Best Cordless Irons

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The conventional corded irons have been your company for almost a decade now. It is time to innovate your household appliance with the best cordless iron.

It promises you a more comfortable life with ease of use and maximum convenience. You will better manoeuvre the iron for effortless ironing without the burden of tangled cords or electrical adapters.

Below are some best cordless iron UK deals available on the market in 2021!

Top 10 Best Cordless Irons For 2021 

#1 Tower T22008 CeraGlide 2-in-1 – Best value 

[amazon box=”B07B12SYMM” title=”Tower T22008 CeraGlide 2-in-1″]

The cordless iron from Tower is the top runner on the list, offering outstanding features to achieve an optimal ironing experience. It gives you the maximum free movement range.

The 2400W output capacity enables the machine to heat up within 30 seconds. Thus, you can remove tough creases on the fabric almost immediately. Moreover, the device comes with a multi-layered ceramic soleplate, allowing effortless gliding.

The iron is also equipped with variable steam functions with great precision steaming capacity. You can do the ironing on either small or large garments easily with a steam output of 120g/ minute steam output.

Bedding and curtain creases are not a formidable competitor to the Tower home appliance. It’s highly advisable to choose the 150g/minute steam shot mode for the best results in terms of tougher creases.

Finally, this Tower version will astound you with its high durability. It can run smoothly for years without any error.

On the downside, the operation time is pretty short, requiring you to reheat several times during one long ironing session.

  • Fast heat-up duration
  • Various steam functions
  • Crease-free even on tough materials
  • Short operation time

The cordless steam irons from Tower will undoubtedly satisfy you with all the excellent performance. There will be no creasy clothes and fabrics around your home.

#2 Philips EasySpeed Plus B00P2PHINK Cordless Steam Iron – Best Speed 

[amazon box=”B00P2PHINK” title=”Philips EasySpeed Plus B00P2PHINK Cordless Steam Iron”]

If you are looking for a powerful cordless iron that can get rid of stubborn wrinkles quickly and effectively, do not miss the Philips EasySpeed Plus.

The 2400W power can reach full heat within less than 30 seconds, along with a great steam boost. It provides a 150 g steam boost per minute and 35 g for each stroke to serve continuous steam-generating.

The durable ceramic soleplate is also a plus, which gives you easy gliding. By doing that, even the clumsiest person can carry out straight lines, removing ugly wrinkles excellently.

Moreover, you have total control over the ironing process with the light indicator, which tells you when to recharge and if it is ready for duty.

The smart base powers up the iron quickly, making it ready to go on in seconds. You can complete ironing a whole bunch of clothes in no time.

In return, if you do not clean the iron carefully, the amount of calcium buildup can harm the whole function, which lessens the product lifespan considerably.

  • Fast heat-up time
  • Robust power
  • Smart charging base
  • Excessive amount of calcium

The Phillips irons can be a promising candidate to upgrade your household appliances, making your life more convenient and comfortable.

#3 Russell Hobbs 23300 Freedom Cordless Iron – Best Heat Up Time 

[amazon box=”B01KJICBMW” title=”Russell Hobbs 23300 Freedom Cordless Iron”]

While it is quite exhausting to wait for those irons to heat up again for the next use, the Russell Hobbs 23300 does not keep you waiting at all with its short heat up time. It only requires less than 30 seconds to be ready for use.

Moreover, you would be astounded with its 25 straight seconds of steam performance. You can complete ironing one piece of clothing with solely one stroke. The device will also support the consistent process by smart charging, with only 5 seconds to go full power again.

During operation, it provides continuous steaming evenly to make sure there will be no creases or wrinkles left on the fabric. The light indicators also help considerably with the base light indicators for heat display.

There is a problem with the water tank control as it keeps leaking when standing up for recharging.

  • Quick heat up time
  • Great steam performance
  • Fast recharging
  • Smart light indicators
  • Leaks water 

The Russell Hobbs 23300 irons would make one great supporter for busy homemakers thanks to its quick and effective features. Ironing would no longer be challenging.

#4 Quest 35070 Steam Iron – Best Self-cleaning 

[amazon box=”B00JUQQ9F0″ title=”Quest 35070 Steam Iron”]

The Quest 35070 irons are probably the best choice available on the market for the self-cleaning features. It is smartly designed with a special filter, which helps soften the water and avoid calcium buildup on the iron’s surface.

Besides, an anti-drip system works simultaneously to prevent steaming when the device reaches a low temperature. It means that no water would leak outside the soleplate.

The best part is the self-cleaning button, allowing you to discharge all residual water from the iron conveniently. By doing that, you will maintain a clean and bacteria-free environment inside the irons, enabling a long lifespan and smooth operation in the long-term.

On the downside, Quest may need to invest more on preventing the temperature from fluctuating during the usage.

  • Special filter
  • Anti-drip system
  • Self-cleaning button
  • Sub-par temperature control 

You can remove stubborn creases on garments nicely with the Quest 35070 irons. Its self-cleaning features will also help you save extra time for other tasks.

#5 Tefal FV9966 Freemove Cordless Iron – Best Base 

[amazon box=”B01MV61POF” title=”Tefal FV9966 Freemove Cordless Iron”]

If you are wondering about a decent ironing device for your humble apartment, the Tefal FV9966 is here to meet all your needs. It provides an ergonomic base with a compact design that adapts to the horizontal standing or ironing position.

For that reason, you can easily take it out from the charger and continue the work. It is also ideal for saving some space in the little room. Additionally, the base comes with smart charging in a short time. It only takes you less than 5 seconds to reach full power again.

Once you are done putting the freshly ironed piece of clothing on the side and laying a new one flatly on the ironing board, the Tefal appliance is ready for action as well.

The workflow will be smooth, and you will complete flattening the laundry in no time.

In return, the amount of steam produced from the irons is not quite satisfying, at least to our standard.

  • Smart base
  • Quick recharging
  • Space-efficient 
  • Inadequate steam boost

The Tefal FV9966 can be a decent choice for college students living in dorms or people in studios. The compact design with additional supports will help your ironing much easier.

#6 Morphy Richards 303250 Cordless Steam Iron – Best Design 

[amazon box=”B07PRBW52M” title=”Morphy Richards 303250 Cordless Steam Iron”]

Although it is just a cordless iron, you will fall in love with the Morphy Richards 303250 right away with its modern and sleek design. The reddish colour with a coal-black edge will make up a quite eye-catching decoration in the house.

The device’s outer look is not the only one that scores our approval. Its 2400W power generates a robust steam boost to eliminate all stubborn creases on multiple garment types.

The device also comes with a 360-degree charging base, which allows you to take it out from any direction, completely hassle-free.

Furthermore, you will love the ceramic soleplate on the ironing surface as it creates smooth gliding over the cloth, making the process effortless and effective.

The self-cleaning function is also beneficial for the surface’s protection. It removes all buildup and excessive calcium accumulated during the process.

The product’s only drawback is its limited ability to maintain the heat while ironing larger items, such as pants.

  • Sleek design
  • Powerful steam boost
  • Ceramic soleplate surface
  • Limited heat maintenance 

The Morphy Richards 303250 would be a small decoration item producing effective results by removing all wrinkles in matters of minutes.

#7 Tefal FV6520G0 Air Cordless Iron – Best Compact

[amazon box=”B071HVCDNJ” title=”Tefal FV6520G0 Air Cordless Iron”]

Another excellent candidate on the list is the Tefal FV6520G0 Air. Just like the name Tefal set for the product, it is light as air with a compact construction for use. It can be carried around conveniently and does not take so much space in the storage either.

The device comes with a variety of heat settings so that you can freely select the most favourable mode for ironing. It works smoothly with the steam output, creating a constant workflow to finish the task in minutes.

You can have extra control on the iron thanks to its light indicator. It will inform you when to recharge or when the iron has reached maximum temperature for use. By doing that, ironing becomes a simple task for even beginners.

However, the beeping noise is pretty loud, which can make you startled a few first times. But once you are used to it, you will appreciate this helpful feature.

  • High portability
  • Various temperature settings
  • Light indicator
  • Loud noises

The Tefal FV6520G0 is a common choice for those who like a compact design with decent ironing results. It meets all the essential standards to create an optimal experience.

#8 Swan 2-in-1 B08B8Y6L5L Steam Press Iron – Best Versatility 

[amazon box=”B08B8Y6L5L” title=”Swan 2-in-1 B08B8Y6L5L Steam Press Iron”]

The Swan 2-in-1 is probably the best cordless iron UK deal for those who have not decided whether you should buy a corded iron or a cordless one. Why bother choosing when you can have both since the Swan 2-in-1 provides both corded and cordless versions in one model.

The cordless version enables the widest free movement range and is completely hassle-free when moving around. Whereas, the corded one allows you to use the iron even when it is charging.

Moreover, the ceramic soleplate will not disappoint you by offering smooth glide for all types of fabric. The special dolphin nose also allows the device to go through buttons, sharp lines effortlessly. You can smoothly iron cotton shirts, jeans or trousers with no trouble.

On the other hand, you will notice some leaking at the bottom of the iron, probably from the water tank.

  • 2-in-1 corded and cordless
  • Smooth gliding
  • Dolphin nose for narrow spaces
  • Water leaking

The Swan 2-in-1 receives many positive feedback for the great versatility, giving users various options to iron to their preferences.

#9 Beldray® BEL0987RG 2 in 1 Cordless Iron – Best power

[amazon box=”B0816SQ761″ title=”Beldray® BEL0987RG 2 in 1 Cordless Iron”]

The irons from Beldray offer superior power, which will provide you with optimal performance.

The 2600W promotes outstanding steam performance, which powers up the steam boost in 25 seconds straight for one session. There is a smart charging system equipped in the device to ensure smooth ironing throughout the task.

Moreover, you will not have to refill the water tank frequently as the tank capacity can hold up to 300 ml, enough for several uses. This amount of water enables a smooth steam boost. You can flatten all the wrinkles, making the clothes nice looking again.

Another special feature is the vertical steaming function, which permits you to iron the clothes even when they are hung.

In return, the brand can further improve the overall quality by adding an adaptor for the product when it is used in the corded version.

  • Robust power
  • Quick charging time
  • Vertical steam feature
  • Lack of compatible adaptor 

The Beldray® BEL0987RG would be in great use thanks to the robust power. You can flatten all family members’ clothes in a short time.

#10 Beldray® BEL0747 Steam Iron – Best Steam Burst 

[amazon box=”B077GC98NC” title=”Beldray® BEL0747 Steam Iron”]

Another recommendation from Beldray is the Beldray® BEL0747. It will blow your mind with an excellent burst of steam. The 300 ml water capacity enables flawless steam boost for several uses. You will not have to refill the tank after weeks of use.

The integrated anti-calcium filter will clear out residual limescale building up in the tank, which can harm the iron in the long term. It also helps the iron to self-clean it better, thus, increase its lifespan considerably. You will not have to replace it in years to come.

Furthermore, the concentrated steam power helps you smoothen every ugly crease and wrinkle on the clothes, returning the original elegant look to the fabric. You will never have to go outside looking messy with just a few touches of this iron.

On the other hand, Beldray can do some upgrades on temperature control to complete the overall performance.

  • Excellent burst of steam
  • Large water capacity
  • High steam power
  • Sub-par temperature control 

The Beldray® BEL0747 is a great appliance in the house to make the chores more time-saving and effortless. It offers outstanding results at a reasonable price.

Buying Guide For The Best Cordless Iron  

There are several reasons why people choose this type of iron over a traditional counterpart. Firstly, it gives you a maximal level of free movements. There will be no cord getting in your way  as with the traditional models.

Best Cordless Iron in the UK

You don’t have to be afraid of wrinkles ever again, creating a comfortable ironing experience.

Moreover, the power cord is inside the charging base. For that reason, the weight would reduce significantly, creating a compact and portable design.

If you seek the best cordless iron on the market, it’s not a bad idea to bear in mind some of the following features to get the best deals available.

Keep An Eye On Steam Boost And Steam Output 

When you are taking a tour online or in the mall for the best wireless irons, the steam output and steam boost power are a critical factor making the top irons.

The common measurement for steam output is grams of steam discharge per minute. The greater the steam burst, the more effective the irons to flatten wrinkles on the fabric.

That is the reason why big steam generator irons are so potent at smoothing out all the clothes.

Most wireless irons have a continuous steam output and a great capacity to boost it in short bursts. By doing so, you can remove all stubborn wrinkles that make the clothes look untidy.

A great steam boost ability would be a great feature to look for in your new favourite irons, especially when you have to deal with thick fabrics, such as denim.

Remember To Look Over Water Tank Capacity  

It is critical to check how much water your iron can accommodate. The greater capacity, the longer the irons can operate without stopping for the next refill.

The average water capacity lies around 250 ml to 270 ml.

Soleplate Is Essential 

Best Cordless Iron

Most models use ceramic soleplates for their design. There are some other types of materials such as stainless steel or titanium available on the market. Ceramic soleplates take pride in their astounding ability to conduct heat and glide through the clothes effortlessly.

In return, as the ceramic soleplates heat quite well, they can burn soft fabric such as silk if you are careless about the temperature setting. So beware when you are going for a stainless steel soleplate.

Cordless Iron Wattage 

A cordless iron wattage should be 2400W of power for optimal use. You can come across a few models with lower power. But cordless iron with 2400W of power can operate faster with a short heat-up time.

Therefore, it would be a great option if you intend to shorten the time doing chores. The high wattage iron will serve you well with its speedy function.

However, the price increases accordingly if you take notice closely. The lower watt iron has a more reasonable price if you want to keep the budget in control.


Are cordless irons any good?

The cordless iron would fit you well if you do ironing on everyday items of clothing. But when it comes to professional ironing, you may need more potent models. The cordless iron would satisfy you with the wide movement range accompanied with high portability.

The cordless steam irons can also carry out decent results for those who require a quick and effective solution.

How long do wireless irons remain hot?

A best cordless iron can remain in full heat for 180 seconds. It takes around 90 seconds to go to the peak temperatures, but only 10 seconds to reach the low.

Therefore, if you want to shorten the reheating cycle, you should retire to the base temperature more frequently than 180 seconds. You will save more time on the ironing task.

Cordless Iron

How to use a cordless iron?

Most people question how the battery produces such intense power for high heat without running flat.

When ironing the clothes (or any fabric), you place the device on the metal rest next to the ironing board whenever you want to adjust the fabric.

But when it comes to a cordless iron, you will place the ironing device on the charging cradle for a quick rechargeable battery refill. By doing that, you can retain all the battery energy lost during the process just by adjusting the clothes or change to the next bit for ironing.

Is a ceramic iron more competent than a stainless steel model?

Stainless steel soleplates do wonders at gliding during ironing. You can also clean it effortlessly with just a few wipes.

On the other hand, the ceramic soleplates receive praise for the wonderful ability to protect clothing from unwanted scorch marks. However, this material can wear out through time due to the special coating.

Should I Invest In A Pricey Iron?

Quality always comes with a price. If you want all the clothes to look professionally done, you should consider a high-end iron. It will give you optimal ironing results, supporting effortless experiences and flawless finishes.

In contrast, if you only take ironing as an occasional task, spending too much money on an iron is a waste of money.


The best cordless iron would make the ironing experience no longer a burden and a long boring task you need to complete for the day.

A quick result with optimal effect on the clothes, making it smooth and good as new, will allow you to go out looking dressed up and neatly styled.

The Tower T22008 CeraGlide is probably the best choice we have in mind. What about you, did you have any potential option for yourself? Comment down below and let us know!

We hope this detailed article has partly helped you sort out the answer for the best irons.

Thank you for reading.

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