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If you are here, read this article, then look for the best bento boxes, right? Well! We can say that you are in the right place!

Japanese-style lunch boxes are becoming more and more popular on the UK market nowadays! This item is not only beautiful but also very convenient to use!

Right below are our comprehensive reviews of the top 10 best Japanese lunch boxes in the UK. Slide down to see them and get yourself one now!

How To Choose The Best Bento Boxes [Buying Guide]

Before you read our reviews, we want to share with you some buying tips. They can help you a lot in choosing the best bento boxes!

The box must have high airtight!

The airtight tells how well the bento box can prevent air from leaking out. If the item can prevent leakage, the food will remain fresh and warm for a long period.

Most bento boxes come with a rubber rim or some bamboo seals. You can use these seals to lock the box up. If the box covers the food inside fully after sealing, then it is a good product!

You should keep capacity and size in balance.

It is true that you can store a lot of food in a big box. However, this box will require a lot of space in your package, leading to inconvenience while carrying. Oppositely, a small box is easy to bring around, but it will store less food.

Bento Boxes

What is too much is not good! You should only get the product to store enough food you need. Also, the size of it must be convenient to carry around. Never buy a box that is too big or too small!

Insulation is an essential feature!

If the bento box stores hot food, you surely don’t want to burn your hands while touching it, right? That’s why you should think about the insulation ability of the box when buying.

The best materials that can insulate high heat are bamboo and wood. You can find some products that are covered by these materials.

Look for a product with many compartments!

A bento box can be divided into many separate compartments. This design allows you to store different types of food. For example, you can store fruits in one part, meat in the other one.

Do not underestimate this feature! It will support in keeping the flavour of the food! Just imagine that your spicy snacks and sweet fruits are mixed together without compartments. It is such a terrible thing, isn’t it?

The bento box must have beautiful Japanese style

Remember that bento box comes from Japan. So it is understandable that bento boxes should have Japanese style instead of other country’s style. Otherwise, the product is just a regular lunch box.

Best Bento Boxes

Besides the Japanese style, a bento box should have a beautiful design as well. The box can appear in many different shapes, colours. The way a box is divided into compartments is also the design of the box!

You probably ask how to know whether the box has a beautiful design or not? Really simple! What you need to do is choose the box that catches your eyes! If the box meets your needs for shape, colour, etc., then it is the beautiful one.

10 Best Bento Boxes In The UK

Now come our reviews of the top 10 best bento boxes in the UK!

#1: Black and Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box – Best For Simple Design And High Efficiency

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The Black+Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box comes with a minimalist aesthetic. However, you should not underestimate its function!

Inside the box, there are two big compartments that help you store a large amount of food. You can place meat in one part. And use the other part to store vegetables!

After preparing the food in this box, you can use the lid made of stainless steel to cover it! As this lid does not rust, your food will always stay healthy and clean!

More than that, the lid can work to prevent air from leaking out. The over-mould silicone of the lid will stay close to the box to lock every single opened spot.

Because Black and Blum bento box is a metallic product, it will not insulate! Therefore, you should never put the box in the microwave to rewarm or cook the food inside!

  • 2 big compartments
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Air leak prevention
  • Big capacity of 1 l
  • No insulation
  • Heavyweight.

#2: Hakoya Lucky Cat Kokeshi Doll Bento Box – Best For Cute Design

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At first sight, you surely have been impressed by the cute design of this Hakoya Kokeshi Doll, right? Keep calm because there are many more great things about this product!

The cat image on the box is a traditional lucky symbol in Japanese. In people’s mind, this lucky symbol can bring luck, money, and health to its owner. Therefore, you can see the box as a lucky accessory to keep by your side! Probably, good chances will come to you!

Except for the lids, all parts of the Hakoya Kokeshi Doll are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – a special material that is beautiful, durable, and light. Although the traditional bento box is a combination of 3 different bowls, it weighs only about 340 g, light enough for easy carrying.

Things even come better, as these bento bowls support dishwashers. So if you are too lazy to clean the box by hand, feel free to put it in the washing machine!

What turns the Hakoya box down is its bands. These elastic bands only work to hold up the bowls together, not to prevent leakage. Air may still get in and out of the box, making the food cool.

  • Traditional lucky cat image
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene as material
  • 3 bowls
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher support
  • No leakage prevention
  • No insulation.

#3: Skater Japanese Bento Lunch Box – Best For Safety With Microwave

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Do you require a good lunch bento box that is safe to use in the microwave? If yes, you can see Skater Japanese as your best partner to help you do the job!

The product appears with 2 separate large containers and one divider on the top compartment. The Skater company has used safe plastic to construct the box. So when you heat the food in the microwave, the plastic will not melt down and make your food unhealthy.

Can you put cold and hot food together in this Skater Japanese box? Our answer is yes! The two containers do not stay beside each other. Instead, the manufacturer has designed to place one part on top, and the other one below. Between these two parts is a divider to prevent heat.

Notice that all the containers of this lunch box are detachable. So you will not have to heat the entire box in the microwave if you don’t want to! Just take out the container you need and place it in the machine!

It is quite bad that the product cannot store much food. The total amount of capacity is 900ml (380ml for the top container, and 520ml for the bottom one). If you want to prepare food for your entire day, this Skater is not our recommendation.

  • 2 detachable separate large containers
  • One divider
  • Safe plastic
  • Microwave safe
  • Small capacity
  • Leakage.

#4: monbento MB Square Black bento Box – Best For Large Capacity

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Can’t Skater Japanese please you because of its small size? How about trying this monbento MB Square Black? Its large capacity definitely will meet your needs!

The dimension of this MB box is 13.97 x 13.97 x 13.97cm. Trust us! It is really hard to find another lunch box that is big like this one! Like the Skater’s product, this MB box comes with 2 detachable containers so that you can divide different types of food with ease.

But the different thing is, these two containers are so big that they can store up to 2 big meals. On total count, this product can hold up to 1.7 l of food!

As mentioned in the above buying guide, big size will come along with difficulty in carrying. The MB box probably will be a little bit bulky in your package. So we advise you to prepare a very big bag to store the box better!

  • Large capacity of 1.7 l
  • Big size
  • 2 detachable containers
  • Air leak prevention
  • Heavyweight
  • Taking much space in the package.

#5: O-Kinee Bento Lunch Box – Best For Environment Protection

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Using eco-friendly products is a great way to protect the environment! Thus, start making your life green by getting this O-Kinee Bento Lunch Box!

This bento container is constructed of wheat straw – a material that is natural and very beautiful! When using the box, you will feel a sweet scent coming out from this material. It is quite understandable, as the box is a plant-based product. Rest assured because this fragrance is not harmful to the food or your health.

A good thing about this O-Kinee wheat straw box is, it is very light and compact. With a dimension of 18.8 x 11.2 x 8.3 cm, the product will not take much space in your package, giving your convenience to bring it from place to place.

However, we still have to give this lunch box a minus point for the small capacity. The volume of 900 ml can only store enough food for one meal. So if you have a long shift at work or at school, this O-Kinee may not be a good deal.

  • Natural material
  • Ease in washing
  • Compact style
  • Easy carrying
  • Lightweight
  • Small capacity
  • Water leaking.

#6: Jeopace Bento Box – Best For Leak Proof

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There is no problem with storing dry food. But if you store water or some gravy, some bento boxes may make it leak out, and your package will be dirty! In this case, we recommend the Jeopace Bento Box. Its lock feature can prevent leakage really well!

As you see, the Jeopace box has 4 snap locks at 4 sides of the lid. These snap locks do not only work to close your box tightly but also prevent the food from leaking out.

Besides the snap locks, the elastic silicone rubber also works to ensure the airtight of the box. This thing means, no air will be able to get into the box to make your food cool. Also, the food smell cannot leak out to make the package dirty.

Although the food will not leak out onto your package, it may still leak inside. The pieces of food will come through the curved holes on the compartment dividers and mix with other food.

  • Leakage prevention
  • 4 snap locks on the lid
  • Silicone rubber
  • Lightweight
  • Plastic as material
  • Food mixing inside.

#7: Binoster Original Bento Box – Best For Keeping Food Fresh And Healthy

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The Binoster Original Bento Box is the best solution for keeping food fresh and healthy for a long period. Why is it great like so? Allow us to explain!

You never have to worry about the airtight when using this Binoster bento food container. The elastic silicone around the lids will work together with the integrated ventilation system to slow down the rancidity speed of your food. Thanks to this feature, the food will be able to stay fresh for a long period.

Also, you get no trouble warming up the food in the microwave. The box does not contain any vinyl, PVC, or any types of toxic materials that may meltdown and make your food unhealthy.

The only harmful material that gives bad effects on your food is silicone. However, there will be no problem if you take out the silicone before putting the box in the microwave.

  • High airtight
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Silicone around the lids for leakage prevention
  • Safety for using in microwave
  • Dishwasher support
  • Harmful silicone for the food
  • No warm-keeping feature.

#8: Ecozoi 3-in-1 Eco Bento Boxes – Best For Eco-Safety and Large Capacity

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Like the O-Kinee Bento Lunch Box, the Ecozoi’s product is not harmful to the environment. But compared with the O-Kinee’s one, this product is much more efficient.

The Ecozoi company has chosen high-quality stainless steel to construct the box. This material has met the eco-safety standard for no PVC, no phthalate, no leaching, and low amount of carbon footprint.

Place the O-Kinee aside for not please you because of its small capacity. The Ecozoi will not make you disappointed! Believe it or not, the room inside the box is so big that it can store up to 1.75 l of food! This capacity is more than enough for you to prepare 2 meals!

Locking and unlocking this Ecozoi’s bento box is not an easy task. Because the metallic clips are very hard and solid, you will get difficulty opening and closing the box. But in a positive way, after you have locked the box, there will never be a food leaking issue!

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality stainless steel as material
  • Environment protection
  • Large capacity of 1.75 l
  • No leakage
  • High price
  • Difficulty in opening and locking.

#9: Nifty Kitchen Space Saver Lunch Box – Best For Food Mixing Prevention

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It is not cool if all pieces of food in the bento box are mixed together, especially if you store both sweet and spicy food. To avoid this terrible situation, you will need the help of the Nifty Kitchen Lunch Box!

The leak-stopper lids of the box will work like strong barriers to stop every type of food from falling into other compartments, including water, gravy, sauces, soups, nuts, and more! With the help of this feature, you will be able to keep the taste of every piece of food!

On the other hand, you also receive no mess while heating the food in the microwave. The lid of the box is designed with leak-proof ability to stop the liquid-food from splashing, popping, spilling and mixing together.

After microwaving, do not touch the box directly or else you will make your hands burned. You should use a pair of cooking-gloves or a towel to hold and take the box out. It is quite disappointing that the box does not insulate.

  • Leak-stopper lids
  • Gravy splashing during microwaving prevention
  • Space saver
  • Ease in washing
  • No insulation
  • Small capacity.

#10: Zojirushi Lunch Bag – Best For Keeping Food Hot And Warm Long

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It is not necessary to put your food in the microwave or fridge. The Zojirushi Lunch Bag set will help you keep your food at the desired temperature for a long period of time!

The vacuum-insulated flask will prevent heat changes inside the every box of the set, no matter how different the outdoor temperature is. Believe it or not, the flask can keep the food cold or hot up to 6 hours!

About the design, this insulated lunch box set is a combination of 3 different food storage containers. These food containers allow you to store many types of food, from soups, salads, rice, meat, noodles, etc.

Remember that this Zojirushi bento box set is not safe to clean with a dishwasher. The best way to clean this product is to wash every container with a towel and soap underwater.

  • Keeping food at the desired heat for 6 hours
  • 3 storage containers
  • Tote bag coming along
  • Ease in carrying
  • No dishwasher safety
  • No English instruction.

Bento Boxes – FAQs

What is the point of bento boxes?

Traditional Japanese bento boxes are not simply used to only store daily food such as rice, meat, salads, fruits, etc. The point of a bento box is to make your food as beautiful as you can.

There are a lot of ways to decorate a bento box. You can start by dividing the food into different compartments inside the box. Make sure that the colours of all the food pieces match together so that they can look attractive. On the other hand, you can decorate the food by shaping it into silhouettes, animals, smileys, and so on.

How do you remove bad odours in a lunch box?

You will not be able to enjoy your meal if the box has bad smells. Here are 4 steps to remove bad odours from the box!

  1. Put some baking soda into the box
  2. Store the box at a dry place and leave it there overnight
  3. Close the box and shake it strongly
  4. Take the baking soda out and clean the box.

Why are bento boxes so popular on the market?

Between fast food and home-made food, what is more healthy? Surely the home-made food is!

Bento boxes allow you to store your home-made food and carry it along you to move from place to place conveniently. Also, the bento box is a perfect place where you can decorate your food on.

Best Bento Boxes In The UK 2021

Because of those features, the bento boxes have attracted a lot of buyers and become popular on the market.

What food can you put in a bento box?

You can put any type of food that you like into the bento box, including cold and hot food. The important thing you need to remember is to decorate the food so that it looks attractive!

However, in the traditional way, a bento box usually contains:

  • Fish
  • Meat (sausages, meatballs)
  • Vegetables (pickles, salad, bean sprouts, etc.)
  • Japanese omelette
  • Sauces
  • Rice.

#5: How do you clean your bento box?

It is not hard to clean a bento box. What you need to do is follow our 5 steps below!

  1. Clean the bento box underwater every time after using
  2. Detach all compartments of the box
  3. Clean these compartments with soap and water
  4. Wash the product completely underwater
  5. Let the box dry.

Last Words

10 products above are the best bento boxes in the UK nowadays. Please consider carefully before making the buying decision!

Don’t forget that you have our buying tips! Use them to choose the most suitable product! We believe that you will get the bento box that serves you well!

For further questions about this topic, please contact us. We will answer you in the shortest time!

And now, we will have to say goodbye. Many thanks for reading, and see you again at the next posts!

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