Top 10 Best Cat Food For Kittens In The UK That Satisfy Your Little Pets To No End

Kittens and human babies are more alike than most of us could expect. They come into the world as bawling, squirming little creatures, and never can they turn out to be the healthy, well-developed we want them to be without necessary sources of nutrients. Their food matters the most during the whole growing phase. You never grab any random formulas you find on the shelf of any supermarket or infant store for a baby, and you never should do it for a cat as well.

That being said, even when you are ready to go the extra miles for the best cat food for kittens, you will be overwhelmed with the million options available. To save you from the trial and errors, we have put together all the recommendations from cat lovers across the UK in this list. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

Top 10 Best Cat Food For Kittens To Purchase In The UK

Go-Cat Dry Cat Food – Best Overall

Go-Cat Dry Cat Food

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You love your new kittens as your own and you want to give them a real feast every meal? Then perhaps this number one choice that cat owners sing praises about might be where your eyes land on.

The tiny kibbles wrapped up in this eye-catching golden package have tons of things to fall in love with. Being produced entirely out of fresh chicken meat and just-plucked vegetables, along with a balanced portion of healthy fats, glycerol, mineral, and sugars, a bowl of this food every meal is exactly what your kitten needs when graduating from mother milk to proper food.

Various textures in one mouthful is another big selling point of this product. Go-Cat prides on their diverse density in the contents of one package, and this product for kittens is no exception. Going between crunchy bites and tender bits is definitely going to be a fun thing to do. And who will find this more thrilled than a young cat in their most curious phase?


  • A balanced meal rich in necessary nutrients
  • No preservatives or food colourings to ensure safety
  • Two textures in one package
  • Great tastes that kittens love


  • Flimsy package

IAMS Kitten Food – Best For Realistic Taste

IAMS Kitten Food

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For the follow-up, we would like you to have a look at this IAMS package, which can not only pump your kittens with the nutrients they must take in to grow up well, but also fill their mouth with an irresistible flavour.

IAMS has outdone themselves in preparing the food with as many resemblances to the real deal as possible. With over 90% of its contents made out of animal-based protein, including up to 4% of fresh chicken and other delicious natural ingredients (those rich in DHA, healthy fats, and vitamins), the taste of this brilliant formula can send your little fuzzy balls to cloud nine.

This cat food is all about growth-boosting ingredients. There are no fillers contained in the package, which can be some great news. While these substances add certain nutrients to cats’ daily menu, they are not a necessary addition and never contribute much to the rapid development of a kitten to adulthood. Them not being there might even have great impacts as cats in the early months of their life require all the nutrients you can offer to reach maturity properly.


  • Excellent taste for kittens
  • Tailor-made to boost development
  • No colourings or preservatives
  • Recommended by experienced pet owners


  • Come in a massive bag (10kg)

Lifelong Grainfree Dry Cat Food – Best For Cardiac and Vision development

Lifelong Grainfree Dry Cat Food

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For most cat owners, heart and eye development are parts of a cat’s growing period that need more attention than anything else since these decide whether their pet can enjoy a perfect adulthood. This package from Lifelong is the key for you and your cat to achieve that.

Alongside the standard high-quality components such as fresh chicken, poultry fat and various vegetable protein, the food also comes with additional taurine and marigold. Scientific researches on cats have pointed out that these are important ingredients in promoting better heart health while boosting vision. The first months of life are important milestones for any kitten, anything they absorb during the time will have a direct impact on their system later on. That is why having these ingredients in their meal is going to bring monumental benefits.

There are also natural herbs of decent amounts in the package in order to strengthen the digestive ability of your kittens. We are all aware of the fact that small cats are vulnerable, and these can change that by adding certain layers of protection right inside their bodies.


  • Boost health performance
  • Consist of only natural ingredient
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Grain-free


  • High-cost

Whiskas Wet Cat Food For Kitten – Best food for skeletal development

Whiskas Wet Cat Food For Kitten

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Nobody can say with utter confidence that they love cats with all their heart while being clueless as to what Whiskas is, for the brand has been a household name in the feline food industry throughout decades. This special kitten formula they bring our kittens is a reminder of why they managed to gain such popularity.

Quality ingredients and a rich amount of important nutrients to get your feline friends from a tiny kitten on wobbly feet to a healthy, beautiful mature cat (all Whiskas products contain fresh meat, animal deprivation and loads of minerals) are one thing. The product has a high volume of calcium in its ingredients, and this very factor can support the development of your cats’ bones, making them much stronger. Precisely what energetic, playful kittens require as they are off exploring the world!

Similar to all recommended cat food for a healthy upbringing of your kittens, the product is free of all colourings, artificial flavours, preservatives, or anything that can upset your tiny friends’ little tummies. We all know full well that kittens are fragile beings and illnesses can be a fatal blow to their not yet mature body, which makes this a big relief.


  • High in calcium
  • Contain a rich portion of fresh meat
  • Great taste
  • Reliable brand


  • Might take a while to get used to the smell

Purina ONE Kitten Dry Food – Strengthen the immune system

Purina ONE Kitten Dry Cat Food

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We are sure that you know full well by now that kittens are far from the strongest beings. There might be no end to their natural curiosity, energy and fearless nature, but their bodies have limitations. To stretch those and give them better health, you are going to need some food with immunity boosting ingredients. And this is where Purina comes in.

This one-of-a-kind choice of dry food takes its nutrients from high-quality ingredients selected from reliable farms, making it a wonderful source of wholesome protein and acid amino for your kittens. But Purina decided to go beyond just that. They have filled this batch of crunchy kibbles with an enormous dose of important bacteria, which will play an important role in building a powerful immune systems for your pets over time.

Once they start eating this food, they will be protected from inside out as they run around doing what kittens do best, while you can tend to your own business without having to worry about their health.

On top of that, Purina’s exclusive strength building formula kicks in faster than anyone can expect and you can notice the effects within 3 weeks only. At the end of the first week, the cats are going to show signs of improvement in vitality, followed by a greater digestive system when the second week is over. Once the final week passes, their fur will become smoother as their vision is significantly enhanced.


  • For kittens from weaning to 12 months old and pregnant cats
  • Brilliant formula with functional bacteria
  • Rich flavour
  • Different textures in one package


  • High-cost

Scrumbles Complete Dry Kitten Food – Best Hypoallergenic food

Scrumbles Complete Dry Kitten Food

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The fact that even cat food can be a threat looming on the horizon since your young kittens might be allergic to certain ingredients and meet the bitter end is certainly unsettling. To avoid triggering an unwanted reaction in your little fuzzy balls’ bodies, investment in food designed to be safe and hypoallergenic is never unnecessary. And that is why this product from Scrumble became in-demand lately.

The only ingredients you will find in this kibble package is fresh chicken (cats love chicken!), rice, salmon oil, and carrot – the natural source of rich nutrients with taste no cat can resist. No added fillers whatsoever will be found, which translates that there are no suspicious components responsible for one of those nasty allergies (like wheat for example).

We also love Scrumbles’ idea to make this cat food a great blend of flavour and nutrients by loading it with essential bacteria and DHA, everything your young cats need to thrive. This shows that they consider your pets’ health as their top priority – more reasons for you to buy from them.


  • Digestive ingredients
  • Contain over 70% of fresh components
  • Aid digestive system and immunity
  • Recyclable packages


  • The package can be hard to open

Royal Canin Wet Pouch – Best Instant Wet Food

Royal Canin Wet Pouch

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The next cat food for curious kittens to grow well we want you to check out is this scrumptious wet package from Royal Canin – another pet food company with worldwide reputation. With rich nutritional value, this is the ideal option for all young cats that cannot sink their baby teeth through solid food yet.

During the manufacturing phase, Royal Canin has taken care to only use ingredients that will make any juvenile cats squeal in delight. Each pouch is made up of animal deprivations, vegetable proteins, wholesome oils, a high amount of milk extractions, yeast, and all the essential minerals. Without these, a safe and healthy transition from the kitten to well-developed adult cats would be quite impossible.

Another advantage of this gravy filled cat food is that all the chunks contained are properly designed to fit your kitten’s tiny jaw, giving them no difficulty chewing through any. By giving your small pet this, you can trust that they will eat to their heart’s content and thrive well.


  • Help build natural defence
  • From a reliable brand
  • Consist of small and tender chunks
  • Natural flavour appealing to kittens


  • Expensive

Lily’s Kitchen Kitten Chicken – Best For Bite-sized kibbles

Lily's Kitchen Kitten Chicken

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If your kitten is no bigger than your palm, we can say for sure you would hesitate when getting dry food out of fear that the pieces contained might be too huge for them to swallow. Don’t deny your kittens the chance to train their teeth because of that, try this formula from Lily’s Kitchen instead!

This brilliant formula is just what kittens and their tiny teeth need to practice proper chewing and biting force, which are of significant importance when they are no longer in their developmental phase. Their sizable kibbles go well with the young and somewhat vulnerable jaw, and the distinct chicken flavour can help boost appetite, making sure your small cats finish every last bit.

Lily’s Kitchen cat food is a balanced combination of nutrients as well since it is loaded with minerals, protein, and calcium, making it a wonderful natural recipe for all your little fuzzy balls at home.


  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Small kibble sizes
  • Suitable for grazing
  • Boost bones development


  • The smell can be extreme

Wellness CORE Cat Food Dry – The Best DHA Dose

Wellness CORE Cat Food Dry

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Supposing that you are searching high and low for the richest source of DHA for your cats, this product from Wellness CORE will have all your attention for sure.

The primary sources that the food gets its nutritional values from are fresh turkey and high-quality salmon. As we all know, the DHA founded in salmon’s flesh emerges as the best among all. Not only will the component act as a brain and vision stimulator, but it also plays a vital role in promoting cognitive development, helping your cat become a well-rounded adult later on.

We also appreciate that Wellness CORE has added a decent amount of vitamins and antioxidants in one package of this food, for they are what a kitten requires to have a stronger immune system.


  • Easy to digest
  • Does not trigger allergy
  • No colourings or preservatives
  • Naturally balance (more meat and no fillers)


  • Lead to heavy-smell poops

James Wellbeloved Kitten Food – Best for Price

James Wellbeloved Kitten Food

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The last candidate for the crown of greatest kitten food we want you to know about is this wet recipe from James Wellbeloved. This is a real bang for the buck, given that one pouch only costs around 2/3 of the regular prices for cat food, while the value it offers goes beyond that.

This cat food is made out of high-quality turkey from reliable farms, with some additional cranberry tomato and yucca to increase both the flavour and the nutritional contents. On top of that, you can feed it to your kitten in high amounts without worrying about upsetting their tummies since there is absolutely no fillers or unwanted food preservatives. Despite being a budget option, it brings you everything a high-end product has to offer!


  • Affordable
  • Does not trigger allergy
  • Consist of only ingredients from natural source
  • A balanced meal


  • Poorly designed package (cannot get all of the contents out)

How To choose the Best Cat Food For Kittens ?

From what we know about our feline buddies and their development themselves, plus some interesting conversations with cat experts themselves, we have made a brief yet informative buying guide. This is where you find out the criteria to pay attention to on your quest for the food that makes your kittens purr in delight, so don’t leave just yet!

Make the nutritional value your number 1 goal

Most food produced to keep your feline buddies healthy and active all day long always fall in the meat-based or fish-based categories since cats require animal protein. You might find some other ingredients such as veggies but keep in mind that they have to be on an acceptable level. This standard applies for kittens’ food as well, along with some extra conditions.

Best Cat Food For Kitten UK

Remember that kittens are cats in their developmental process, and for that, they have special needs for certain nutrients to be able to grow up well. You should always make a point to see if the food you are about to grab contains DHA, folic acid, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. These are factors that help your cats’ brain and vision undergo fantastic stages of brain and vision development.

Never forget the importance of taste

We are going to present another important reason as to why feeding your kittens food made up of real fish and meat is always the best option. Has it ever occurred to you that your cat, no matter how adorable and harmless it might seem, is carnivore?

Cats are obsessed with anything that once had a heart. With that logic, it is highly recommended that you choose kitten foods coming from actual fresh ingredients over those with artificial flavour regardless of how appealing they seem to be.

Avoid the local stores

Generic foods from local brands might seem like a good idea since they are ubiquitous and you can pluck one from every store near your home. But this habit is frowned upon among plenty of pet experts and experienced cat owners. For your cats to experience a safe and healthy transition into adulthood, our advice is to buy foods (and other products) from prestigious brands. It would be even greater if that place has received recommendations from veterinarians.

Avoid adult cat food

Have you been filling your kitten’s bowl with adult cat food? Sorry but that has to end today, so please pour whatever amounts of foods you gave them earlier today back to the package. At different life stages, cats require different kinds of diet to keep them in good health. And food for the big ones that have already undergone all the developmental stages do not fully cover the nutritional demands of the little ones.

Best Cat Food

Don’t think of kittens as small cats, think of them as a real baby in the very first months of their life. You do not feed an infant a whole 7-course meal with fancy dressing, then why do the same for your little cats?

Factor in the price of the product

The best kitten food does not necessarily have to be one from the high-end section. But if you have set your goal on getting one meeting all the requirements about taste and nutritional values, while being a go-to choice for people with knowledge about cat care, you cannot expect it to be averagely priced. In this case, let your wallet make the final decision and get something that will not put pressure on your budget if bought in bulk.

The Best Cat Food For Kittens – FAQs 

Between dry food and wet food, what is better for your kittens?

This can be a tricky question as either dry or wet food comes with their own pack of perks. While wet food supplies cats with more liquid, similar to the prey they catch in nature and does wonders for their hydration, dry food is richer in energy and can stay untouched for a longer period.

Having said that, in young cats’ cases, veterinarians advise combining dry and wet food for the best result. Kittens need dry food, to some extent, since it helps strengthen their teeth and get them familiar with chewing through tough texture.

Can you feed your kittens two types of food at the same time?

This might be something you have stuck inside your head for quite sometimes, and we would like to answer it with a big NO! You cannot. Cats are renowned fastidious creatures and if they find the new food not to their taste, chances are that they will dislike the old ones as well if you blended both together.

What should you do if you want to switch to another cat food?

Patience is the key in this case. Pour both the old food and the new food in separate bowls and present them to your kittens. Gradually, reduce the amounts of the old ones, and increase the new ones’ portions. Keep doing so until your pets have no problem with eating the new cat food you prepare.

Can you feed your kittens human food?

Technically, cats of all ages will eat anything you give them as long as they find the taste enjoyable. But that does not mean that you should let them have any due to the danger this habit might prompt.

There are tons of risks you can put your cats in once accidentally feeding them the type of food they are not supposed to consume. And since the list of the “Nuh-uh” is much, much longer than the “Okay” – raw meat can invite parasite to their body, raw fish leads to vitamin B deficiency, milk leads to diarrhea, and tons of other foods contain deadly toxins to cats – it is best that you stick to cat foods and cat treats produced by standard brands for pets.


If you love your kittens to the moon and back, it goes without saying that you are willing to do anything so that they can grow up well and enjoy a healthy life. And what can do that better than to take care of their own meals right from today? With our list of the best cat food for kittens around the market, you will be able to treat your cat to a delicious menu all week long while making sure that nothing will go wrong with their health during that time.

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