with crunchy almonds to keep you from getting sick. It will make you want to eat more and more.

Hershey’s produces wrapped-in-fold chocolate single-origin pieces. This type helps ensure product quality, and at the same time, is very convenient to take the chocolate away or share with friends and relatives.

Besides, the price of this chocolate isn’t expensive either. It’s a reasonable price in comparison to the values ​​that this product brings to users.

It would be better if you keep Hershey’s chocolates in the refrigerator. At room temperature or outside, its creamy texture is easy to melt.

  • Balanced taste
  • High-quality product
  • Convenient to use and share
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to melt

RealFoodSource Sugar-Free 60% Dark Chocolate – Best For Cooking

RealFoodSource Sugar-Free 60% Dark Chocolate

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RealFoodSource Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate is one of the popular products used in cooking. And if you want to find one to sip on, it’s also suitable!

This RealFoodSource product is a type of chocolate with up to 60% cocoa content. It’s even more than most chocolate on the market today, so users appreciate the quality.

Its flavour is a blend of mild bitterness and a mild sweetness; it won’t be too bitter to eat and not too sweet to make you feel sick. Also, the small tablet form makes the chocolates easier to melt and can be a great chocolate ganache.

Another advantage that will make you want to buy these chocolate chips right away is the price as a bargain. It only costs 1/2, even 1/3 of the price of other products.

This product is packed in 500g bag specification. So you should prepare a jar or container to preserve the rest in the refrigerator better.

  • Suitable for cooking
  • 60% cocoa content
  • Balanced and natural flavour
  • Bargain price
  • Need to prepare containers to store

Tirma 70% Dark Chocolate Bar – Best Of Bitterness

Tirma 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

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Gourmets usually love chocolate with its original flavour, especially the bitter taste. Are you also looking for one? We have a great suggestion!

From the first bite, you will feel the bitterness emanating in your mouth from this chocolate bar. With a 70% cocoa content, it’s of course not too bitter to eat but mixed with a mild sweetness. Anyway, the bitterness still dominates.

With such cocoa content, the nutrients in this product are also more. Each serving can provide you with 2.1g of fibre and 1.9g of protein. It’s enough for you to add energy and boost your spirits.

This product is suitable for people with diabetes and vegetarians, or anyone looking for a non-sweet snack. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t overeat.

Tirma 70% Dark has the same disadvantage as most other chocolate bars: fragile. With such a solid texture, you should limit the impacts or drop it to avoid it crumbling.

  • 70% cocoa
  • High-quality product
  • High contents of fibre and protein
  • Suitable for diabetes and vegetarians
  • Easy to crumb

Ombar 100% Dark Chocolate – Best Of Cocoa Content

Ombar 100% Dark Chocolate

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Unroasted (raw) cocoa is rated as the best quality due to its high cocoa content, and there aren’t too many chocolate products on the market. Ombar 100% Dark Chocolate is one of the typical favourite products.

The most obvious thing about this product is its bitterness, extremely bitter taste! It will be too bitter and annoy many people, but it will satisfy genuine chocolate enthusiasts.

Ecuadorian cocoa beans are carefully selected for the best cocoa flavour. Hence it’s rich in nutrients, especially the magnesium and manganese contents.

This unsweetened chocolate is gluten-free, so it’s completely safe for health. If you are a vegetarian or can’t use sugar, there is no need to worry. This product is completely acceptable.

One more commendable point about this extreme dark chocolate: it’s packed into 10 packs of 35g. It will make it easier to store than eating a large bar of chocolate.

The price of this chocolate is relatively higher than the general level. Although its taste and quality are great, many people think it’s over-priced.

  • Best for dark chocolate lovers
  • Gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians
  • High contents of Mangan and Magie
  • Convenient packaging
  • This chocolate is overpriced

Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate  – Best For Diet

Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate

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Chocolate is a recommended dish for dieters, with some conditions of quality and sugar content. If you’re interested and looking for such a product, then don’t ignore this product!

Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate is considered as a high-grade type when it contains many nutrients for your health. It’s composed of many antioxidants and bacteria, which help to improve the digestive system.

Especially, probiotics in this product is 3 times more than the amounts in other probiotic drinks. It helps stimulate good bacteria to increase health and resistance.

The organic chocolate is packed into small bars only about 13.5g, and eating each bar means you have loaded about 63 calories for your body. Not only is it convenient to carry, but it also limits overeating.

Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate has a fairly high price, and it is 2 to 3 times more expensive than popular varieties in the market. However, remember that you’ll get what you pay for!

  • Luxury chocolate with antioxidants
  • Organic cacao with rich flavor
  • 3 times Probiotics
  • Compact and small-amount bar
  • The cost is quite high

How To Choose The Best Dark Chocolates In The UK ? 

Consider The Cocoa Content

The cocoa content of chocolate affects its nutritional level. There is the fact that the higher the cocoa content, the more nutritious and healthy the chocolate bar you choose is.

Different products will contain different amounts of cocoa, ranging from 70% to 90%. Higher cocoa content is preferred as the amounts of sugar in the chocolate will decrease.

Not only is it healthy in terms of nutrients, but low glucose levels dark chocolate also has few calories and doesn’t make you gain weight. On the contrary, the type of chocolate that is high in sugar levels stimulates our appetite and makes us eat more.

Ingredients: Free of Emulsifiers

You should read the ingredients of the chocolate bar you choose to see what it actually contains. Make sure it’s made from pure cocoa, not from other flavouring or food colouring matter.

If you like sweetness, the simple ingredients may contain sugar or dairy milk, not artificial sweeteners at all. A product with ingredients that are too complicated to understand what they are should consider carefully.

Best Dark Chocolates

In particular, the chocolate you choose shouldn’t contain emulsifiers such as polysorbate-80 or carboxymethyl cellulose. Although these emulsifiers are harmful to health, some manufacturers still add them to food to taste better.

Some emulsifiers have been shown to damage gut microbiota. At the same time, they can cause many inflammatory diseases and worsen chronic diseases. In addition, emulsifiers can cause your weight gain faster and decrease your metabolism.

Not Processed With Alkali (Dutch Process) Is The Better Choice

Chocolate companies can use this method to give the chocolate a mellow and delicious taste. Contrary to the delicious taste it produces, the nutrient content will be reduced.

Chocolate contains Polyphenols – a type of nutrient, which is prized by experts for its health benefits. This ingredient contributes to increasing blood circulation, stimulating the activity of the nervous system and brain. But the Alkali process will reduce a significant amount of this Polyphenols.

You can check if cocoa products are made with the Alkali process or not by looking at the ingredients tables. The manufacturer will note on the package, and you must observe the ingredients list carefully to see.

Flavour And Combination

This element is completely optional, and it depends on each person’s taste and preferences. Chocolate connoisseurs will usually prefer pure bars with a lot of bitterness, while beginners will prefer easy-to-eat bars with sweetness.

Best Dark Chocolates UK

In addition to the sweetness, some varieties can have additional flavours such as strawberry, mint, etc. Some manufacturers also combine chocolate with nuts, dry or fresh fruit.

Best Dark Chocolates In The UK – FAQs

How Many Types Of Chocolate Are There?

People can classify chocolate based on different factors, so there can be a hundred types. However, based on the most basic classification is cocoa content, there are four categories: Raw chocolate, Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and White Chocolate.

Draw chocolate: The type of chocolate with 0% sugar content, which means that 100% of the chocolate bar is raw cacao. Many people can’t eat this as it’s too bitter, so this type is commonly used in cooking.

Dark chocolate: The cocoa percentage will fluctuate from 70% and 99%, dark chocolate is rich in nutrients and good for health. It is often loved by gourmet and who are on a diet.

Milk chocolate: This chocolate flavour contains about between 10% and 40% cacao content. This is the most commonly produced type and is often loved by children.

White chocolate: This one is made from cacao butter, sugar and milk. Some people don’t classify it as a type of chocolate because of the 0% cocoa content.

What Does Dark Chocolate Contain?

Dark chocolates are rated as the best as it contains the highest amount of solid cocoa of all. This content usually fluctuates in the range of 50-90% depending on the weight of other ingredients. In addition to the main ingredient, dark chocolate also contains other ones such as cocoa butter, sugar, etc.

Dark Chocolates

What Are The Benefits Of Dark Chocolates?

Provide nutrients: If you choose quality chocolates, it will provide you with a lot of essential nutrients such as fibre, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.

Full of Antioxidants: Dark chocolate’s composition includes polyphenols, catechins and flavonols, which are the most representative antioxidants. And raw cacao beans are proven to be one of the most antioxidant foods.

Improve your brain: This food has been proven to stimulate brain nerve activity, chocolate treats your mind, reduces stress and improves memory thanks to its high flavonoid content.

Boost your mood: Besides relieving stress, it also stimulates your mind to relax and be filled with cheerfulness.

How Much Chocolate Should You Eat A Day?

According to experts, you should only eat from 30g to 60g of chocolate a day. If your chocolate consumption is higher, it will not be good for your health, and the calories you absorb will be relatively high.

Besides, you shouldn’t eat chocolates too often. Sipping a little to improve morale is acceptable, but eating it as a main dish every day is not recommended.

Does Dark Chocolate Have Any Health Effects?

Caffeine side effects: Dark chocolate contains a high content of caffeine, so it can cause side effects like caffeine if you consume large amounts. Typical examples are restlessness, stress, causing insomnia, can increase blood flow and heart diseases.

Kidney stones: If you have a history of or are suffering from kidney stones, you shouldn’t consume dark bars of chocolate. Many studies have demonstrated that oxalates in chocolate can worsen kidney stones as a risk factor.

Migraine headaches: A few studies have only supported this, but it has been discovered that high blood pressure can cause migraine symptoms, so eating chocolate too much can also lead to this situation.


Overall, we’ve provided you with all the necessary information about the top 10 best dark chocolates in the UK. And we make sure that the buying guide is also what you should pay attention to. These guides will be helpful a lot! It will be our pleasure if you find it helpful in supporting you to make a decision.

We highly recommend Lindt Excellence Dark 70% Cocoa is the best dark chocolate for everyone. The high-quality ingredients, fantastic taste and reasonable price will meet all your needs!

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