The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan – A Complete Buying Guide

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There is nothing better than a hot bath or hot shower after a long day at work. However,  it has become necessary to equip your bathroom with the best bathroom extractor fan. The steamy water works as much wonder on your body as it damages your bathroom.

These days, there just so many types of exhaust fans readily available on the market, confusing customers without much experience. That is why we prepare this buying guide as well as 10 recommendations to lessen the difficulty for newer buyers.

The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan UK

Here are the 10 best bathroom extractors, according to our opinion. Each of them has a unique specialty.

Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer – Best Overall

Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer

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This list has 10 exhaust fans, so it goes without saying that it’s hard to choose a single best overall. However, the Manrose QF100T Quiet Operation Extractor Fan makes a strong case for itself. While other options have at most one standout aspect, this fan has everything.

Naturally, there are some unique advantages like the over-run timer, which is among the most precise on this list. With this over-run timer, you can be sure that the exhaust fan will turn on and off at exactly the time you want.

This feature, coupled with a unique backdraught shutter, means the air quality is as high as possible.

Moreover, as Manrose focuses completely on the UK market, it has a deep understanding of the local standards and needs. All Manrose products are of the perfect sizes for UK installers and wholly compliant with all legislations. This exhaust fan is of no difference!

We do want to specify that it does appear to be a little bit lacking in power output. As such, this fan for bathrooms is more suitable for small bathrooms.

  • Little noise output
  • Built-in over-run timer
  • Energy efficient
  • Only good for small-sized bathrooms

Envirovent SIL100T Axial Silent Extractor Fan – Best Quiet Operation

Envirovent SIL100T Axial Silent Extractor Fan

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Anyone who has had the misfortune of hearing a low-quality window extractor fan works knows how loud it can be. We are sure none of us want to constantly suffer that kind of noise output in our own home. That is why the Envirovent SIL100T Axial Silent Extractor Fan is here.

With an impressive noise output of only 26.5 dB at 3 metres, there is no way that you can hear this machine working. Awarded the 2013 Quiet Mark award, there are not many fans on the market capable of competing against this fan.

There is also a PIR feature, which starts the fan when it detects movements anywhere within a 4 metres radius. For this reason, there is no longer a need for remote control. Instead, all you have to do is walking near it and let it works its magic.

Nonetheless, there is one thing we hope the manufacturer has included in the description, which is the “3-wire” requirement. With a “3-way” system, you must have a neutral, a switched live, and an always-on live. This setup is quite common, but there are still many homes using “2-wire” systems.

  • Quiet operation
  • Capable of finishing many litres of air at once
  • Affordable bathroom exhaust
  • Not specifying which wire system to use

Manrose MF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan – Best Durability

Manrose MF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan

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We doubt that there can be another option on this list as durable as the Manrose MF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan. From the long-lasting motors to the highly durable ball bearings, all parts of this fan can serve for a while. To be more specific, they can last at least 30000 hours.

Of course, while durability is the selling point, it’s not the be-all and end-all of this machine. There is also the in-duct mixed-flow mounted extractor design, which helps tremendously in producing higher working pressures. This feature is vital for any toilet with high air condensation.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the extractors worsening the noise level. The design makes sure to allow as many litres of air out as possible while keeping the noise relatively low. It is not on the same noise level as the Manrose QF100T, but it is serviceable.

The built-in over-run timer, while entirely accurate, can be quite a pain to set up. You need to set it up through a potentiometer, which has no reference between position and time. We hope that the manufacturers can add in some kind of time marks.

  • Highly durable
  • Quiet operation extractors
  • Good for excess moisture
  • Confusing timer

Manrose XF100S Standard Bathroom Exhaust Fans – Best Budget Option

Manrose XF100S Standard Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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If you have tight budgets, then the Manrose XF100S Standard Bathroom Extractors will surely satisfy you. After all, it has the lowest price out of all options on this list, yet its performance is completely comparable. From quiet operation to power output, this fan does not lose.

This exhaust for tight budgets has an impressive extraction rate of 23 litres a second, or 85m3 per hour. You should never be able to find this kind of power in this range of price, yet this exhaust can offer it. Also, this suction power is divided into eleven choices for you.

All extractors of this line are manufactured from highly glossy ABS thermoplastics. This material is widely known for its incredible durability as well as strength. In other words, you can expect the fan to last for a long time, no matter how hard it works.

There must be some drawbacks to justify the incredibly low price of this fan. This time, it’s the timer or lack thereof. Due to this lack of a timer, you must use either a remote or a physical switch.

  • Affordable price
  • Quiet operation
  • High airflow rate
  • No timer

Airflow iCON ECO 15 Bathroom Exhaust Fans – Best For Small Space

Airflow 100T AV100T Aventa In-Line Timer Fan

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Thanks to their round shape and small size of only 100 mm, the Airflow iCON ECO 15 extractors can fit practically everywhere. Nonetheless, their weak power limits them specifically to small spaces like a cloakroom, an ensuite, or a small bathroom. There, they shine the most.

You can easily install this fan in any corner of the room, from the ceiling to the wall. The reason for such flexibility is the cantilever fixing lugs that the manufacturers put into the extractors. These lugs make it possible to install the exhaust on any surface, even or uneven.

Besides, this exhaust does not have a high power consumption rate, meaning you can save some on your electricity bill. This feature also means that the fan does not make any loud sound. Therefore, the noise level in your house will always be at an acceptable level.

There are still things we are not that pleased with like the shutter mechanisms, as it is too easily breakable. From our experience, the extractors’ shutter would become much weaker after only one month of usage. It then completely stopped working.

  • Low power consumption
  • Flexible installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Weak shutter mechanisms

Airflow 100T AV100T Aventa In-Line Timer Fan – Easiest Maintenance

Airflow 100T AV100T Aventa In-Line Timer Fan

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No matter how high-quality an exhaust is, there will come a time when maintenance is necessary. Nonetheless, once you want to upkeep your extractors, you will find that it’s hard reaching places within them. This is not an issue with the Airflow 100T AV100T Aventa In-Line Timer Fan.

Due to having a special impeller design, you can easily reach within the fan’s impellers to do maintenance. For the most part, this means a more comfortable time cleaning, oiling, and checking the parts for malfunctions. You should keep in mind that frequent maintenance always means a longer service.

Aside from ease of maintenance, this fan is also quite impressive when it comes to pure suction power. The highest flow rate that it can attain is about 88 litres per second, among the best on this list. You can even use it as a ceiling exhaust, as its clearance speed is more than enough.

It’s worth noting that you would need to prepare some flexi ducts or grills, as this exhaust doesn’t have them. In fact, it does not come with anything, either outside or inside grills, which is unheard of these days.

  • No air condensation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • No grille

Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Exhaust Fan – Best Premium Option

Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Exhaust Fan

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If you are not restrained by tight budgets, then the Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Exhaust Fan is simply perfect. This fan’s premium price is the only thing preventing it from attaining the best overall title. Aside from the general features, this fan also has some extra premium features.

Among all the extractors on this list, none but this fan can be called a smart product. Basically, it can react intelligently to any sudden change in moisture, thanks to its exact humid sensors. If the moisture condensation is too high, the fan will activate a high flow “boost” feature.

Also, this fan is not just mountable on a wall or a ceiling, but also a window. All you need to do is get a separate window kit and enjoy the fan’s speedy installation on your bathroom window. This feature opens up quite a lot of opportunities for elevating your bathrooms’ décor.

As we have mentioned, the biggest issue we have with this fan is its premium price. Yes, the price is reasonable for all the interesting extra features, but not many people can accept that cost.

  • High power level
  • Light feature
  • Precise motion sensors
  • Good humidity sensors
  • Energy efficient
  • Pricey bathroom exhaust

AirTech-UK ES-100H Humidity Sensor Extractor Fan – Best Humidistat

AirTech-UK ES-100H Humidity Sensor Extractor Fan

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The AirTech-UK company did the impossible, they managed to make something better than the Kair Smart 100 mm exhaust, albeit on only 1 aspect. We are proud to say that the AirTech-UK ES-100H Humidity Sensor Bathroom Fans have the most precise humidistat.

While other humidity sensors have made mistakes, we have not observed any with this exhaust sensors. The fan always reacts precisely when the humidity level crosses its threshold, never more and never less. With this fan, there is no longer a need to worry about humidity condensation.

Another interesting thing about this exhaust is that it can be linked to your light switch. In other words, whenever the light goes on, this fan will also turn on. If your light switch is the type that switches thanks to motion sensors automatically, then the fan is also automatic.

The only complaint that we have about this exhaust fan is how little the user manual has. This case is especially true with the timer and humidity sensors, which will be quite tricky if you aren’t experienced.

  • Incredibly precise humidistat
  • Light feature
  • Durable
  • Lacking manual

Black Orchid Mixed-Flo 100mm Line Extractor Fan – Best Suction Power

Black Orchid Mixed-Flo 100mm Line Extractor Fan

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The Black Orchid Mixed-Flo 100mm ventilation fan has the highest airflow rate on this list. In other words, it has the best suction power, making it the most suitable choice for larger bathrooms. The moment you turn it on, this machine will take care of any moisture condensation.

That’s not all, as this fan is made from a special type of plastic, which provides it with a highly durable nature. This kind of durability is further improved thanks to the thermal protection feature. The fan is only less durable than the Manrose MF100T and the Kair Smart 100mm on this list.

Extractors of this line are very easy both for installation and uninstallation. Unlike the other fans, all you need to do is put this fan onto your vent and fasten the bolts.

The biggest problem that we have with this fan is, without any doubt, how loud it is. After one or two months of operation, this exhaust will start producing a weirdly loud ticking noise. This noise will surely be a huge source of annoyance for sensitive people.

  • High suction power
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Loud ticking noise

Black Orchid BO-HF In-Line Horticultural Extractor Fan – Best Energy Efficiency

Black Orchid BO-HF In-Line Horticultural Extractor Fan

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The Black Orchid BO-HF In-Line Horticultural Extractor Fan combines the best features from centrifugal, axial, and mixed flow fan technology. As a result, this model is the best bathroom extractor fan for being efficient with energy.

With the same amount of energy supply, this model can produce more suction power than any other option. To be more specific, it can move 80 m3 of air in 1 hour using 58 watts. If it doesn’t have such a low maximum power output, we do believe that it would have the highest airflow.

While this fan’s durability is not on the same level as its predecessor, it is nothing to scoff at, either. Due to its strong construction design and high-quality material, the fan can withstand a lot more wear and tear.

Nevertheless, it suffers the same problem as the Black Orchid Mixed-Flo 100mm. Namely, it can produce quite a loud noise during operation, as it is still an inline fan. Our suggestion is to make use of silencers on the sides of this fan as well as some insulated ducting.

  • Incredibly energy efficient
  • High airflow rates
  • Strong construction
  • Loud operation noise

How To Pick The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan

We figure that you must be overwhelmed by so many options. Thus, here are some key pointers that you can consult to get the best bathroom extractor fan.

Picking The Correct Bathroom Fan Diameter

Ensuring that you have picked the right fan diameter for your bathrooms means that you will get enough ventilation. Most of the time, extractors are rated and sized by a CFM value, or cubic feet per minute. As you can guess, this value means how much air a fan can move in a minute.

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan UK

Of course, the CFM value is more commonly seen in the United States, whereas the UK uses litres per second. This value is often certificated by the Home Ventilating Institute, or HVI, an international organization.

For the most part, a fan’s diameter also signals how much air that model can handle at once. Thus, it can be a good indicator of that fan’s CFM value and its capability to lower moisture level.

Determine If It Is Easy To Install The Fan

The majority of shower fans are installed on the ceiling, some can be fixed on a wall. These two are the easiest fan installation method, as you do not require additional tools other than those you already have.

You should always install the fan so that it has proper ventilation, meaning the air will go out. For instance, if your fan leads the air to the attic, there will be no change in the moisture levels. Consequently, the indoor air quality of your house will suffer significantly.

Be Especially Careful With The Noise Level

No one can withstand a bathroom fan that sounds no different from a jet engine. This kind of fan will wake you up from the deepest of slumber whenever it turns on to serve your family’s member. Thus, it is always a good idea to look for a quiet model while shopping.

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan in the UK

The most used measurement for bath fan noise is sones. Sones is a type of sound measurement in relation to the sense of an average listener. To make things easier, you can imagine that 1 sone is more or less the hum of a quiet fridge. 2 sones mean that hum is doubled.

The best quiet operation bathroom fan usually has either a 1 or 2 sones rating, never more. Fans with 3 or 4 sones are still serviceable, as their noise is still in the white noise range. However, you should never touch any bathroom fan with 5 or more sones.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about bathroom exhausts. Let’s check them out.

How Do I Clean The Exhaust Fan?

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the power of the exhaust fan is switched off. This step is especially vital, as lingering power means lingering electricity, and none of us want to be near electricity.

Bathroom Extractor Fan UK

Then, you would want to first clean your fan’s grills with some type of mild detergents. Our recommendation is to use your dishwashing liquid, as they tend to have a mild nature. Afterward, you can dry these grills with a clean, soft cloth carefully before restoring power.

Do not use any scouring powder or abrasive pad, as they can damage your fan. Moreover, immersing any electrical part in water is an easy recipe for disaster, you can instead use a vacuum to clean dirt.

Why Should I Get A Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Exhaust fans offer all rooms in general and bathrooms in particular ventilation, a way out for both odour and steam. With a good extractor, you don’t have to worry about high moisture levels or a huge dump’s bad smell.

Remember that too much moisture in the air means that mould, as well as mildew, can easily grow. Do you want any of your room, not just the bathroom, to turn into a mouldy place?

How Do I Determine The Correct Ventilation?

First, you must know the exact volume of your room, as it will determine the CFM value. A general rule is to multiply the area of your room by 1.1, or 110%. However, this rule is only applicable if your room is 2.4 metres in height.

Bathroom Extractor Fan

Here is an example, a 3 by 3 metres bathroom with 2.4 metres ceilings should have an area of 9. Hence, you take 9 and multiply it with 1.1 to get 9.9, so your CFM value should be 9.9.

Is It Possible To Install An Exhaust Fan Directly Over My Shower?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it depends on the type of fan. Some fans have a pint listing specifically stating that they can be installed on a GFCI circuit. These fans can be installed over both your bathtub and your shower, as this circuit can work there.

Any unit that has some kind of heating feature should not be installed directly over either the shower or the bath. Thus, you should do a proper check on your product before fixing it in.


After reading through our article carefully, you must now know which aspect is the best for yourself. After all, each person has their own specific circumstance, so finding a single best bathroom extractor fan is very hard. The best we can do is looking for ones that satisfy us the most.

All in all, we want to recommend getting the Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan as the best option. Yes, it lacks in almost every single aspect compared to the Kair Smart 100mm Intelligent Exhaust Fan. But, it has a much more affordable price, which can be quite vital.

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