Best Bathtub Trays

Truth be told, lying in a warm bathtub is one of the most wonderful times after a hard-working day. There is no surprise that you desire to enjoy that time to the most and end up finding the best bathtub trays. If you never use a tray before, we confirm that you will never regret buying one.

Simply put, the trays work as a holder resting across the bathtub to make any stuff – say candles, tablet, a glass of red wine, available at hand when you need them!

Fancy Things You Can Do with A Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray

Have a bath while watching a short film at the same time?

We all like soaking our bodies in warm water and bubble bath. Cheers!

Compared to taking a shower, lying down on the tub is a self-care treatment. It helps to relax tight muscles and exfoliate the skin gently. More interestingly, it was proved that those taking frequent bath time have lower cortisol levels. It is a stress hormone causing acne and premature ageing.

However, a mere bath day by day is kind of boring, isn’t it? Then, try some new experiences as follows:

#1. Reading a book

When you plan for a long soak, digesting a best-seller book is a good way to spend the time. The bathtub is often soothing, and quite, meanwhile, your mind is relaxing. With a tray available, you can use it as a table to prevent the book from being wet. There might be a book holder to improve convenience.

Rather than books, feel free to take some newspapers or magazines as well.

#2. Watching a video with your tablet

Provided that you are too tired to read a book yourself, then a short movie is another entertaining way. You can bring a tablet or laptop with you to the bathroom and start streaming. A modern bathtub tray often features a shelf to keep the tablet or laptop from falling over.

#3. Setting up a bath with candles

Have you been to a spa before? – If yes, then, it is common to get a sight of small candle jars and tins around the tub. Interestingly enough, you can upgrade your lovely bathroom to get such a spa-like experience with a bathtub tray.

Both luxury and convenience at a time!

#4. Having an icy wine glass

During the bath time, it is lovely to have a cold drink and some light fruits nearby when reading favourite books or seeing movies! Back then, you cannot find any place to handle all those things, let alone, protect them from getting soaked.

Again, a bathtub tray fit the situation because most modern trays come with glass holders or slip-in spaces to secure drinks, having them ready to serve!

10 Best Bathtub Trays in The UK to Buy in 2021

Vencier White Luxury Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray – Best Budget

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You hardly have to break a bank to get a bathtub tray because many helpful models are coming at affordable prices. Take the Vencier White Tray, for example.

The tray is 4 x 65 x 15 cm, of which the compartments are around 50 x 11.5 cm. At this rate, the Vencier White will fit most standard bathtubs. And there is decent space for soap dishes, shampoo, or essential bottles. You can also keep books, a tablet, or a glass of wine available at hand.

Since the Vencier White Tray is made of bamboo, you can expect the tray to be sturdy and strong enough to handle such a load without suddenly falling over. Moreover, the curved cut-outs help enhance the connection between the tub and tray.

Overall, the tray is quite decent at its price range. Nonetheless, we still want the manufacturer to improve it a bit. For instance, the white paint comes off, especially when contacting hot water. This causes the tray to lose its beauty.

  • An affordable bathtub tray
  • Fit with standard-sized tubs
  • Sturdy bamboo construction
  • Paint that is easily chipped off
  • Not able to adjust in length

Vencier Grey Bamboo Bathtub Storage – Best Colour

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The Grey Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray is also offered by the manufacturer Vencier. It is just a bit more costly than the white version. Meanwhile, some features are improved for your consumers’ sakes.

Firstly, the Grey option is a bit larger – around 4 x 70 x 15 cm. It will also fit almost all bathtubs. Whereas, the size of each compartment is still 50 x 11.5 cm.

Secondly, we like the Grey colour of this tray. It looks more interesting and clean in bathrooms rather than the White above. Fortunately enough, the paint is quite quality, so it is not worn off easily.

Other than the two differences above, the Vencier Grey model is the same as the White such as materials, cut-off designs, and the ease of use.

One drawback, the Grey tray is still as simple as other affordable options on the list. In other words, there are no adjustable size arms or tablet’ holder.

  • Another budget-friendly tray
  • Beautiful grey colour
  • Sturdy bamboo material
  • Quite small
  • No adjustable arms

Unibos Bamboo Wood Bath Caddy Tray – Best for Small Bathtub

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Still like white tub trays, but looking for the one which is more durable than the Vencier White Luxury Bamboo Tray? – Lucky you, we introduce you here, the Unibos Bamboo Wood Bath Tub.

Like the two above, this Unibos tray is made from quality bamboo wood which will stay sturdy for months – or even years, to come. The paint covering on the top is also quality. We hardly find any change in the paint of the tub.

Moreover, the size is still the standard, which is 4.7 x 70 x 14.6 cm. However, we like that the Unibos tray separates the containing space into three parts with higher height on the side. The hole in the rack is narrower as well. These are small, but thoughtful improvements to prevent objects from falling.

Sill, the tray would be better if there are adjustable features like a wine glass and iPad holders. Unfortunately, the Unibos tray is still very simple than we expected.

  • Nice painting work
  • Separated containing areas
  • Quality bamboo material
  • More expensive than expected
  • Lack of advanced features

ADEPTNA Bamboo Bathtub Tray – Best Eco-Friendly

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At a glance, the ADEPTNA Bathtub Tray looks similar to the Unibos. It is, we confirm. The two trays are made of bamboo and have a similar size – around 4.5 x 70 x 14.5 cm. They are also divided into three slots to handle different objects and enhance the tub’s secure placement.

The difference is, the ADEPTNA model is completely made of eco-friendly bamboo that is sustainable over time. The material is also supposed to be moisture and mildew resistant, making it ideal for bathroom environments.

Take notes that you should keep the tray completely dry when not in use to guarantee its stable quality. Without proper care, even the most durable bathtub trays will break soon.

In addition, this tray is quite lightweight, and it might crack if you place too many items on it.

  • Fit standard-sized tubs
  • Eco-friendly bamboo material
  • Secure placement on tubs
  • Easy to crack under heavy load
  • Not able to adjust the height

Relaxdays Bamboo Bathtub Caddy – Best for Small Tubs

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If you do not plan to take many things with you to the bathroom, but just some candle jars or a cold drink; or you have a small bathtub, you can consider the Relaxdays Bathtub Caddy.

The design of this tray is similar to the above. However, it has a smaller size – around 4x 64 x 15 cm. You just simply lay the tray on your tub and make use of it as a storage shelf.

This tray is also made of quality bamboo in terms of material, so it is very lightweight and sturdy. Even better, there is a thin coating that protects the tray from mildew and gives off an aesthetically-pleasing attraction. Believe us; it will upgrade your bathroom with a spa experience immediately.

The tray seems all good at its price category. However, its small sizes do not fit all standard-sized tubes. Make sure that you measure your bath before jumping into a purchase.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Aesthetically-pleasing coating
  • Smaller than standard tub trays
  • Not completely waterproof

Luxury Bamboo Caddy Tray – Best for Medium-sized Tub

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The next bathtub tray to review is Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Bath Tub Tray. Compared to some affordable models above, this tray offers more adjustable features, meaning it is more convenient to use.

Accordingly, the tray is designed to adjust in its width to fit any bathtub so that you can place the tray anywhere on the tub. Simply enough, take out the grooves and slide them along the main structure to get an extra topped wide. The full size of this tray is 5.2 x 76.6 x 23.8 cm.

It is also worth mentioning that this tray is crafted with 100% bamboo to make sure that the tray is sturdy for years to come. There is even a thin lacquer layer to keep it water-resistant and tear-free.

The only thing that we wish the manufacturer to improve is the holders. They are a big plus, thinking that you can place many things at a time without worrying that they will slide down and into the water. However, they turn out that the drink holders are a bit shallow and the metal tablet holder is not wide enough for all versions.

  • Wide tray to place more stuff
  • Easily adjustable sidearms
  • Durable premium bamboo material
  • Not very useful holders
  • Not able to narrow the size

Klass Home Bath Tray Caddy – Best for Large Tubs

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Having similar ideas like the Luxury model, Klass Home brand also introduces an adjustable bathtub tray, coming with additional pieces.

The normal size is generous at 4.5 x 75 x 23.4 cm, far enough for you to keep your favourite books or tablets or phone, or whatever you desire to keep nearby. Holders, racks, and standing are available with the package. Then, you can expand the size to 109 cm with the two adjustable arms.

We like the extra iPad holder and detachable waterproof cover that will be helpful to enjoy your favourite movies with no worrying that the stream can go into the electronic devices and damage them.

This tray is also supposed to last well thanks to its premium bamboo construction. And the additional coating enhances the durability and elegant look to the tray itself and your bathroom.

Good overall, but you should know that some consumers reported about poor assembly out of the box – to be exact, the bracket might not be firmly fixed. If you, unfortunately, come across that situation, you should contact the manufacturer. They provide warranty for their products.

  • The spacious tray that is even extendable
  • Sturdy and elegant bamboo construction
  • Additional iPad stand and waterproof cover
  • Too long for the standard-sized tube
  • Poor assembly sometimes

TILEMALL Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk – Best Versatile

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TILEMALL Bathtub Caddy tray is an alternative to the Klass Home tray because they have similar size, slots, and materials, on which you can settle a book, tablet, a wine glass, some candle trays, etc. Similarly, the waterproof covering is found on the package.

The material is the complete natural bamboo so that you do not have to worry about splitting. And, the lacquer coating is available to protect the tray from water invasion and improve the life of this wooden stuff.

What we prefer the most about the bathtub tray are its flexible uses. This is thanks to the foldable legs. When you finish bathing, take the trays outside with you and quickly turn it into a laptop desk.

Good to invest one, but measure your bathtub first. As we mentioned earlier, 75-to-109-cm trays are too long for normal tubes. And when the tray cannot perfectly fit, it might fall over.

  • Bathtub tray with plenty of space
  • Versatile design with foldable legs
  • Sturdy bamboo material
  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy to carry around

Moon & Lagoon Bamboo Over Bath Bridge Tub – Best for Money

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If you find a 75-cm tray a bit abundant on your bathtub, you can consider this Moon & Lagoon Bamboo Bridge Tub. This is 70 cm wide and 23 cm deep, coming along with smooth edges, convenient extendable handles, and non-slip pads on the two sides. Thus, you can expect the tray to sit securely on any surface.

That this tray is a bit smaller than the Klass Home model does not mean that you cannot place many items on it. In contrast, all slots are designed to sit well together. There are even wine glass slide-in space, bars, and iPad holders to keep all items in place. Or, to get more room for large bathtubs, you can simply attach two extra arms on two sides and expand the trays up to 105 cm wide.

We also appreciate that the manufacturer gives some bath accessories like soap dish and lava rock stone, making this package an ideal investment!

The only thing to hesitate is that there is no waterproof coating, meaning that you had better take the tray out and leave it dry when you are done with the bathing.

  • Flexibly adjustable bathtub tray
  • Well-arranged construction
  • Many accessories included in the package
  • No waterproof coating
  • Some assembly required

Blooming Lily Sturdily Designed Bath Tray – Best Rated

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The Blooming Lily Tray comes in the last position. However, it is definitely not the least to consider. In fact, this tray is the top-rated bathtub tray in the UK.

What makes it so desirable?

Like other trays above, the Blooming Lily tray is made of high-quality bamboo and an extendable design. The overall dimensions are 6.5 x 75-105 x 22.5. As a result, it is versatile enough to sit on a medium to the large bathtub.

The selling point, however, is the accessories coming in the package. They are the anti-slip silicone grips, slide-on wine glass rest, tablet holder, and cell phone holder. All are designed to be secure themselves. Moreover, the paint coating is durable and easy-to-clean. A wet cloth is enough to get rid of limescale stains.

So far, so good – except for its high price.

  • Extra dimensions long and wide
  • Convenient accessories available
  • Decent warranty policy
  • Expensive tray
  • Too big for standard tubs

How to Choose The Best Bathtub Trays?

Buying a bathtub tray seems very easy until you have to choose a real one for your bathroom. Now, there are hundreds of options available on the market – in different styles and at various price ranges. It would be better to take the best bathtub trays we introduced earlier.

In case you are still in two minds, the following buying guide will be helpful.

Get started with choosing materials of the trays.

Trays come in different materials, each of which has its own advantages in terms of prices and styles.

Bamboo trays

Bamboo bathtub trays are the most desirable because of their attractive look that immediately turns your bathroom into a luxurious spa. The natural bamboo colour matches well with tangerine themes. However, bamboo is often prone to mildew unless you care for it properly.

Bathtub Trays

Wooden trays

Wood, similar to bamboo material, is usually complimented on most bathrooms’ decors. Moreover, wooden bath trays are very sturdy and durable over time, except for the fact that those trays are not expandable.

Acrylic trays

For modern bathrooms, mostly in White, an acrylic tray is often more ideal due to its clean and sleek design. Just take notes that the acrylic tray does not feature various placeholders for different items. It means you should be careful when using electronic devices.

Stainless steel trays

Those trays will sit nicely on the bathtub for a long while without being rust. The stainless steel model is recommended for those who do not have much time to properly take care of the trays.

Secondly, consider the dimensions of the trays.

Once you get a favourable material in mind, move on checking the trays’ dimensions following your bathtub. We suggest selecting expandable trays that have adjustable sidearms. Otherwise, the trays might fall over in the water. Most extendable trays we know are around 110 cm- for your reference.

Best Bathtub Trays

You must also decide how wide the trays should be, depending on what you want to do with the trays. Say, a large tray is required to handle many items (laptop, book, cold drink, etc.) at a time.

Next, pick up a fair number of slots and compartments.

In addition to the side, the number of slots will decide whether the bathtub trays are convenient and well-worth purchasing. The more compartments available means you can place more items. However, it also increases the bulkiness of the trays – and obviously, adds extra expense. As a result, choose the accommodation space that suits your needs and your budget.

Last but not least, invest in safety features

Bathtub trays should always be waterproof, so they will not ruin in a short time. More, find models with silicone grips on the side because those grips help protect the trays from slipping into the water. Sometimes, trays come with covers to secure your book or tablet from splashes. You will not want the steam in the bathroom to damage your favourite books or electronic devices, right?

Final Thoughts

No hesitate any longer because the best bathtub trays above are all good, no bad. They are quite similar, so in case you have some confusions, feel free to refer to our buying guide right above. Or to make it quick, get the Blooming Lily Sturdily Designed Tray, which is the top-rated for its features and quality. Enjoy your bath time!

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