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Sure, Starbucks has its own charms that draw coffee connoisseurs in the same way a flame does to moths. But even so, all those fancy spaces and professionally brewed beverages have nothing to compete with a perfect homemade cup. Being your own barista and filling drinks made with the best coffee beans into your favourite glass in the familiar warmth of your kitchen is a special kind of fun that hardly any words can capture.

One problem remains. This little pleasure will never be half as enjoyable unless you have the right types of coffees at hands.. And that is what we are here today for. Let’s learn about some of the greatest ingredients for delicious coffee all across the UK market and treat yourself to the most delicious drink.

Top Ten Coffee Beans to buy Online In The UK

Lavazza Qualita Rossa – Best Overall

Lavazza Qualita Rossa

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You prefer your coffee to carry a decent taste, flavourful enough but at the same time does not get overwhelmingly heavy? Then our top recommendation, Lavazza Qualita Rossa, is going to have your approval.

The one detail that we find to be quite interesting about this coffee beans packet is that it is not made up of one, but two different incredible varieties, Robusta and Arabica. This is going to add the best traits of both into your drink, making it a perfectly brewed cup aromatic enough to bring a sense of satisfaction to all coffee lovers, new or experienced alike.

After the nice scent comes the refined flavours exploding right in your mouth, as the persistent bitterness of Robusta has been well balanced with the more delicate yet flavoursome nature of Arabica. Some claim that you might even get the opportunity to experience something fruity and chocolate-like as the coffee makes its journey down into your tummy.

As one of the greatest coffee beans suggested by devoted coffee connoisseurs, this product works out for drinkers of all levels. You will be able to tell this by taking a look at their roast level, which happens to be medium. It has long been known among anyone enjoying this caffeine-packed drink that medium roasted coffee treats everyone equally, and so its taste will be pleasant to you even when this is your first time trying out coffee.

  • Balanced, rich taste
  • 1kg in one bag
  • Beans originating in Brazil and Africa
  • Resealable bag
  • The caffeine content can be quite high

 Solimo Coffee Beans – Best choice for beginner

 Solimo Coffee Beans

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If you have just started out on your journey into the fascinating world of coffee and getting adventurous with your choices does not seem so promising because it can tie you with something out of your league, consider trying out Solimo Coffee Beans.

Solimo is the hallmark of light coffee itself in the eyes of coffee enthusiasts. Roasted to a perfect medium like Lavazza Qualita Rossa, yet during extraction, it produces a drink far from that level of intensity.

But do not go and assume that can only indicate a reduction in taste and aroma as well. This product consists of Arabica beans only, and its smooth, rich and delectable result can easily challenge our top pick, only the bitterness and caffeine are toned down so that beginners can enjoy their daily doses of java without having to cope with the feeling of dizziness.

Another thing that we love about this product is that it does not only give you the opportunity to enjoy hot coffee straight out of your kitchen but also helps turn the world into a better place. Solimo coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified. They are produced using methods benefiting both the environment and the worker with no involvement of deforestation whatsoever. With every purchase, you are lending them a hand in this journey of conservation and farmers’ rights protection.

  • Rich in flavours
  • Suitable for new drinkers
  • Smart package to retain the freshness
  • Good value for money
  • Lack of intensity and distinct bitterness

Note d’Espresso Cremoso Coffee Beans – Best for Price

Note d'Espresso Cremoso Coffee Beans

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For the third place, we would like to present to you a brilliant choice despite its price – Note d’Espresso Cremoso Coffee Beans. Hardly anyone enjoys taking home a budget product, all familiar with the notion that “you get what you pay for”. But trust us, these delicious beans have the power to change it for good.

These beans are a blend between Arabica and Robusta. The flavours of drinks brewed using them can get quite close to the image of perfection, smooth enough and enriched with a hint of bitterness so balanced that it leaves you wanting for more. We would not say that this can be on the same level as premium drinks Starbucks serves its customers since that would be stretching the truth a bit too far, but what the product lets you experience is definitely not what one expects to find in something as cheap as this.

If you consider yourself addicted to espresso, you should not be missing out on this product. Going well with crema and giving off the distinct taste laced with dried fruit and chocolate, it is said to be a decent candidate for an aromatic espresso shot satisfying your cravings in an instance.

  • Easy to drink
  • Rich and commendable flavours
  • Produced in Italy
  • Affordable cost
  • Comes in a large quantity (2kg), which can create storage issue

Starbucks Roast Coffee Beans – Best Alternative for Starbucks

Starbucks Roast Coffee Beans

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Landing a hot Starbucks cup in your belly sounds like a great way to start a great day, but if that habit goes on long enough, you will start landing your wallet in hot water instead. Is there any way to quench your daily thirst for Starbucks without making yourself financially drained? This Starbucks Roast Coffee Beans might be the answer for this dilemma of yours.

The contents of each package were a gift from Latin America, which is considered the land of coffee up to this point. High-quality, carefully roasted and densely packed with enough caffeine to snap you awake from whatever exhaustion you experience are the defining characteristics of these beans, and of course, they are the very particular traits of this product as well.

A fascinating origin aside, all javas made with this special Starbucks substitute are going to captivate you right at the first sip. The ideal bitterness is highlighted with just the right amount of sweetness sparking across your palate, literally making the drink vibrant enough to be the exact copy of the signature coffee Starbucks takes pride in.

Interesting enough, the whole product comes in 6 packets instead of one. This means you can have your cravings eased for at least 2 weeks in a row without heading to the store.

  • The right substitute for Starbucks
  • Well-balanced between sweet and bitter
  • Properly designed package to maintain the freshness
  • 100% Ethical Coffee Sourcing
  • Not strong enough for heavy drinkers

Buffalo Soldier Organic Coffee – Best Dark Roast Coffee

Buffalo Soldier Organic Coffee

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Perhaps you have heard the advice that dark coffee roast is the dark side of coffee beans themselves since you can hardly taste anything that makes the coffee special with it. To some extent, we admit, this holds true, but not in the case of Buffalo Soldier.

All the beans contained in the packet have been roasted following the company’s exclusive formula, allowing you to relish the decadent smoky, sultry hints coming along with the roast without sacrificing the specific solid richness of the coffee. Even though this depends on the drinkers, the smooth java gained after extraction can leave quite a satisfying fruity undertone. In short, it offers the exact full-bodied dark roast flavour and will definitely not let you down.

Another thing about this product that you will find enjoyable is the fact that it belongs to the organic class. You can have your morning dose of coffee safe in the knowledge that your body did not absorb any health-threatening pesticides or chemicals, and no workers or farmers have been exposed to them during the coffee harvest as well.

  • Roasted to the perfect level
  • Light bitterness
  • Strong enough to keep drinkers awake
  • Support the One Tree Planted Non-Profit Organization with the purchase
  • The flavour can get somewhat bland

Presto Café Espresso – Best for Espresso Brewing

Presto Café Espresso

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Rather than regular black coffee, you prefer having your morning start with a homemade cup of espresso brewed to perfection that envelops your palate in an addictive sweet-bitter taste? Presto Café Espresso would be your best bet in this case.

Note d’Espresso Cremoso Coffee Beans might be able to deliver a standard espresso shot, but this one goes beyond that, bringing a beverage bordering right on the edge of excellent and can please even a fastidious coffee connoisseur. This flavourful experience comes straight from the medium roasted beans, which belong to the coffee family known to all devoted java enthusiasts for being the top-tier ingredients for delicious espresso shots, the Arabica. You can absolutely trust us when we say your drink is going to be of the highest quality.

All you have to do to enjoy the authentic espresso flavour is to extract the beans and follow the good old fashioned recipe. Then treat yourself to the brilliant chocolate-like steaming liquid while relishing its delightful aroma. The smooth combination between sweetness and bitterness will make you want to drink more and more.

Pros & Cons

  • Great for espresso making
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Decent taste and strength
  • Might clog up the grinder

Spiller & Tait Signature Blend Coffee Beans – Best award-winning coffee beans

Spiller & Tait Signature Blend Coffee Beans

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If generic coffee tastes from generic beans no longer spark any interest from within your connoisseur heart, this award-winning product from Spiller & Tait might be what you have been looking for all along.

Unlike any coffee bean varieties you have seen, purchased, and made drinks out of, this packet is filled to the brink with award-winning beans that promise to be the key to barista-quality java right at the comfort of your kitchen. You are looking at the champion of the Great Taste Award in 2017 and Taste of the West Awards in 2014. In the span of three years, it proved itself to be far more superior than other competitors and emerged as one among the benchmarks for coffee two times. You can already see for yourself the brilliant quality of the product simply by looking at this.

The production method this coffee goes through is another reason why plenty of heavy drinkers label it as premium. After being harvested from various sources (all of which are top-notch coffee exporters, including Columbia, Brazil and Italy) the beans are transported straight to the US where they are roasted in sizable batches to maintain the consistency of freshness and flavour. This is obviously good news to all devoted coffee drinkers!

  • Award-winning coffee beans
  • Pure arabica beans
  • Phenomenal aroma and taste
  • Suitable for all coffee makers
  • Non-resealable bags

Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend – Best for caramel undertones

Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend

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You fancy a cup of coffee with an extra sweet side to it? Then this will sound like music to your ears: Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend gives the best coffee with caramel tasting notes. Believe it or not, its taste is actually a combination of many different shades of coffee that explode right in your mouth. Like performing a dance between malty and sweet at the same time. When they all flow down into your tummy, the subtle yet delicious hint of caramel is the only one that remains, playing a big role in complementing your experience.

This high-quality coffee undertone does not come from added sweeteners or anything of the sort, but from the coffee growing and nurturing process itself. Taking nutrients from minerals in fields with balanced Ph and high potassium levels, the coffee beans develop their own natural sweet taste. And after that, they are harvested at peak ripeness and roasted using a special procedure to bring out all the sugars they have accumulated. Be at ease that when drinking coffee extracted from these beans, you are not taking in any unwanted chemicals!

  • Distinct caramel undertone
  • Suitable for all brewing equipment
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Glorious aroma and rich taste
  • Might not be strong enough to some

Café Royal Honduras Bean Coffee – Most reliable brand

Café Royal Honduras Bean Coffee

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Café Royal has been around for over half a century, and there has been a period when the brand was all the rage. The appearance of young and potential coffee manufacturers these days has taken quite a huge part of the spotlight, but its reputation still remains the same. If you are interested in having fresh coffee with both quality and premium taste right at the cosy kitchen of your home, this is something you simply cannot miss out on.

The unparalleled taste of these high-end beans will impress you right with the very first sip. All of them are roasted to medium level with an accurate amount of heat to bring out the best trait in each bean. Once they have been made into a steaming drink, the aroma will send you to cloud nine while the flavour itself is strong enough to keep you awake all day long. Similar to multiple products on the list, the drink has excellent brightness and chocolaty undertone to complement your experience.

  • High-class coffee with affordable price
  • Strong flavour
  • A balance of bitter and malty taste
  • Rich undertone
  • Can be more acidic than expected

Central American Coffee Beans – Best For Diverse Tasting Notes

Central American Coffee Beans

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Bland type of coffees with one solid taste only that never leave behind anything when you drink them have begun putting you off? Give Central American Coffee Beans a shot and open the door to a whole new world of coffee flavours! Your coffee is going to come alive with the noticeable hazelnut taste lingering at the tip of your tongue, the sweet notes from milk chocolate, and the unique subtle traits of plum. They are definitely going to make your morning coffee ritual more fascinating for sure.

To keep the quality at its best, these coffee beans are separated into small batches during the roasting process and later packaged according to their roast period. You can rest assured that you will always receive fresh coffee bursting with intense flavours whenever buying any packet from the brand.

  • Various undertones
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Ethically sourced coffees
  • Work with all coffee machines
  • Lack of strength 

How To Select The Best Coffee Beans ?

From this part onward, we are going to let you in on the secrets to finding coffee beans that produce extraordinary tastes emulating the high-end beverage of coffee shops. On aboard a train that takes devoted coffee enthusiasts to the destination of their dream!

Be mindful of the roasting date

Nobody wants to get their source of daily caffeine from old coffee beans. It is a standard rule of food and drink making, the fresher they are, the more flavour packed in what they give. But how to tell whether the coffee bag you are about to pluck off the shelf is at the pinnacle of freshness or not without being able to sample any?

Coffee Beans

The only way to do so is to look at the roasting date printed on the package. If the coffee roast age falls around one week, two tops, they are some safe picks and you can expect to make excellent coffee out of them.

Any period falling under 7 days or exceeding 14 days, according to coffee geeks and baristas, should be avoided. Unlike other foods which are ready for preparation the moment they enter the package, the roasting of coffee begins after the packaging phase. Young and fresh beans are still going through degassing, which can interfere with extraction and make the coffee weaker than it should be. Meanwhile, the old ones can lose certain flavours as they have declined in quality already.

In case you cannot find any information related to the roasting date whatsoever, do not buy the product. Better safe than sorry!

Get to know the roast level

Lots of questions might arise when trying out a certain drink and discovering the flavour does not appear to be as strong as you prefer despite having followed all the instructions. Have you ever considered double-checking the roast level of the coffee bean packet?

Coffee releases the most flavoursome liquid once cooked to medium roast. All the beans falling in this category let you experience a harmony of tastes, and with that, they become easy to consume to all coffee drinkers, including those that are new to the hobby. Most of the time, you will come across this level in all stores no matter where you live.

Best Coffee Beans

But coffee producers also have options for devoted coffee connoisseurs who cannot go a day without a strong caffeine shot. Beans of this kind are roasted at a lighter level, allowing them to retain a more ‘original’ taste of coffee and having their texture denser, packed with more caffeine content. Drinks extracted from these packs while a punch, filling your mouth with a distinct, unparalleled taste that medium roast cannot give.

The family of roasted coffee also extends to dark roast, something that can create drinks with distinct brightness and bitterness at the same times. we would not recommend this option for heavy drinkers though as with this level, almost all the specific traits of the coffee beans themselves cannot be found in the drink. That being said, it suits those that care nothing much about the taste and want something with enough anti-sleepiness effects to refocus on whatever task at hand.

The difference between blends and origin

To give java drinkers a satisfying experience with their beverage, the coffee industry has come up with a concept called blend. It is widely understood that sometimes certain coffees’ tastes do not appeal to many drinkers, as they can be too strong or high in acid content. A blend from various different types might help round out the least favourable aspects of theirs and still let the drink keep the delicious taste.

However, most experienced coffee enthusiasts do not have a preference for blends, believing that they have taken away all the signature features of coffee and make the drink boring. They are drawn toward the intense and unique characteristics of different types of coffee and consider the origin type of coffee as the king of the coffee industry.

Whether what will be more appealing to you is hard to answer, as it depends on personal preference in this case. Anyone leaning toward the approachable end of the coffee spectrum is likely to settle down with blend, while those enjoying the exclusive traits of different beans will love origin for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose homemade coffees over cafes?

Many of us are under the notion that cafes always serve the best coffees from the best selections of beans, but that is not always the case. To cut down on unnecessary expenses and bring in even more profits, most of them only get moderate beans and boost the price about 10 times for one single cup. So why bother buying from them when you can buy high-quality beans and make delicious drinks on your own?

How can you keep coffee beans fresh?

Nobody likes the idea of drinking from stale coffee beans. But how can you avoid this scenario when having a little bit too much beans and yet not that many mouths to consume them all in a day or two? The only way is to properly store them. Pour all your beans into a container (choose the opaque type) and stack it on your kitchen pantry shelf, away from all the direct sunlight, moisture or heat. You would be able to prolong their freshness by doing so.

Which countries produce the best coffee beans?

We do not deny that you can find coffee beans in any region across the globe. However, are you sure that those from your chosen areas give you the drinks with the highest quality you expect? To enjoy an authentic cup of java that meets the requirements of both flavours and aroma, our best advice is to get beans from reliable exporters. Ethiopia is the top of the list, there is no arguing that. On a lower level, we also have Columbia, Jamaica, Brazil, Yemen, as well as Costa Rica.


We have now revealed to you the best coffee beans you can possibly find on the UK market. Whether it is taste, aroma, intensity, or undertones that you are after, our list has it all. So, what are you waiting for but not pick out one that suits your preference and prepare to have a drink that you will never get tired of?

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