Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The best blue light blocking glasses are big trends on the UK market nowadays. Why are those products so important?

In this 4.0 era, it is nearly impossible for us to avoid digital devices and phone screens. We require computers, televisions, and smartphones to work and entertain. This increases the chance for the blue light coming out from those devices to cause eye disease and blurry vision. That’s why we need the best blue light blockers to protect our eyes.

Right below are the top 10 blue blockers on the UK market. Have a look at them and get protective eyewear to cover your eyes right now!

How To Choose The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses ?

Not all products are trustable to use! You have to notice several essential factors to find the best blue light blocking glasses.

What are those factors? Scroll down to read!

How much blue light can the glasses block?

Each product can prevent a percentage of harmful light. While buying, you should ask the seller about the blue-light blocking range of the glasses. Normally, high-quality glasses can work to block up to 90% of blue light.

What purposes do the glasses serve?

It is needless to say about the main job – blocking blue-light of the glasses. However, you have to notice that this product comes in many different types to serve multiple purposes.

best blue light blocking glasses in the UK

For example, there are blue-light glasses for playing video games. There are ones for watching television. There are also items for reading news on computers.

Do the glasses have your favourite colours?

Who says that design does not matter? You surely want to look cool with your blue light blocking glasses, right? Then it is important to choose the item that has your favourite colour!

Feel free to choose the frame styles as you like! The frame does not have any effect on blocking computer light. However, you have to be extremely careful while choosing the lens colour. The lens will block the light at best if it is yellow, orange, or dark red.

Also, the darkness of the lens tells you the best time to use the glasses. While light lenses can support daytime usage better, dark lenses are more suitable for nighttime usage.

Should you buy expensive glasses?

You don’t need to pay much money for a good pair of blue light blocking glasses. There are many affordable products that can work well to keep your eyes safe.

The important thing that you should notice is how the glasses work. We don’t exaggerate, but many expensive glasses even have no blue-light blocking feature.

Is the size of the glasses suitable for your head?

Wearing the wrong size of glasses means, you will not be able to block any blue light. That’s why you need to choose the correct size of glasses to feel comfortable and protect your eyes while using the product.

If you have a chance to try products before purchasing, don’t be afraid to do that! It is the best way to know whether the size of the glasses fits your head or not!

Also, don’t forget that there are glasses for kids, and there are ones for adults. Make sure that you get the right type of eye protection!

Top 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Now is the main detail of our article today! Check out our top 10 best blue light blocking glasses!

#1: Nouritty Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best For Multilayers Coating

Nouritty Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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The Nouritty Blue Light Blocking Glasses can work to serve multiple purposes such as preventing glaring, preventing reflection, minimizing colour distortion, etc. Why is the item great like so? Just have a look at its 5 multilayer anti-reflective coating lenses!

The first two layers on top of the blue light filtering lenses are designed for blue light filtering and anti-glare. They will work to reduce the brightness of the light coming out from the computer to keep your eyes from tiredness.

What do the next two layers do? Well! The main job of those lens parts is to prevent harmful lights. Thanks to them, not only the blue lights but the UV400 rays have no permission to reach your eyes.

For high clarity, you can trust the last layer of the glasses. This HD layer with 0 magnification will give you true images so that you can comfortably do your casual activities.

On the downside, the frame of the glasses is quite flimsy that may cause pain to your ear and nose section. However, there is a small tool coming along with the product. You can use this tool to modify the tightness of the glasses for better fitting.

  • Multilayers anti-reflective coating lenses
  • Lightweight
  • High clarity
  • Blocking blue lights and UV400 rays
  • Plastic as material
  • Flimsy frame.

#2: LifeArt Anti Fog Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best For Anti Fog

LifeArt Anti Fog Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Every time you breathe out while wearing a mask in public, the fog usually appears and makes your vision blur. This is such an annoying thing, right? But with these LifeArt Anti Fog Tortoise Print glasses, you will not fall into that bad situation anymore!

The LifeArt company has applied Anti-fog coating technology to build the lenses of the glasses. This design will allow no fog to stick or stay on the lenses. As a result, your vision will always be clear!

Don’t you believe us? Just prepare a cup of hot water, place this LifeArt item and another normal pair of glasses on top of the cup. The hot steam will cause the lenses of the regular glasses to look fuzzy. Oppositely, there will be no fog on the LifeArt’s lenses.

Unfortunately, the size of these glasses is quite big. The person with a small head may not feel comfortable wearing this item, as it tends to fall out of their ears sometimes.

  • Anti-fog technology
  • Lightweight
  • Yellow filter to prevent blue light
  • Preventing colour distortion
  • Big size
  • Less durable frame.

#3: TIJN Retro Blue light Blocking Glasses – Best For Material

TIJN Retro Blue light Blocking Glasses

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TIJN Retro Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the next product that we want to introduce to you. The high-quality material of the item definitely will put a big impression on you!

This pair of glasses is made of high-quality TR90 memory polymer – one of the lightest materials to build glasses. With this strong TR90 material, the glasses can resist corrosion to last for long periods.

The TIJN has a reason to choose this memory polymer for making the glasses. Its lightweight is ideal for increasing the flexibility of the glasses spring hinge arms. This will give you ease in taking the item on and off.

If you want glasses that have your favourite colour, this is your chance! The TJIN company offers you 6 frame colour options which are pink, black, green, transparent, milk tea, and white tortoise.

Although the glasses can prevent blue light, they don’t protect you from glare. This means the item is not recommended for wearing on sunny days, especially when you drive a car. The glare may annoy you much and cause danger to you.

  • TR90 memory polymer as the material
  • Flexible spring hinge arms
  • 6 frame colour options
  • Lightweight
  • Glare reflection
  • Foggy lenses.

#4: Uvex Skyper Computer Glasses – Best For Adjustment

Uvex Skyper Computer Glasses

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Honestly, it is quite difficult to find a pair of glasses that allow us to make changes for it. Anyway, we have found these great Uvex Skyper Computer Glasses. Let’s see what it does.

The glasses contain 3 different positions of blue light blocking lenses inclination. You can modify the glasses and set up the position as you desire in order to have multiple viewing angles.

Also, the length of the temple is adjustable. If you feel the glasses too loose or too snug on your ears, just change the temple length so that it can fit you perfectly.

The yellow-blue light blocking lenses of the glasses can work to remove blue rays and prevent glares. However, a bad result appears as the yellow plastic makes everything look darker. This may cause a difficult view for you.

  • 3 different positions of lenses inclination
  • Modifiable temple length
  • Cushioned temple
  • Mould nose section
  • Anti-fog
  • Easy scratching
  • Dark view due to yellow plastic lenses.

#5: Infield Terminator Safety Glasses – Best For Eye Strain Relief

Infield Terminator Safety Glasses

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Eye strain is not a big deal if you have the Infield Terminator Safety Glasses by your side! The lenses with UV protection coating will keep your eyes safe!

You probably have not known. The tinted lenses with orange colour can prevent up to 99% harmful blue rays caused by digital screens. Of course, the Infield Terminator has orange lenses that can filter against the blue light in the range from 400 nm to 490 nm! So no matter how long you stay by your digital devices, your eyes will never be tired!

Besides blue rays, the UV spectrum is also nothing with these glasses. As the protective coat of the lenses can remove 400 nm UV rays at maximum, you can wear the glasses under the sun. There will be no glaring issues that leave bad influences on your eyes.

We have no complaints about the clarity the glasses bring to us. However, we are quite disappointed as the glasses don’t keep the original colours shown on televisions. In other words, if you watch TV with these glasses, you may see the wrong colours. For example, green brass will turn to grey through the lenses of the item.

  • 99% harmful blue lights blockers
  • Filtering up to 400 nm of UV rays
  • Anti-glare lenses
  • Digital eye strain reduction
  • No true colour
  • Slipping off problem of silicon nose bridge.

#6: COOLOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best For Design

COOLOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Do you require a pair of blue light blockers with a beautiful style? If yes, you can put your trust in these COOLOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Their design will please you at best!

The COOLOO company has constructed glasses with stylish patterns and circular frames. As you can see, the product has a cute appearance that is suitable for teens. Believe it or not, this accessory definitely will be a great match with your daily clothes!

Along with beautiful style is the eco-friendly material. The glasses are made of TR90 – a tough material that has a high ability to resist wearing. Thus, no matter how long you use the glasses, you will find no scratches on their frame or the lenses!

In case you have myopia, we don’t recommend these COOLOO glasses. The lenses are designed to have no magnification. In other words, the product only supports people with good eyes.

  • Low price
  • Beautiful design
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Long-lasting
  • No magnification

#7: THL Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best For Frame

THL Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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You can not feel comfortable while wearing glasses with a hard and heavy frame. Here is a lightweight solution for you! Check out the THL Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

The frame of these glasses is made of genuine acetate – a material that is super friendly to the environment. With hypoallergenic technology, the frame will not cause itchy or hurt your ears. So, you can see this item as a trustable partner to protect your eyes!

Also, this product is so light that you will nearly feel nothing on your ears! The weight of the glasses is just 204 g, including lenses. With this lightweight, you can always feel comfortable, no matter how long you have the glasses on.

However, we still have to give a minus point to the nose bridge design. Somehow this part is quite heavy and rough, which makes our nose painful while wearing the glasses.

  • Genuine acetate material
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic technology
  • Comfort in using
  • Heavy and rough nose bridge
  • No true colour.

#8: Foxmans Computer Glasses – Best For Sleep Support

Foxmans Computer Glasses

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Do you have sleep issues? Is better sleep all you want? This Foxmans Computer Glasses will work to support you! Its ability to prevent High Energy Visible light (HEV light) will give you a good living cycle.

As you know, HEV lights caused by digital displays usually create a bad effect on the living cycle, leading to disrupted sleep. But with the blue light filtering technology, the Foxmans Computer Glasses can keep your eyes far away from these dangerous rays. Hence, you will be able to increase your sleep quality.

Not only does it support you in having a long sleep, the Foxmans product also helps you fall asleep faster after using the computer at night. The lenses of the glasses can prevent 98.5% of HEV rays in the range between 400 nm and 520 nm and 100% HEV rays under 400 nm. This means, nearly no HEV blue light will affect your circadian rhythms to keep you awake.

Most parts of the glasses are good except the hinges. In detail, the hinges are quite weak that they may break down easily whenever there is a physical impact. Because of this, we advise you to gently handle the item.

  • Preventing 98.5% HEV light from 400 nm to 520 nm
  • Blocking 100% HEV light under 400 nm
  • Long sleep support
  • Bringing user into sleep faster
  • Weak hinges
  • Plastic as material.

#9: VVDQELLA Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best For Clarity

VVDQELLA Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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No matter if you have myopia or not, the VVDQELLA Blue Light Blocking Glasses will give you the clearest view!

The VVDQELLA provider offers you 11 options of magnifications. The magnification options start from + 0.00, which is suitable for people with good eyes and run in the range from + 0.00 to +2.75. Of course, all these options have the same price. So just consider carefully to get the most suitable item!

Another cool thing is, the prescription lenses are made of advanced technology to give you true images with the correct colours. Having these square frames glasses on means that you will have real visual experience when reading, doing outdoor activities, or playing video games.

Compared these glasses to other products on our list, this product seems to not prevent much blue light like the others. In total count, the clear lenses only work to block about 30% of blue rays.

  • 11 options of magnifications
  • Advanced technology for high clarity
  • Anti eye disease
  • Headaches reduction
  • Only 30% blue rays preventing
  • Glaring.

#10: HORUS X Gaming Glasses – Best For Gaming

HORUS X Gaming Glasses

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Last but not least, we have a product for gamers – the HORUS X Gaming Glasses! Let’s see which features this item has!

The glasses are constructed with polycarbonate to be extremely light  (about 27 g). With this lightweight, you can wear the glasses as long as you play your games. You definitely will not feel tired at the ears!

How about the lenses of this gaming eyewear? Can it block blue light well? Our answer is yes! Thanks to the latest technology, the lenses can not only prevent blu-rays but also filter harmful UV rays. Since there are no bad lights affecting the eyes, you can avoid eye fatigue, strain, and headaches while playing games.

What makes us disappointed about these glasses is their tight temple. The glasses are quite snug from behind the ears. So if you have a big head, the temple may hurt your ears a little bit.

  • Polycarbonate as material
  • Block blue lights and UV rays
  • Preventing glaring
  • Beautiful design
  • Tight temple
  • Ease in getting dirty.

Blue light blocking glasses – FAQs

Below are some common questions that you may have while reading our best blue light blocking glasses review.

Do blue light blocking glasses badly affect your eyesight?

Keep in mind that blue light blocking glasses do not ruin your eyesight. These accessories are specially designed to protect your eyes, as they can prevent a lot of harmful lights such as UV light, computer light, etc.

Are you able to have blue light glasses on all day?

You will get no trouble wearing this type of glasses because it does not harm your eyes. We even recommend you wearing them as long as you can, as the item can keep your eyes from dangerous blue light exposure.

blue light blocking glasses

Do blue light blocking glasses support night driving?

Our answer is yes! Probably you have not known. The headlights from vehicles also provide a high amount of harmful lights. That’s why you should wear this type of glasses to avoid glaring.

Is it necessary for blue light blocking glasses to have yellow lenses?

No! You don’t have to get the glasses with yellow lenses. There are a lot of colours that you can choose, like orange, dark red, etc. Below, we explain clearer about how different lenses colours work for light reduction:

  • Clear lenses can prevent up to 40% blue light
  • Yellow lenses will block up to 75% blue light
  • Orange lenses save your eyes from 99% blue light
  • Dark red lenses block 100% harmful lights (green, blue, and UV lights)

Are all blue light preventing glasses made the same?

As mentioned above, not every blue light glasses are made the same. There are different glasses types to serve different purposes. Each item will block a percentage of harmful lights.

That is just about the main function. On the other hand, the glasses also come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials.

How bad is blue light for your health?

Blue light from digital devices is really bad for your health. They will cause glares to your eyes and make them tired and blue. If this issue happens regularly, you may have near-sightedness. In the worst case, blue light can give macular degeneration which is one of the leading factors that causes blindness.

Last Words

Do not underestimate the danger of blue light! It can badly affect your eyesight and even cause blindness in the worst situation.

Because of this, you should start protecting your eye health right now by getting the best blue light blocking glasses. The 10 products above are all the hottest glasses on the UK market. They definitely will please you at best!

In our opinion, the HORUS X is the best glasses overall. This item can block multiple harmful rays such as UltraViolet rays, blue lights, etc. Also, the product does support in preventing glares. With the help of it, you are able to use your digital devices for hours without receiving any issue!

And now, we will have to say goodbye! Many thanks for reading, and see you again at our next posts!

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