The 10 Best Beard Trimmers of 2021

The best beard trimmer is one of the most important grooming accessories that every gentleman should own. It removes all body and facial hair for a clean look, from trimming a long beard to perfecting your hairline.

Besides enabling an effective hair trimming session, this kit can also come with premium attachments such as combs and razors. Take full control of your style via this review list of the finest beard trimmer.

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers In The UK 2021

After getting to know a few basic knowledge, you should take a close look at this exclusive list of the best beard trimmer in the UK this year to thoroughly weigh each model’s pros and cons.

1. Philips Series 7000 MG7735/33 B07CGZSC62 – Best Overall

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Philips Series 7000 is an optimal grooming kit with 12 useful tools to perfect your personal style. It can run for 120 minutes of cordless use after a 5-minute rapid charge.

Its sharpened blades enable a precise dual cut through different hair types while ensuring a low-friction engineering. This cutting element even removes hair twice as fast as previous models from the brand.

The most commonly used accessory in the kit is the metal trimmer for clean lines around your beard and neck. There’s a further detailed unit to contour your body hair with finer lines.

It’s advisable to use the precision shaver to wrap up with perfecting your moustache. Don’t forget about the included ear and nose hair trimmer to get rid of unwanted hair.

Since this effective trimmer features a complete showerproof body, you needn’t worry about water penetration.

However, the plastic prongs that hold its clipper head tend to break or lose the necessary grip to keep this head in place. This flimsiness results in the defection of its length adjustment.

  • Quick charging
  • Fast-cutting power
  • Metal trimmers
  • Showerproof
  • Flimsy prongs

2. Philips Series 5000 BT5205/83 B07FMZ5BTM – Best for Length Adjustment

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If you’re looking for a better zoom level to style your beard, Philips Series 5000 is a great option with convenient built-in length settings.

Turn the wheel on its handle to obtain your desired cutting length between 0.4 and 7 mm with a consistent 0.2 mm precision rate. When it’s locked, you’re free to proceed to an even cut.

Its innovative lift comb guides your beard hairs toward the blades for a smooth trim with fewer strokes. The rounded blade tips ensure a skin-friendly and irritation-free process.

Thanks to the self-sharpening blades made from stainless steel, you can eliminate more hair through every pass.

As this device is waterproof, you can use it in the bathroom and rinse the trimmer head under tap water to clean up. There’s a battery indicator for you to keep track of its operation.

It gets tedious because the unit doesn’t seem to catch hairs properly while having the guard on. Whereas to have a guardless nice cut, this tool may scratch your skin.

  • Length adjustment
  • Smart hair lift
  • Skin-friendly cut
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Waterproof
  • Complex guard

3. Braun BT7040 B07MN5BSWN – Best for Charging

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Using Braun BT7040 means there’s less concern about battery life. It comes with a portable charging stand and a Li-ion+ battery to power longer operation.

It would be best to quickly charge the item within 5 minutes to solve one-cut emergencies. After a one-hour charge, this device will be ready for action for a 100-minute trimming.

The precision dial allows you to select the suitable length setting for 2 combs and 0.5 mm increments. Its cutting speed is incredible, with no pulling on dense beards due to the autosensing motor.

Regardless of your beard type, this unit can remove it via different comb designs of beard and hair clippers. Its metal blade is perfect for contouring finer lines to define your style.

The ProGlide razor can help you shave the neck and cheeks with ease and safety beside your face; plus, a mini foil shaver to work on smaller areas.

Though they mainly sell this beard trimmer in the UK, its plug isn’t following the UK standard of a 3-pin design. The included 2-pin plug requires a small investment on an extra adapter.

  • Long run time
  • Convenient charging
  • High speed
  • Diverse combs
  • Optimal shaving
  • Not UK-standard plug

4. Wahl Grooming Kit B072FKL4XD – Best With Beard Oil

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Wahl Grooming Kit is a great assistant to help define and style your well-groomed beard with an extra Care Kit at a low price. The case container stores all provided tools and keeps them in place.

This cordless trimmer delivers 60-minute cordless runtime after an hour of full charge. It offers you the maximum free movement range to evenly contour your beard and face edges with a high level of precision.

It’s advisable to take advantage of the provided brush in this kit to keep your facial hairs in shape. You can have fantastic support with the beard oil for proper moisturisation and nourishment.

The 4 guide combs offer a wide range of cutting lengths between 0.5 to 13 mm to create an attractive look.

When you leave the trimmer alone for charging, it doesn’t include an indicating light to notify you once the battery is full. Besides, it will take a lot of time to refill once the battery goes flat.

  • A storage case
  • Wide range of movement
  • Moisturizing oil
  • Different guide combs
  • No charging indicator

5. Philips Series 7000 BT702/13 B01BHW3S58 – Best With Vacuum

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The integrated vacuum in Philips Series 7000 BT702/13 has gone through lab testing to catch 90% of removed hairs for a mess-free bathroom after the grooming session. That way, it is easier to clean up afterwards, both yourself and the surroundings.

It also features an ergonomic design for easy holding and effortless beard trimming. The lifting system raises hairs to the perfect position for quick, sharp blades to cut through your stubble evenly.

There’s no need to apply oil onto its steel blades as they have already lightly brushed against each other in every trim to self-sharpen. This beard-cutting accessory can run corded or cordless for 60 minutes.

Emptying cut hair into the bin after grooming is simple thanks to its anti-static chamber. The last step has to include its precision trimmer to define certain areas like your moustache or neckline.

Unfortunately, the tool’s internal rotor may not click into place, gets dislodged and rattles inside this trimmer head, leading to its inability to cut after short uses.

  • Built-in vacuum
  • Smart hair lift
  • Self-sharpened blades
  • Easy emptying
  • Defective rotor

6. Remington TouchTech MB4700 B07PCRCTTK – Best for Technology

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Among thousands of models on the market, Remington TouchTech MB4700 is one of the few trimming tools that apply high technology to take your grooming to a whole other level.

You can manage all of its settings on a smart digital touchscreen. Its advanced SenseSpeed technology detects the beard length and thickness to adapt a suitable blade speed and produces effective hair cutting.

The GroomMotion is highly sensitive and can quickly detect if this device is picked up, consequently, lighting up the screen and automatically running a motorised comb.

Its versatile length adjustments come in pair with 0.1 mm increments by default. The innovative trimmer’s memory storage will recall the 4 latest length settings to shift the comb in the right position.

You can conveniently charge this unit with a USB cable for fewer worries about limited charging methods. The portable travel pouch allows you to bring this grooming set along on holiday trips effortlessly.

Some users find the male accessory quite heavy compared to other beard trimmers, making it uncomfortable to hold sometimes.

  • Optimised speed
  • Sensitive detection
  • Memory function
  • USB charging
  • Travel pouch included
  • Uncomfortable holding

7. Gillette King C. Trimmer Kit B08DGJMDB7 – Best for Sheerness

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Whilst many hair cutting tools create annoying sounds in operation, Gillette King C. Trimmer Kit produces the least noise possible for a pleasant shaving. It receives countless praises for this sheerness.

The attachment list contains 3 interchangeable comb variations for your 1 mm stubble up to 21 mm long beards with lifetime sharp blades. They are applicable to become a smooth head hair clipper as well.

There are 5 blades in the double edge razor, which specifically works to shave thick beard areas and sideburns. Its closed comb design offers better control, and the platinum coating promotes durability.

Lastly, the lubricated neck razor with a premium handle and no tugging enables an optimal, irritation-free shaving. This grooming set contains an extra cleaning brush for regular maintenance at home.

Its most significant flaw in the design is that this beard trimmer may switch to a different grade by accident while using. This error doesn’t pose a threat to your skin, but it’s likely to interrupt your grooming.

  • High sheerness
  • 3 combs included
  • Durable razor
  • Cleaning brush
  • May switch grade

8. Remington Graphite G4 B07SZFZ5RD – Best for Versatility

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Remington Graphite G4 helps you acquire a wide range of facial hair styles, whether it’s a contoured or close-shaven beard. It promises to deliver a high precision performance through beneficial accessories.

This grooming bundle can achieve your neat hair removal from head to toe with the adjustable and fixed combs, a linear trimmer for nose, eyebrow and ear, a mini foil shaver, plus a TST precision trimmer.

The comfortable tips on its graphite blades go smoothly on your skin, and at the same time, ensure high accuracy for being self-sharpening components. That way, they will ensure years of sharp, solid services.

It would be best to store your device in its storage pouch after use. The product’s charging adapter is a standard 3-pin plug in the UK to your advantage, so you needn’t worry about getting one separately.

The biggest concern for most users relates to the short battery life. This trimming accessory runs for 60 minutes but requires 10 hours to fully charge, which isn’t the fastest time for such a device.

  • Versatile styling
  • Useful attachments
  • Comfortable blades
  • Standard UK plug
  • Slow charging

9. Wahl Aqua Blade B07CSDWRKN – Best for Close Trimming

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Wahl Aqua Blade is an optimal upgrade from traditional razor blades for a closer trimming with no irritation. You needn’t hold your breath while shaving due to the fear of cutting yourself or itching.

Thanks to the powerful rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery inside this unit, it functions up to 180 minutes after a full charge. In case you’re in a hurry, plug it in for 5 minutes to get a 15-minute use.

Its trimming blades are durable, high-quality stainless steel that provides an even beard contouring with an incredible precision rate. Facial hair styling becomes much easier when having this unit around.

No matter your beard type and length, the 12 supplied guide combs will assist you in shaping it to meet your expectations. You can use this device in the shower and wash it with water after use.

Many users have complained about this package arriving in a partially opened condition and having hairs stuck on the trimmer blades, suggesting a sign of previous usage before. If you encounter such a case, do not hesitate to contact the customer service for a replacement.

  • Close shaving
  • Optimal charging
  • Precise blades
  • 12 combs included
  • Questionable package condition

10. BaByliss For Men B07HF2TQCY – Best for Portability

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In certain cases, a soft pouch may not provide strong protection of your beard trimmer. BaByliss For Men offers a hard travel case for ultimate security of the device and other attachments on the go.

The unit’s wonderful portability also shows in its hassle-free cordless use in approximately one hour. It will not suddenly run out of power so that you can enjoy a decent beard grooming session around the house.

Using this cutting device means you already have full access to the ideal tool to style a well-groomed beard, whether long or short. Since details also matter, you should enable a close cut to define edges.

Its skin-friendly guide comb includes a lift technology to raise your hair to achieve an optimal beard cut. After locking in position, the tool ensures there will be no slippage during your facial hair caring.

Despite all the outstanding advantages above, this product features a flimsy head, and it’s difficult to put back in once removed from the tool. Such a flaw might ruin your comfortable grooming experience.

  • Hard container
  • Cordless use
  • Diverse styling
  • Smart hair lift
  • Flimsy head

How To Choose The Best Beard Trimmer?

The best beard trimmer takes charge of shaping beard and body hair to reach perfection. Its consistent performance with high precision and low maintenance will unquestionably fulfil your experience.

Best Beard Trimmer

It’s best to prepare yourself with some common understanding about this styling tool for men before investing in one of them, such as its benefits compared to other accessories or whether it will rust.

What’s the difference between beard trimmers and multi groomers?

A beard trimmer will do its main job of effectively trimming down your targeted beard during a regular grooming session with adjustable guards to create a smooth, even cut for a clean look.

A multi groomer enables a similar performance, but it offers various attachments to tackle other types of body hair in multiple areas as well. The 2 are basically the same except for this extra feature.

According to experts’ experience, it’s better to opt for a grooming kit as it consists of a trimming tool and other necessary accessories for body hair removal. That way, you will get a full set at a better price.

Can a beard trimmer rust?

Most modern beard trimmers are built from stainless materials like steel to prevent rusting. However, it’s advisable to lubricate oil on its blades regularly and avoid leaving the device in any environment with high moisture level.

Best Beard Trimmer UK

A damp surroundings (e.g., a bathroom after a shower) involves too much moisture that affects its performance in the long run; thus, it’s not a good idea to leave it there without protection.

As a result, your trimming unit will be safer in a dry environment far from water. If there’s a carry case available in its package, that’s where you should store this grooming accessory after use.

Which beard trimmer is suitable for longer beards?

Decent battery life is a crucial factor to look for in a beard trimmer, particularly if you have a long beard. At least 50 minutes of runtime will keep your grooming session uninterrupted by sudden battery shortage.

Best Beard Trimmer UK 2

Besides, you should ensure that your device can handle such a thick amount of hair without tugging. Some trimmers offer a specialised long beard comb to remove hairs in the length range of 13 to 21 mm.

It should also contain a built-in high-tech sensor to detect the hair density and adjust the suitable blade speed before proceeding with the first move.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section presents the most frequently asked questions around the best beard trimmer in the UK for your further references. It will provide detailed answers to your worries about this beauty tool.

Are corded beard trimmers better?

As a whole, a corded trimmer delivers a stronger performance and is more favoured by most barbers for haircuts. Nevertheless, its major shortcoming is the lack of space for a comfortable groom.

Most modern trimmers perform with cords because they’re more practical and still guarantee enough power and battery life to finish the work. Some models can function both corded and cordless.

Therefore, a corded grooming device isn’t necessarily a better option at the present if you only plan to trim facial hair regularly at home. In contrast, a cordless tool will give you far more freedom and space.

Is it necessary to sharpen the beard trimmer blade?

In general, it’s a redundant concern because the collection of best beard trimmer UK in this article only includes innovative trimming units with their helpful self-sharpening blades.

These blades brush against each other through every trimming line to enhance their sharpness. There’s even a lifetime sharp cutting blade type for extended hours of usage without rapid wearing.

It isn’t redundant, though, for you to double-check the product first. Plenty of available grooming accessories still require having their blades changed after a few months for performance optimization.

How to define edges?

A beard trimmer tends to eliminate a large amount of hair by default, so it may be a little more challenging for you to achieve clean edges. It’s advisable to remove its guard and directly apply the bare blades.

On the other hand, you can purchase a grooming kit with more detailed attachments to handle well-defined edges. They can either be integrated or separated replaceable heads for the trimming unit.

Can you trim your beard in the shower?

Back in the day, most people used to shave at the sink to avoid their traditional beard trimmer getting wet and breaking down. Trimming your facial hair while taking a bath was almost impossible at the time.

The good news is that most grooming tools now contain waterproof components for you to use them mind-free in the shower. This means you will have an easier instant clean up after every session.


The best beard trimmer is undoubtedly the perfect gift for a man to define his beard style and boost his confidence. Yourself or your male loved ones would be grateful to receive such a thoughtful present.

Philips Series 5000 BT5205/83 should obtain the first place on your shopping list as it offers adjustable length settings, skin-friendly rounded blades and a waterproof body for easy cleaning afterwards.

This multi-tasking male beauty accessory will help you a lot in styling and grooming as it treats hairy areas on your face and body in an effective way. Thank you for reading this article.

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