The 10 Best Ceramic Hobs of 2021

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The best ceramic hobs will always be worthy investments for your kitchen, no matter how skilled you are. From a newbie home cook to an experienced chef, everyone can shorten their meal preparation time with the right hob.

For this reason, we decided to put together a list so that you can know what to look for when shopping for this essential kitchen appliance.

Top 10 Best Ceramic Hobs In The UK 2021

Now that you have gone through what makes the best ceramic hobs, it’s time to see the recommendations.

GIONIEN Ceramic Electric Built-In Burner Hob – Best All-Around

GIONIEN Ceramic Electric Built-In Burner Hob

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There is no specific characteristic convincing us to put the GIONIEN Ceramic Electric Built-In Burner Hob as the best all-around. Instead, it was due to an array of advantages, from easy usage and precise power control, to outstanding layout, etc.

First of all, we must talk about the cooking zones, as they usually decide a hub’s overall quality. With this integrated ceramic hob, you get a total of 4 available cooking zones with an outstanding layout. You will never see the pans touching each other while using this stove.

Next, we have the safety features, including child lock, automatic safety switch and residual heat indicator. In other words, the chance of an accident occurring while using this induction stove is close to 0%. All these safety precautions are good for both the younglings and elders.

There are a total of 9 power levels, allowing you as much control as humanly possible over the dishes. Besides, the cooking zones are separate to enable cooking many unique dishes at once, despite their differing requirements. This feature is especially convenient for big family meals.

However, we must say that the alarm is too sensitive. It’s one thing if it sounds when something too heavy is put on, and another if it sounds under all circumstances. This alarm can be a huge source of annoyance, so keep it in mind.

  • Huge cooking zones
  • High-quality safety measures
  • Precision touch controls
  • Good heating element
  • Energy efficient
  • Sensitive alarm

Amzchef Polished Crystal Glass Single Induction Cooker – Best For One

Amzchef Polished Crystal Glass Single Induction Cooker

The Amzchef Crystal Single Induction Cooker is best for single people.

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Most of the time, people who live alone tend to eat out more often than to cook for themselves. However, it isn’t a wise financial decision, especially in the long run. Aside from your saving account thanking you, your health will be too since home-cooking is more often than not healthier..

Thus, we want to introduce you to the Amzchef Polished Crystal Glass Single Induction Cooker.

The reason for this stove being the best possible fit for single people is its quick speed. There is no delay after you pressed the power button; this cooktop will immediately start heating up. From 300 W to 2000 W, it will quickly achieve the necessary power output.

Furthermore, you will be able to cook just about any type of food, thanks to the variant temperature settings. With a minimum of 60 ℃ and a maximum of 240 ℃, you can do both a long stew and a grill party. The temperature control also has a smart layout, ensuring an easier cooking time.

There is still something we are not that impressed with within this induction hob. Once it reaches 800 W and below, it will start switching itself on and off. This feature is to simulate real cooking in low heat, but it can easily burn delicate dishes.

  • Quick heating speed
  • Varied temperature choice
  • Excellent timer
  • Good touch controls
  • Lots of power options
  • Good for precision cooking
  • Switching on and off in low heat

Aobosi Ceramic Plate Portable 2000W Induction Hob – Best Portability

Aobosi Ceramic Plate Portable 2000W Induction Hob

The Aobosi Ceramic Plate Portable 2000W Induction Hob is very portable.

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Back in the day, bringing an electric stove alongside on a camping trip is unthinkable, yet it’s barely a problem now. The prime example of this case is the Aobosi Ceramic Plate Portable 2000 W Induction Hob. With a compact and portable design, you can bring it anywhere you want.

Despite focusing so much on compactness and portability, the stove’s capability is nothing to scoff at. Users have the freedom of 10 varying levels of power and temperature. At maximum, you can go up to 2000 W and 240 ℃, ensuring that you can cook practically every dish.

Furthermore, you will see that this ceramic induction hob can quickly pick up heat, saving lots of time. That’s not all; this ceramic hub does not use too much energy for activation, saving you quite a bit on energy bills. Never underestimate this amount, as it can add up to be a hefty sum.

The one thing we must complain about this ceramic induction stove is how loud it may get. Yes, induction stoves, in general, produce sounds when they are on. However, this stove is slightly louder than standard, a turn-off for some users.

  • Compact and highly portable
  • 10 levels of power and temperatures
  • Quick heating
  • Brilliant safety controls
  • Simple touch controls
  • Loud

Aobosi Sensor Touch Control Double Induction Hob – Best Value

Aobosi Sensor Touch Control Double Induction Hob

The Aobosi Sensor Touch Control Double Induction Hob has the best value.

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The Aobosi Sensor Touch Control Double Induction Hub can provide you with lots of advantages at an affordable price. It also has one of the best warranty programs. Truly, we doubt that there can be an option offering as much value as this induction hob.

One of the best values this stove possesses is the new electromagnetic induction heating tech. With this tech, there is no heat loss between the pan and the cooking surface, making this stove highly efficient. Of course, it also means you don’t need to spend as much money on electrical bills.

Furthermore, this cooker has two completely independent cooking zones, controlled by two separate systems. Therefore, you can easily make two types of dishes simultaneously and save quite a lot of time. As these zones do not interact, you can use different temperatures for each zone.

Nonetheless, you must be careful when handling lower temperatures with this induction hob. To be specific, there is a significant heat effect jump between 80 and 100 ℃. This jump can make it harder to control the sizzling levels, but it’s not impossible.

  • No heat loss
  • Separate cooking zones
  • Good touch controls
  • Powerful heating element
  • Affordable price
  • Random heat bursts in lower temperatures

Gasland Chef CH603BF Built-In Ceramic Hob – Best Safety Features

Gasland Chef CH603BF Built-In Ceramic Hob

The Gasland Chef CH603BF Built-In Ceramic Hob is the safest.

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The most impressive thing about the Gasland Chef CH603BF Built-In Ceramic Hob is surely its multiple protection configurations. There are overheating protection, a residual heat indicator, an auto shut-off feature, a child lock feature, etc.

Aside from those commonly seen safety features, this induction hob also has a new safety tech, the pan detector. In short, this feature will detect when you take your pan out without shutting the power off. Then, it will alert for one whole minute before shutting down automatically.

We are also very impressed by the induction hob’s intuitive timer . This timer is easily configurable and can be set to a maximum of 99 minutes, allowing a flexible cooking experience. There is simply no way you can overcook with this feature.

There is one thing that we hope Gasland can improve for future products. Namely, how sensitive the pan detector is. Despite how useful it usually is, this feature can backfire if you move your pan slightly out of the ring.

  • Overheating protection
  • Auto shut-off
  • Pan detector
  • Straight touch control panel
  • Stylish induction hob
  • Too sensitive pan detector 

NOXTON Domino Ceramic Built-In 4 Zone Electric Hob – Best Power

NOXTON Domino Ceramic Built-In 4 Zone Electric Hob

The NOXTON Domino Ceramic Built-In Electric Hob has the highest power.

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As its name suggests, the NOXTON Domino Ceramic Built-In 4 Zone Electric Hob has 4 high-power burners. In total, you can expect this induction hob to put out at most 6000 W simultaneously. We doubt that there is an option with more power output.

Despite that much power, you can easily control this cooker and put on the exact temperature you want. The reason for this flexibility is the 9 levels of power setting, allowing heating level anywhere between small fires and fast boilings.

The glass quality is also desirable, as it is made from Vitro ceramic glass, which is much more durable. Also, this type of glass generally has a much higher durability and resistance against temperature. Of course, this glass type is undoubtedly sleek-looking.

Our only complaint is about how long it takes for this electric induction hob to completely power on. From what we have seen, this may as well be the slowest on the list in this aspect. You may need to be more patient with this ceramic induction hob than with other competitors.

  • High power output
  • Precise temperature
  • High-quality surface
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Takes a while to power up

NOXTON 2 Zone Domino Built-In Ceramic Hob – Best Easy Installation

NOXTON 2 Zone Domino Built-In Ceramic Hob

The NOXTON 2 Zone Domino Built-In Ceramic Hob is easy to install

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One of the biggest issues people usually face while choosing an integrated ceramic stove is the difficult installation. Well, you don’t have to worry about it if you get the NOXTON 2 Zone Domino Built-In Ceramic Hob, thanks to its unique design.

Despite being so easy to install, this ceramic induction hub is not at all lacking in firepower. One of the two burners can go up to 1800 W while the other can break 1200 W. Naturally, both are controlled independently, so you don’t have to worry about interference.

We have also observed that this stove has some great features for safety. It has the usual child-safe lock, residual heat indicator, timer key, etc., alongside a safe design. The chance your kid can hurt themselves colliding with this stove is minimized, as its edges are all rounded.

We believe that if they can fix the durability problem, this product can be even more popular. As of right now, this lack of durability casts huge doubt on its value, as electric hobs tend to be an investment.

  • Easiest to install
  • High power burners
  • High-quality safety features
  • Easy-clean design
  • Precision features
  • Variable heating
  • Not durable

Bosch PUE611BF1B Serie 4 Frameless Induction Hob – Best Versatility

Bosch PUE611BF1B Serie 4 Frameless Induction Hob

The Bosch PUE611BF1B Serie 4 Frameless Hob is the most versatile.

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The Bosch PUE611BF1B Serie 4 Frameless Induction Hob has 17 available levels of power output. This kind of flexibility opens up such an unimaginable versatility that there is hardly any other option capable of competing Bosch hob.

To add to this versatility, each of the 4 cooking zones has intelligent heat boost settings. In other words, you can accurately and quickly change the temperature according to your preference. These settings’ controls are also touch-sensitive, making them even easier to operate.

There is almost no waste of energy, as this stove does not heat the surface. Instead, it heats the pan, ensuring that only the necessary heat is released. As such, your wallet can be safe from the onslaught of electrical bills.

We want to complain about how easy it can get stained. Even if what you spilt is only one or two drops of oil, the surface will show the stain. Fortunately, it does not take long to clean the surface, so this issue is not too much of an annoyance.

  • Intelligent heat boost
  • Many stages of power
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stylish yet low-profile design
  • Reasonable price
  • Easily stainable
  • Complicated control

FiveFine Ultra-Thin Body Double Induction Hob – Best Ceramic Quality

FiveFine Ultra-Thin Body Double Induction Hob

The FiveFine Ultra-Thin Body Double Induction Hob has the best material.

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There is no doubt that the selling point for the FiveFine Ultra-Thin Body Double Induction Hob is its material. This cooking hob makes for a fine addition to your kitchen’s décor, owing to its highest-quality of glass ceramic. The black polished surface of crystal glass will surely draw all eyes.

If you think that this stove only has an attractive appearance, you are quite wrong. Looking shiny is just an added benefit of this material, as its main characteristic is non-stick. In other words, you will have an easier t clean any stain from the surface with minimal effort.

Furthermore, the cooking surface can fit with just about any type of cookware. Enamelled iron, cast iron, iron, stainless steel, etc., will all be suitable for this induction stove. For this reason, you will not have to stop using your favourite cookware.

The biggest issue observable from this cookware is a problem with the select button. When one uses this button to make some changes to timing, temperature or power, the stove immediately reverts to its highest power level.

  • Stunning design
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for many cookwares
  • High energy efficiency
  • Improvable select button
  • Slow cooking time

Karinear Built-In 4 Burners Ceramic Cooker Hob – Best Quiet Option

Karinear Built-In 4 Burners Ceramic Cooker Hob

The Karinear Built-In 4 Burners Ceramic Cooker Hob is very quiet.

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Due to its working principle, whenever an induction hob works at full capacity, it will be noisy. For some people, this is just a background noise; for others, it can easily break their concentration.

If you can relate to the latter, the Karinear Built-In 4 Burners Ceramic Cooker Hob will surely satisfy you. Thanks to a smart design, this cooker can easily reach a high power output without even making a crack of noise. Thus, you can now enjoy a quiet cooking experience.

Two of the 4 burners can go up 1800 W while the other can reach 1200 W. This kind of power output is no different from the best power nominee on this list – the NOXTON Domino Ceramic induction hob. Therefore, it is undeniable that this cooker has incredibly high power potential.

This ceramic induction hob’s biggest weakness is its lack of a quick cooling feature. As a result, you may need to watch over this cooker for a while after turning it off. After all, none of us want our kids to burn themselves accidentally.

  • Quiet operation
  • Smart design
  • High power output
  • Rapid heating
  • Knob controls
  • No quick cooling

How To Pick The Best Ceramic Hobs ?

It is not at all an easy task to determine the best ceramic hobs. This case is especially true when it comes down to specific individuals’ requirements. To make it easier, we have put together some of the typically more vital aspects of ceramic hobs.

Best Ceramic Hobs UK

Is The Ceramic Coating Vital?

Despite popular belief, the ceramic surface is indispensable if you are someone who loves cleanliness. Thanks to ceramic’s slick nature, you can easily clean any stain with just a simple rag. Thus, you can save quite a bit of time and effort.

Moreover, high-quality ceramic glass is typically very fast to heat up, providing a quick start-up for the stove. They can also retain heat quite well, cutting down the energy cost a fair bit.

Finally, the ceramic glass surface can also provide a stylish and sleek look to the ceramic hob.

How Important Are The Safety Features?

From our experience, only stoves that have sufficient safety precautions can be considered the best ceramic hobs. If you have a child or an elder at home, this feature should be the first on your priority list.

Due to how easy it is for stoves in general and ceramic stoves, in particular, to reach cooking temperature, accidents can occur easily. It may only take a curious child one second to alter the power output to maximum. At this level, the damage has already been done when you discovered the problem.

Thus, the first thing you must look for in a hob is if it has a sufficient child-safety lock. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Do You Want Dual-Zone Hobs?

Ceramic Hob UK

The dual-zone tech is among the most recently developed for ceramic hobs. To put it simply, the manufacturer will group a smaller cooking zone into a larger zone. All you need to do is place a pan or pot with the correct size on, and the sensor will activate one zone.

With this tech, many more possibilities open up, both for pan sizes and cooking methods. However, as it is quite new, the sensors’ precision still has room for improvement.

Are Timers Necessary?

Most of us overlook this feature, but timers can be a life-saver when you need to cook with extreme precision.

At the end of the day, humans are not capable of accurately estimating time without the assistance of a timepiece. Therefore, having the help of a timer means there is no way we can miscalculate.

Good timers will switch their hob off automatically while letting you know by an alarm.

Best Ceramic Hobs FAQs

Are Ceramic Hobs The Same As Halogen Hobs?

Halogen hobs all have ceramic surfaces. As a consequence, it is not a lie to say that all halogen hobs are ceramic hobs. However, a ceramic hob is not always a halogen hob.

Is A Ceramic Hob With Knobs Possible?

Most ceramic hobs these days have touch sensors as their interfaces. There are still some models that use knobs, but they are quite rare.

The main reason for this change is that the knobs make it much harder to clean the stove properly. There is no such problem if it comes with a touch interface.

Is A Special Pan Necessary For A Ceramic Hob?

The answer depends on the specific type of ceramic hob. If your ceramic stove uses the induction tech, you will need to get a magnetizable metal pot and pan set. After all, induction hobs are ceramic hobs, but the other way around is not necessarily true.

Even if your stove is not an induction hob, you still have to make sure that your pots and pans don’t comprise copper. This material can easily damage the ceramic surface, no matter which type of ceramic hob you use it on.

What Are Special Cooking Zones?

These cooking zones are usually found within both ceramic and induction hobs. In short, they are a special kind of cooking zone that merges two cooking zones together to form a bigger one. As such, you will be able to accommodate many pan sizes and shapes.

Do I Need Automatic Timers?

These days, almost all types of stove have some kind of timer or minute minder. Just like the residual heat indicators, these things can help you tremendously with controlling the heating element. As a result, you can make your meal exactly the way you want thanks to precise heat control.

Are Ultra-Rapid Burners Good?

Most commonly referred to as “wok burners,” these burners differ from regular burners in their heat generation. The heat they can generate is much more intense with higher power output. A high-speed burner can give you a good frying experience thanks to this heat.

Which Cooking Styles Fit With Ceramic Stoves?

For the most part, a ceramic cooktop is generally suitable for a simple cooking process like frying. The most convincing out of many reasons for this suggestion is the smooth surface that can perfectly accommodate a frying pan.

Of course, as these stoves can provide an intense cooking experience, we suggest you go over all the cooking essentials beforehand.


After reading through this guide, we hope that you can confidently choose among the best ceramic hobs we recommend. All you need to keep in mind is that there is no single perfect choice, only the most suitable one.

However, if we must pick only one option, our choice would be the GIONIEN Ceramic Electric Built-In Burner Stove. The reason is simple; it has good safety features alongside high-quality burners.

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