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Having a cat in your life is without a single doubt the sweetest thing ever. However, having to clean up after them is far from that. Whatever coming out of cats’ bodies after passing through their digestive system can have such a reek that makes you lose all sense of smell. If you have no intention to find yourself in this situation, investing in the best cat litter is never unnecessary.

We can help you with this! With our own cat care experience, plus personal surveys on cat owners to narrow down the products with the highest votes from the vast market of cat litters, we have managed to select our own top picks. The brief reviews below will give you a proper introduction to all of them.

Ten Top-Rated Cat Litter In The UK 2021

Catsan Hygiene Litter Cats – Best Overall

Catsan Hygiene Litter Cats

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It is impossible for anyone with love for cats running in their vein to be oblivious about the brand Catsan itself. With over 25 years of tending to cats’ requirement for their… “special business” and a mountain of praises backing them up, their cat litter deserves to top our lists for the wonderful characteristics it boasts.

With nothing but reliable antibacterial limestones and quartz made up of its entire content, the whole package is 100% nature-based, allowing you to use and dispose of it in large amounts without leaving a negative impact on the environment. This is not the only intention of the producer during the making of this cat litter. The mineral properties (quartz) have excellent odour-retention power, so forget that old horror story about how keeping cats is similar to killing all your sense of smell as such a thing would not be happening!

This handy feature does not come from any miracle, but the texture of the granules themselves. All of them have been designed to soak up all the liquid before it even has the chance to let out any unwanted smell the very minute your cat finishes using their toilet, increasing the effectiveness of the product to a level that few cat litters can reach.

  • Easy to cleanup
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • No artificial scents
  • Super absorbent 
  • Non-clumping litter

Cat’s Best Öko Plus Cat Litter – Best Eco-friendly Litter

Cat's Best Öko Plus Cat Litter

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We have to admit, the way this brand title their product, “The Power Of Nature”, seems as though they are blowing their own trumpet, a gimmick to pull more cat owners to their product. That was our first thought as well, until we actually gave one litter packet a try.

This choice of litter tray fillers has its origin in the natural world as well. But rather than limestone and cat-friendly minerals, Cat’s Best has their eyes on a greener approach, refined organic wood fibres. They are said to perform at least twice better than natural stones in liquid absorption, clumping and smell control, keeping your house fresh and your feline friends happy all day long.

All cat owners that always make a point to steer clear of any products that do harm to the environment in any possible way will fall in love with this cat litter. With its contents being made out of clean wood and no chemicals of any sort, each packet is not only compostable but also biodegradable and will not pile up in the landfill no matter how much you use. In fact, in case the laws where you live permit, you can flush the litter down the toilet and see for yourself how well they remove themselves from existence.

  • 100% organic
  • Forms scoopable clumps
  • Excellent odour-fighting ability
  • Preferred by all cats
  • Can be powdery

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter – Best for refreshing aroma

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter

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Perhaps scooping the poop clumps out of the litter tray and into the garbage bag would not be the least favoured aspect of having a cat if there is at least some soothing fragrance to reduce the smell during this tough process. If you are not willing to give strong floral scented products a shot out of fear that your feline fellows might react with revulsion to it, consider this pine-scented Pampus instead.

We will not deny that indoor cats of all kinds might prefer unscented to scented litters, but this natural, refreshing smell might be able to make a difference. Hardly will it put your cat off using their toilet and have them turn to some certain areas that they shouldn’t be going to, and on top of that, it is pleasant to your nose. A killing-two-birds-with-one-stone solution, don’t you think?

The highly absorbent contents are another reason as to why you would prefer sticking with this brand. With well processed biodegradable wood, this organic product can retain liquid inside each pellet three times longer than any regular cat litter, keeping the cat tray dry for days on end.

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Pleasant smell
  • No dust
  • Great value for money
  • Cannot handle the strong odour of poop completely

World’s Best Cat Litter – Best Clumping Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter

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Not everyone has an endless sense of patience to adopt the habit of emptying the litter tray every single day. If you are a busy cat owner and do not want to lose your precious time over something as trivial as cleaning after your cat, World’s Best Cat top-tier clumping cat litter is no doubt the choice you would want to add into your shopping cart.

Forming clumps right when the waste matter comes into contact with the litter itself is one thing, what makes this product our top choice for litter tray’s scoopable fillers is the fact that these clumps are created much faster, with smaller size yet extra solidity. You can remove them with no problem, and the task will finish in less than 5 minutes as they never break halfway, leaving behind a mess to tidy up.

This product also wins many cat owners over also thanks to its ability to serve up to two cats at once without being overloaded and make your house smell like there is something rotten inside. But if you have more than one kitty, keep it in mind that it would be better to do away with the old litter every week.

  • Excellent clumping litter
  • Decent odour-control
  • Lightweight
  • Organic material (corn)
  • Sometimes might break and cover the tray in dust

AmazonBasics Cat Litter Wood Pellets – Best for comfort

AmazonBasics Cat Litter Wood Pellets

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“Would this make my cat uncomfortable to walk on by any chance?” This must be what bothers everyone with a cat the most whenever they pick a certain product off the shelf from the cat litter aisle. Then let this AmazonBasics product known for its extra comfort keep this worry at bay.

Inside each packet lie thousands of biodegradable natural wood pieces designed following an effective hypoallergenic formula developed by the brand itself. This outstanding feature is going to ensure that nothing happens to your beloved pets when they ground sensitive paws deep into the sand and dig around to cover up their waste. Sufficient protection from irritation aside, these little pellets also give your cats a feeling that they are walking on clouds with its ultra-softness that few products might give.

The next selling point of this cat litter is how all the litters excel at liquid absorption and keep the odour so faint that it might as well turn non-existent. Having it around can keep you and your beloved cat happy at the same time, that’s why we prefer calling it a killing-two-bird-with-a-stone approach.

  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • 100% natural litter
  • Suitable for indoor cats of all ages
  • Affordable 
  • Might be powdery

Extra Select Premium Wood Based Cat Litter – The Easiest To Clean Product

Extra Select Premium Wood Based Cat Litter

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Saying that we have the sweetest time of our life chasing after our cats wiping their little powder-coated paws after getting out of the litter tray or dumping whatever in that tray at the end of the day would be the biggest lie ever. If you are fed up with the very chore known to all as litter box cleaning, invest in this Extra Select Cat Litter at once.

This product manages to leave the tray in a nearly untouched shape even after being under heavy use. Take all the hassle straight out of the job and make it as effortless as ever! Once all the pellets are out, with only 5 minutes, plus one antibacterial wipe, and you have already restored the tray back to its finest, cleanest state for your cats to use again. There is no need to use cleaning products or splash any fragrant room spray around the area to get rid of the lingering smell. On top of that, it leaves little to no dust at all.

If you want more information on other aspects such as scent, materials, or eco-friendly, this product is on the same level of our other top picks, with wooden pellets, mild pine scent, highly absorbent texture, and decent anti-odour

  • Suitable for all cats
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not cause a mess
  • Long lifespan
  • Non-clumping

Fresh Paws Premium Wood Pellet – All-purpose cat litters

Fresh Paws Premium Wood Pellet

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If you are not living with only cats and have to look after other pets of multiple species at once, all the expense for the food, drink, toys to keep them happy, and certain litter boxes for all can drain all your budget before you even realize. So why not invest in these Premium wood pieces to have an option for each and every pet you have? Aside from cats, this even works out for bunnies, birds, and even reptiles – basically every type of pet you can think of.

The product is one of the safest choices on the market right now with non-toxic, antibacterial contents, so it can prevent the growth of germ that might invade your pets’ body and make them ill. We have to say, after weighing our option, we decide to give the crown for all-purpose litters thanks to these. There is nothing more important than keeping our beloved little ones in good health, and when we have more than one, that need simply increases by many times.

  • 100% organic
  • Anti-odour and great absorption
  • No addictive, glue or chemicals
  • Compostable
  • Might stick to your pets’ paws

Biokat’s Active Pearls – Most Unique Odour-Retention Ability 

Biokat's Active Pearls

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Coming from a Germany-based company with over 20 years researching and developing high-quality cat litter, Biokat’s product is something rarely anyone has seen before, especially when it comes to its anti-odour feature. Pushing the chemical away with the aim to maintain an eco-friendly production line, the brand has managed to launch their personal solution for nasty waste reek, which is natural activated carbon.

With their sizable forms and absorbent surface, these granules take all the odour substances and bound them to their body. By doing so, they prevent the bad smell from getting out and ruin the indoor fresh atmosphere you try so hard to maintain.

The product also comes with bentonite, which is an incredible substance that increases the effectiveness of the clumps and prevents them from breaking upon contact. This reinforcement allows all the clumping litter to maintain their shape for quite a long time, cutting down the time you must spend cleaning the litter box.

  • Contain only natural ingredients
  • Quick clumping
  • Decent liquid absorption
  • Can be used on trash bin for smell reduction
  • Can get quite powdery

Ever Clean Cat Litter – Best for paw activated fragrance

Ever Clean Cat Litter

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Fresh scented cat litters can be a nice thing to have, but when the fragrance is always in the air even when you and your cats do not need it, the effects can be overpowering. If you are thinking of getting a product only letting out the scent when being used, consider this Ever Clean packet. Empowered by the ever so useful paw activated fragrance, the litters’ scent only kicks into action when there is waste to handle. After binding all the smell, it will go back to the dormant state.

Compared to all the products we introduced earlier, the liquid absorption and safety features of this one bear no wide difference from them. Instead, the aspect we find quite compelling is its lifespan. One packet of ten litres can last for over two months, letting you keep the number of times for litter changing as low as possible and save quite a sum of money.

  • Reputable brand
  • Great odour-retention and liquid absorption
  • Easy-to-remove clumps
  • Tracking issue

PetSafe Scoopfree Premium Cat Litter – Best Silica Gel litter 

PetSafe Scoopfree Premium Cat Litter

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Silica gel litter (also known as crystal litter) is a relatively new litter tray’s filler much younger than traditional litter such as clay or anything plant-based. Some cat owners do not find them appealing at all since the product is not biodegradable, which leads to it not belonging to the eco-friendly variety. However, given what it can do, we cannot help adding it to our list.

Silica gel is an extraordinary material that absorbs both urine and solid waste matter five times faster than any regular cat litter. If you want to make a side-by-side comparison in this alone, it singlehandedly puts all the choices we have here to shame. And since it soaks in all the waste with super speed, you will barely notice any smell.

On top of that, it is not organic, so you can rest assured that the product does not leave behind any dust at all, and your home can stay clean all the time.

  • Extraordinary waste absorption
  • Light-weight
  • Scoop-free
  • Suitable for all litter boxes
  • Not biodegradable

How To Get The Best Cat Litter in the UK ?

Take their materials into considerations

Clay litter

The first thing crossing many cat owners’ minds when discussing the topic of what cat litters are made up would probably be clay. The material has been around for over half a century and its outstanding ability to absorb liquid, form clumps for easy cleanup along with satisfactory odour control have given it the opportunity to be in the shopping cart of all those having cats. The affordable price makes these an even better option.

However, there is a catch for all of these as clay litters can be a nasty source of fine dust, which can turn problematic upon being inhaled by family members.

Best Cat Litter UK

Crystal (silica gel) litter

As a product born in the modern age, crystal litter has taken the lead in the race for the champion of solutions for cats’ waste, especially to anyone who values performance above all else. Its absorbency can only be captured by one word: phenomenal, for the fact that silica works at least 40 times more effective than ordinary clay. How this cat litter fights against all the odour from waste is another impressive aspect that gives people more reason to purchase it for their feline friends.

As good as it seems, silica gel does not work out for families with restricted budgets since the cost for all of the above makes its price much higher than common choices. It would not make a decent option if your goal is to bring home products with a high level of clumping either.

Plant-based litter

Both clay and crystal cat litter are the greatest solutions to cat waste that have ever been known to us all, but neither of them is highly evaluated when it comes to environment protection as none is biodegradable. If you have a green heart and cannot stress enough how going green is important, in all likelihood, natural cat litter is going to be your best bet.

The name speaks for itself, this type of product is solely made out of corn, wood pellets, wheats, or newspaper.  All are eco-friendly materials to keep your cat clean and you happy!

But if you decide to go with plant-based cat litter, you need to prepare yourself as sometimes, products of this type come with the expense of mediocre clumps that may break while you are scooping them out as well as unimpressive smell retention. Pay a little more for prestigious brand’s packets and you can avoid this issue.

Pick the right size 

Size is not as important as materials when looking for the suitable cat litter, but you need to give them proper attention since they might decide whether it gets easier for you to deal with the waste.

Best Cat Litter In The UK

As you can see, cat litters come in a wide variety of sizes, from tiny granules similar to sand to pellets in the case of wood-based products. Bigger ones can reduce the possibility of your cats smearing them all over the floor while getting out of the box. They are also a better choice for longhaired breeds as they are not likely to cling on the cats’ coat.

Should it be scented or unscented?

Cat litters with aroma are all the rage nowadays thanks to their unmatched odour retention. The scents are infused chemically and can give the litter floral, fruity, or wooden fragrance depending on your personal preference.

But before getting these products, you have to be careful and observe your cats’ behaviours properly for quite a few weeks to notice if there is any sign of over sensitivity to smell. They might be pleasant to your nose, but there is a big chance that your feline friends do not share the same feeling. Litters with unnecessarily strong aromas might even backfire and drive them far away from the litter tray.

Frequently Asked Question

Should you fill the cat litter box with clumping or non-clumping litter?

This is quite the matter of preference actually. Both of them are excellent in their own way and it would be quite difficult to tell which is better than the other. In most cases, the non-clumping type is far more superior in absorbing the urine, but clumping cat litter triumph at controlling the odour from mixing into your home’s atmosphere. And if you prefer convenience, it is likely that you will lean toward the clumping one as well since it does not require frequent cleaning.

Best Cat Litter In The UK

We will go with non-clumping cat litter in this case. But as we say, it is more about preference and your priority than anything else.

Where should you put a cat litter tray?

Similar to us humans, cats demand privacy and secrecy to “take care of their business”, this goes to kittens as well. You should give them a quiet spot in the house where less people would drop by, preferably the toilet or anywhere nearby for quick cleaning.

Where should you put a cat litter tray?

People often say the standard depth will fall somewhere between 3cm and 5cm, but there is no solid proof for that. And believe it or not, the matter should actually be left to the cats to decide.

Some simply prefer their toilet to be much deeper, so they can bury … whatever left of their previous meals where they feel to be the safest place. Some with certain illnesses tend to use the litter box more than the others, so you need more litter to make them comfortable in this case as well.


From our own analysis and research, along with what we know so far about cats, the experts from our websites have given their best shot to bring you this concise yet informative list. All of them are the best cat litter loved by cats across the UK in particular and worldwide in general, so we are sure that they will keep your kitty happy by all means.

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