Top 10 Best Baby Milk Formulas In The UK 2021

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Either you are looking for supplementary milk for your child or going full time, below are the best baby milk formulas for 2021 to boost their development.

If your children have reached one month old and the breast milk is no longer enough to provide optimal development, using one of the best baby milk formulas can be a practical solution. You can use it to supplement or replace breast milk full-time.

If you still consider the side effects these formulas can have on your child when using them too soon, there is no need to worry. As the technologies get upgraded every day, all those side effects can barely do any harm to your child.

In case the mom is facing milk blockage, one of the best baby milk formulas on this list can be a big saver.

Types Of Formulas

The best baby milk formulas should fit your child’s preference and meet the paediatrics’ advice. Luckily, the majority of products on the market nowadays strictly follow the Food and Drug Administration. They also have to acquire fundamental nutritional regulations to be sold to the consumers.

Best Baby Milk Formulas Uk

Health professionals have studied and developed infant formula milks to be as similar to breast milk as possible. However, the ingredients might still have some differences.

There are three most common types of infant formula milk: Cow’s milk, soy and specialised formula. The cow’s milk formula has gone to production to make it easily digestible for infants. It is the most popular baby formula.

Soy formula is a vegan choice that should only apply when your health professional recommends it. It is only used when the child is allergic to proteins found in cow’s milk.

The last is the specialised formula, providing supplementary sustenance for children with specific demands. For instance, the children would need specialised formulas if they are premature infants or highly prone to allergies.

Top 10 Best Baby Milk Formulas To Buy Online In The UK 

Aptamil First Infant Milk – Best Breast-milk like

[amazon box=”B074KFR1DS” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Aptamil First Infant Milk”]

Have you wondered about a formula that can benefit your baby the most? The Aptamil First Infant Milk can meet all the requirements of yours. It gives you a unique technological milk development called Omega-3 LCPs.

It imitates all the probiotic nutrition in breast milk to offer the newborns the same breastfeeding result. The formula provides FOS/FOS that enhances the immune system’s nourishment.

The product also develops advanced formulas, which imitates breast milk. The baby can grow up naturally and healthily without seeing any risks.

On the other hand, the small size only fits for one day use so if you want a bigger size, this formula might not be the one.

  • Omega-3 LCPs
  • Improve immune system
  • Plays like breast milk 
  • Only fit for travelling


The Aptamil First Infant Milk is ideal for newborns from the first months. It will give the baby optimal development, thanks to all the advanced technologies that create the best replication of breast milk.

SMA PRO B07QN395GG First Infant Milk – Best value 

[amazon box=”B07QN395GG” image=”×300.jpg” title=”SMA PRO B07QN395GG First Infant Milk”]

If you are struggling with milk blockage and looking for a safe and high-quality substitution, the SMA PRO B07QN395GG First Infant Milk can be the first candidate to come.

This baby formula contains fundamental substances and vitamins in breast milk to provide the child with all the necessities to fully develop without any allergies or side effects.

The milk formula has vitamin D and calcium, critical for completing the baby’s bone development in the early years. It also comes with a combo of vital substances needed for developing the immune system (Omega 3, whey protein along with GOS/FOS and 6 LCPs). The baby will not have to face any digestive issues.

As it is specially designed in a small-sized bottle. It can be in great use for travelling.

However, the price can be a problem for those who have a tight budget. But it is worth every penny if you are willing to pay.

  • Provides full combo for completing the immune system and bone development
  • Easy to digest
  • Essential vitamins for full growth 
  • Pricey 


The SMA PRO B07QN395GG First Infant Milk  works brilliantly as human milk and supports full development for the child. If you have trouble with milk supply, this product could be a big help.

Kendamil B0847PDN3M Follow-On Milk – Best Plant-based

[amazon box=”B0847PDN3M” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Kendamil B0847PDN3M Follow-On Milk”]

The Kendamil B0847PDN3M Follow-On Milk brings to you a plant-based baby formula that can do good for the child and the environment. The Follow On formula is full cream with essential components that have been through 57 years of experience.

All the ingredients are plant-based without palm oil. The product contains Omega 3 DHA, additional vitamins, such as vitamin D, E, K and many other vital substances to support the baby’s immune system and natural growth.

The product has gone through strict British experiments and development, so it is really easy to find in the country, especially when the pandemic affects the stock flow.

Unfortunately, the milk formula works best for infants of 6 to 12 months old; you should not use it too soon during the first few months.

  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Safe for the environment
  • British made 
  • Might not be suitable for newborns 


The Kendamil B0847PDN3M Follow-On Milk can be an ideal supplementation option when the baby has reached 6 to 12 months old. You can use it along with breast milk as extra nutrients support for your child.

Similac B07YXJYQFD Follow on Milk – Best Follow On 

[amazon box=”B07YXJYQFD” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Similac B07YXJYQFD Follow on Milk”]

Similac B07YXJYQFD Follow on Milk is a promising nomination with various outstanding features.

It can work wonderfully as an additional support besides human milk. The formula offers zinc and fundamental vitamins to keep the child’s immune system  balanced and healthy for optimal development.

Another feature added to this product’s advantage is that it is 100% palm oil free. It gives the baby huge support in reducing constipation.

Furthermore, this milk formula is also developed globally to bring the best quality for consumers. It has become the top runner on formulas.

On the contrary, this formula can cause gas and colic issues in babies. If your children have these symptoms, you should consider switching.

  • Offers supplements for the baby’s immune system
  • 100% palm oil free
  • Globally developed
  • Gas and colic issues 


The Similac B07YXJYQFD Follow on Milk could be another choice when it comes to supplements. It will work best with 6 to 12 months old when the baby needs more nutrients than mom’s milk.

Nutramigen B0055XEVY8 LGG Hypoallergenic Milk – Best For Allergies 

[amazon box=”B0055XEVY8″ image=”×300.jpg” title=”Nutramigen B0055XEVY8 LGG Hypoallergenic Milk”]

If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk and requires specialised formulas, the Nutramigen B0055XEVY8 LGG Hypoallergenic Milk could be the right answer. The product with amazing features will support your baby’s health wonderfully.

The milk with hypoallergenic formula is perfect for your child. The product is sucrose and lactose-free. For that reason, it minimises the possibility of getting negative reactions to supplements.

It is sealed in a 400-gram size, making it perfectly suitable for travelling. It will not take up too much space in the luggage.

However, the price is a little bit pricey, so that it might be a steep initial investment.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reduce the possibility of getting allergic
  • Suitable for travelling 
  • Expensive 


You should consider the Nutramigen B0055XEVY8 LGG Hypoallergenic Milk carefully if your baby requires specialised formulas. This formula could be the right match that ends all the allergies.

Kendamil B0847P28GB First Infant Milk – Best Organic 

[amazon box=”B0847P28GB” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Kendamil B0847P28GB First Infant Milk”]

If you are looking for an organic baby formula, the Kendamil B0847P28GB First Infant Milk can meet all your requirements.

It is beneficial for both your baby and the environment. With the famous full cream formulas that have made Kendamil’s reputation, the product offers less fat and vegetable oils.

This organic formula is palm oil free, reducing constipation in children and minimising the environment’s effect. Besides, it is equipped with other vitamins such as A, D and E to further support the immune system.

Moreover, the formula is particularly developed to fit infants, so that you can use it for your newborns.

Nevertheless, the powder formulas is sometimes pretty hard to dissolve in the bottle.

  • Organic formula
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fit for newborns 
  • Need to shake a little longer 


You might want to buy the Kendamil B0847P28GB First Infant Milk if you are interested in organic formulas. It can do wonders for both your child and the environment he or she will live in in the future.

HiPP 3 B003Y6MXT8 Growing up Baby Milk Powder – Best For Transition 

[amazon box=”B003Y6MXT8″ image=”×300.jpg” title=”HiPP 3 B003Y6MXT8 Growing up Baby Milk Powder”]

If you plan on starting the weaning phase for your child, you might need a milk formula as a supplement between their meals. The HiPP 3 B003Y6MXT8 Growing up Baby Milk Powder could be a product you can count on.

The transition phase is usually pretty hard to separate the baby from breastfeeding. Luckily, moms can comfortably start the weaning with this product but still ensure that the baby is safe and healthy.

It works best for one-year-old babies onwards with vitamin D and calcium-enriched for bone development.

The formula also supports the children’s appetite to eat additional solid food. The product reduces digestive issues, enabling the baby to fully absorb all the nutritions.

On the other hand, you should use it as a supplement only, not an alternation, as it can cause indigestion.

  • Perfect for transition phase
  • Works brilliantly as a supplement
  • Improves appetite 
  • Should not use as a full alternation 


The HiPP 3 B003Y6MXT8 Growing up Baby Milk Powder makes the transition phase from breastfeeding to food much easier. It reduces cravings for breast milk and improves the baby’s appetite for other solid food.

Nannycare Nanny Goat Milk  – Best Toddler Formula

[amazon box=”B0012TEL5I” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Nannycare Nanny Goat Milk”]

The Nannycare Nanny Goat Milk is a wonderful recommendation for toddlers. The product offers all the nutrients for your children to have the most natural and healthy growth.

This formula milk contains vegetable oils and nonfat milk so that your children will not have to cope with any digestive issues. 2% of calcium carbonate and vitamin D helps considerably in boosting bone development.

Moreover, it can work fine with other solid food, so you do not have to worry about any digestive disorder.

By contrast, the taste of it does not fit some baby’s appetite. So if your baby is slightly picky, you can consider other formulas on this list.

  • No digestive issues
  • Boosting bone development
  • Can combine with solid food
  • Not suitable for picky taste 


The Nannycare Nanny Goat Milk could be worth considering when your child has reached the toddler phase. You can use it as a nutrient supplement to replace breast milk in the baby’s feeding routine.

Cow & Gate 1 First Milk Powder – Best Formula For Gassy Issues 

[amazon box=”B00YHON8IQ” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Cow & Gate 1 First Milk Powder”]

The Cow & Gate 1 First Milk Powder could be a practical measure for babies having trouble with gas.

The formula milk adds fat-protein to perfectly mimic breast milk, making it impossible for the baby’s body to tell the differences between breastmilk and formulas. For that reason, they can easily digest the milk, thus reducing gas.

DHA included in the formula are believed to improve cognitive development for the child. Lastly, non-GMO components are also an outstanding strength that makes the product surpass all other competitors.

The only complaint about the product is the rather loose lid.

  • Enhances cognitive development
  • Mimic breast milk perfectly
  • Non-GMO
  • Loose lid 


The Cow & Gate 1 First Milk Powder  is a great choice for digestive issues. It can reduce all the gas and boost other fundamental development in this stage, especially brain-building functions.

SMA Anti-Reflux Formula – Best Anti-reflux

[amazon box=”B084PQBTKV” image=”×300.jpg” title=”SMA Anti-Reflux Formula”]

The SMA Anti-Reflux Formula with advanced formula can eliminate all colic issues for your baby. The probiotic technology will improve the digestive system, so that the baby will not face stomachache symptoms or any discomfort.

The veggie formula is carefully studied to select the most special and premium proteins for the newborns and toddlers. Moreover, the formula also has many additional non-fat protein and fruit ingredients for more nutritions.

The non-GMO technology also makes sure that there are no allergies or side effects in the long term. It will ensure your baby grows naturally and healthily.

The one thing that makes us uncomfortable is the annoying noise caused by the lid when you want to open it at night. It can be rather loud if not careful.

  • Improves digestive system with A2 technology
  • Additional veggie ingredients
  • Non-GMO 
  • Loud lid when not carefully opened


The SMA Anti-Reflux Formula would be perfect for babies with colic. With advanced formula, the product will ease this issue and improve the baby’s appetite for other food.

How To Choose The Best Baby Milk Formulas 

How to sort out the most suitable choice?

You should stick to the formula that your child has been familiar with. However, if this is the first time you buy an additional baby formula, you should find one that fits your child’s needs.

Most products you see today are safe to use, so they will not cause any allergies or side effects on the baby.

They are equipped with particular nutritions that are crucial to complete your baby’s immune system. There are vitamins, minerals and an adequate amount of proteins for your children to fully develop.

Best Baby Milk Formulas 

The formulas commonly hold about 20 calories for 28 grams. Moreover, you should also opt for products with iron to minimise the possibility of your child getting iron deficiency anaemia.

Products including other components, such as Vitamin D and fatty acid can either provide additional effects for your child or make the best resemblance to breast milk.

If you feel like the formulas you are using are not suitable for your baby, feel free to switch to a new one. If he or she demands specialised formulas, you should consult your paediatrician.

In case you still have difficulties identifying baby formula, it is best to talk to your paediatrician. They might have samples and a few simple methods to test on your children to see if they react positively to the formulas.

A few tips for using infant formula 

Once you have found your formula, it is time to learn how to maintain the formula in the best conditions and use it most effectively.

First of all, you should wash your hands carefully with soap to ensure that they are bacteria-free. The bottles should also be clean and ready for use.

One thing you should also be conscious of is the date it expires. If there are only a few days left before the expired date, you should not use it anymore.

It is essential to check if there are any cracks in the seal or rust marks. They are all the tell-tale signs that suggest the formula is not qualified anymore.

Secondly, the water source is an important factor that you should pay close attention to. You would better use boiling water and cool it down for a few minutes before mixing it with the infant formula.

In case you are not certain about the tap water quality, you can buy bottled water as an upgraded alternation.

Lastly, you must strictly follow the instructions printed on the bottles as too much or too little water can negatively affect your baby’s health and development.

When you want to warm up the bottle from storage, do it in a pot with warm water. You should never heat the formula with microwaves as it can destroy all the nutrient structures.


Is it safe to do both formula and breastfeed?

Supplementing is known as a popular method to give extra benefits for baby development. It provides formula for the baby besides breastfeeding.

Baby Milk Formulas

For that reason, you can be 100% comfortable with combining formula and breastfeeding for children. Many moms chose this method due to the limited breast milk supply.

How can I decide the best formula for my newborn?

It is highly recommended that you consult the doctor for the most suitable formula corresponding to your baby’s present health condition. They are likely to advise you to use cow’s milk for a healthy baby, the most prevalent formula milk on the market.

Can I give my breastfed baby formula at night?

There is no use in doing this. Breast milk is so easy to digest as breastfed babies tend to wake up in the middle of the night as their innate nature. However, this routine only lasts for about a few first months. So if you still have enough milk, you should use it instead of using extra formulas.

The formulas can even cause colic or stomach ache if it does not match with the baby.

Can I pump my milk out for storage?

Busy moms do it all the time to make sure there is enough milk for their children when they are not around. All you need is a breast pump and clean bottles. You can keep it in the fridge and heat it when needed.

How can I know the formula is not suitable for the baby?

The symptoms are usually pretty clear. Some of the most noticeable ones are diarrhoea, vomiting, blood or mucus appearing in bowel movements. There are other subtle signals, such as weight disorder or their constant crying or discomfort during the day.

In Conclusion 

The first few years are among the most important phases in a child’s development It can decide whether the baby will grow healthily, creating a premise for further growth. The best baby milk formulas can either be helpful assistance or an ultimate alternation for the baby’s development.

With this article, we hope that moms can be less worried and become wiser in sorting out the best infant formula. It could be Sma Pro First Infant Milk, Kendamil Follow-On Milk or anything you feel the best for the child.

Thank you for reading!

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