The Best Android TV Box In The UK 2021: Reviews And Buying Guide

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Are you looking for the best Android TV box in the Uk 2021? You’re in the right place!

Android TV box is one of the most-favoured digital products nowadays. It provides users with many benefits, more than watching to entertain.

There are hundreds of items on the market that can confuse you when choosing one for yourself. Thus, we picked out the top 10 best products to give you more references.

In-depth Review of The Best Android TV Boxes

HaiFen Q Plus B07X9RS78G 9.0 TV Box – Best Streaming Quality

[amazon box=”B07X9RS78G” image=”×284.jpg” title=”HaiFen Q Plus B07X9RS78G 9.0 TV Box”]

Certainly, good streaming quality is definitely what all people want to get when owning an Android TV box. This factor is affected by both speed and display resolution.

Experts and professional users always appreciate the video streaming services of the HaiFen Q Plus B07X9RS78G 9.0 TV Box. H6 Quad-Core and 4GB RAM are the main factors that keep the transmission stable.

This Android TV box also ensures the display standard by providing both 6K ultimate HD and 3D function. It produces realistic and vibrant images while limits blur simultaneously.

In addition to 32GB ROM, this box supplies an SD card slot. So you don’t need to worry about the memory being full and unable to download more.

Excluding Bluetooth connection is a small drawback of this Android TV box. Nevertheless, you can use the Wi-fi, Airplay or connecting through cable instead.

  • Stable streaming quality
  • 6K ultimate HD and 3D
  • High-speed transmission
  • Accepts SD cards
  • Without Bluetooth connection

EASYTONE T95S1-1 7.1.2 TV Box – Best For Ease Of Use

[amazon box=”B07FFW328L” image=”×267.jpg” title=”EASYTONE T95S1-1 7.1.2 TV Box”]

If you haven’t had any Android TV box before, the most suitable for you is an item with a simple structure and ease of use. In case you need some suggestions, take a look at EASYTONE T95S1-1 7.1.2 TV box.

This item has a minimalist design with no button to make it easier to get used to. The box includes only a led display in the front and some cable ports in the back.

It’s durable as being made of thick black plastic that protects the part inside well. This material also prevents getting stains and is easy to clean.

EASYTONE device allows users to watch TV with 4K output and 3D effect so that you can enjoy your free time with true-to-life picture quality. Last but not least, with a pretty low price, it’s more persuasive to buy this item.

Compared to others, the operating system of this one is a bit old. When the latest is Android 10.0, it has Android 7.1.2 only.

  • Durable and simple design
  • Prevent stains and easy to clean
  • 4K output and 3D effect
  • Pretty low price
  • A bit old operating system

Xiaomi MDZ22AB TV Mi Box S – Best Overall

[amazon box=”B07NZD7JP3″ image=”×230.jpg” title=”Xiaomi MDZ22AB TV Mi Box S”]

Are you looking for a premium Android TV possessing useful features and exceptional quality that satisfy every user? If the answer is yes, don’t miss Xiaomi MDZ22AB TV Box S.

This product catches your attention at first sight by the compact and sleek design with anti-dust black matte plastic. Having the dimension of 14x10x2cm at 145 grams, it really saves spaces and is effortless to move.

The Android 8.0 and 2GB RAM is fastening processing time and transferring speed. It allows you to download a thousand apps such as Youtube, Netflix, etc. and quickly access entertainment or content by Google Assistant.

About actions of using, you can manage the Xiaomi box by remote or voice search and voice control are supported. This device also includes Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection for easier and faster delivery.

Besides, by SmartCast feature, you’re able to stream video, movies or music from your phone, Laptop on your TV easily. The 4K HDR technology ensures producing alive and colourful images.

There is nothing to complain about on the Xiaomi Android box. Although it costs slightly higher than the general ground, this price is worth its advantages.

  • Quality hardware
  • Includes Google Assistant
  • Voice search and voice control are available
  • Support Bluetooth and Google Play
  • Easy streaming for high-quality pictures
  • Pretty high price

HaiFen Tanix TX6S 10.0 TV Box – Best Android Box For Multiple Apps

[amazon box=”B07Z8SWSBV” image=”×256.jpg” title=”HaiFen Tanix TX6S 10.0 TV Box”]

Some streaming boxes usually become slowly responsive after you download too many streaming apps or programs. If you’re looking for one that can store a lot of data, this device will meet your needs.

The HaiFen Tanix TX65S 10.0TV is outstanding for a robust system with big ROM 32GB, which allows users to download content and without any situations of lag. It also accepts SD cards if you want to expand the internal storage.

Thanks to the latest Android 10.0 system and ARM Cortex A53 CPU, it gives users a more stable entertainment experience. Its H616 64-bit quad-core decreases working chipset temperature and working memory occupation at the same time.

In addition to conventional ports such as HDMI or USB 2.0, Tanix box supplies USB 3.0 ports. So you can receive the signals faster as well as experience higher quality pictures.

The ports of the HaiFen box can be a bit loose. So when you plug in the power cables or others, pay attention and make sure that they are connected well.

  • Have big ROM and accept SD cards
  • Strong high-efficient Quad-core processor
  • Supplies both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports
  • Fast respondences
  • The ports are quite loose

HaiFen T95 MAX+ 9.0 TV Box – Best Display Quality

[amazon box=”B082PXDYBV” image=”×214.jpg” title=”HaiFen T95 MAX+ 9.0 TV Box”]

Are you bored with experiencing low-quality pictures? Do you want to get more alive and realistic ones? Take a look at the HaiFen T95 Max+ 9.0 TV Box.

It’s prized as 1 of the best Android TV boxes for supporting 8K ultimate HD and 3D simultaneously. For that reason, you can watch HD video streaming, movies or play games with the highest-quality display.

High transferring speed also contributes to giving stable and smooth experience. The Amlogic S905X Quad-Core Cortex-A53 CPU combined with 4GB RAM makes it more robust, and limits lags.

The T95 box’s ability is pretty high since it supplies both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports to suit different streaming devices. Besides, you can utilize the Bluetooth 4.0 for faster transmission.

The thin plastic case can make you feel fragile when holding this device. Anyway, you should be careful and avoid dropping when using the TV box.

  • Support 8K Ultra HD and 3D
  • Stable and smooth streaming
  • Robust system that limits lags
  • Support various connectivities
  • The case and fragile

Sidiwen T95-4-64-UK 10.0 TV Box – Best Android TV Box UK For Gaming Experience

[amazon box=”B08D8B3NY8″ image=”×282.jpg” title=”Sidiwen T95-4-64-UK 10.0 TV Box”]

Are you an enthusiastic gamer who is looking for the Android TV box that best supports gaming? Sidiwen T95-4-64-UK 10.0 TV Box will be your best selection!

Its newest Android 10.0 system helps users download the latest-updated game or programs from Google Home. There is no need to worry about the processing time as 4GB RAM will create the best conditions for multiple programs running at the same time.

No matter how much capacity the game takes up, up-to-64GB ROM will store them for you. It would be better if you insert SD cards to expand the box’s memory.

The products support 6K pictures with resolution up to 1080p. Hence, it provides game players with wonderful game streaming experience and enjoy entertainment at the highest-quality experience and wide range of streaming.

The Sidiwen device has a small drawback of not supporting Bluetooth connection. However, you can connect it to your phone by Digital Living Network Alliance or Airplay.

  • High compatibility with games
  • Big ROM that accepts SD cards
  • Support 6K pictures
  • Fast processing
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth connection

HaiFen X88 Pro 9.0 TV Box – Best Budget

[amazon box=”B07Z3HDGWW” image=”×218.jpg” title=”HaiFen X88 Pro 9.0 TV Box”]

You want to buy an Android TV box, but a small budget challenges you? Don’t worry; we have a solution for you: HaiFen X88 9.0 TV box!

Maybe you’re thinking of “the cheapest is the dearest”. That opinion can be correct with some products, but not with the X88 TV box.

The Android 9.0 system allows users to download and integrate new apps and programs. Although there is a 2GB RAM, its processing speed is as fast as others on this checklist thanks to the robust RK3318 Quad-Core.

This product includes both 4K 1080p resolution and 3D functions. Thus, you can experience lifelike pictures and observe even the small details in the screen corner.

In addition, X88 box provides many outputs like HDMI, SPDIF, both USB 2.0 and 3.0. So connecting with other devices such as smart speaker, smartphone, tablet, or TV is really straightforward.

This cube doesn’t support Bluetooth connection. So you can connect it to devices by Wi-fi connection or cables.

  • Bargain price
  • Strong system produces high speed
  • 4K 1080p and 3D functions
  • Many ports are available
  • Exclude Bluetooth connection

DroiX X96 Max+ 9.0 TV Box – Best Build Quality Design

[amazon box=”B07K8SYGXP” image=”×186.jpg” title=”DroiX X96 Max+ 9.0 TV Box”]

Not all Android TV boxes are built with sturdy structure and quality materials. Fragile design can’t protect the system inside well, which can lead it to break. That’s why we recommend you DroiX X96 Max+ TV Box.

It’s 20.8×14.2x 5.2 cm in size and at about 400 grams. Despite the lightweight, carefully-assembled parts make it more concrete that you can feel right after holding the box. The black matte plastic case not only brings it elegant but also anti stains.

Having a monolithic design with sharp edges, it’s incredibly compact and won’t take up your space at all. This product is also suitable for amateurs since there are simple led displays and ports without any complicated buttons.

Also, the item has table streaming quality thanks to its high speed. At 100M/s Ethernet and 2.4G Wi-fi, it ensures giving the best experiences to users.

In general, this DroiX box is worth your consideration. But its interface isn’t as attractive as others which can make you feel bored a bit.

  • Well-built
  • Compact and solid design
  • Durable for a long time use
  • High-speed streaming
  • Unattractive interface

HaiFen LMK18 X10 10.0 TV Box – Best Modern Android TV Box

[amazon box=”B07M7WPMQ2″ image=”×256.jpg” title=”HaiFen LMK18 X10 10.0 TV Box”]

HaiFen LMK18 X10 1.0 TV Box is the next typical face in our list. We suggest this box to you as it deserves to be one of the most modern items that have outstanding compatibility.

You can download or integrate the product with many apps and programs from Google Play Store, and even they are the newest ones thanks to the Android 10.0 operating system. Besides, the Penta-Core Mali-450 CPU speeds up the processing time for you to play games or use the programs smoothly.

This product supports all the connections that users need in using. You can conveniently link an Android TV box with other devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. through Ethernet, Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

As usual, everyday items will cost higher than normal ones. However, the affordable price will surprise you since the values it brings is over what this price range’s items can do.

With a cut-out design and bright-colour case, the box can quickly get stains and a bit hard to clean. So it would be best if you wiped it regularly to avoid dust being clogged.

  • Newest Android 10.0
  • Powerful processor
  • Support Bluetooth, Wi-fi and Ethernet connections
  • Reasonable price
  • Needs cleaning regularly

Beelink GT-King-UK20190428 9.0 TV Box– Best Of Controllability

[amazon box=”B07G9ZFSZR” image=”×298.jpg” title=”Beelink GT-King-UK20190428 9.0 TV Box”]

Are you interested in an Android Tv Box with high controllability that supports voice controls? This is Beelink GT-King-UK20190428 9.0 TV Box.

The manufacturer upgraded this box by integrating voice control features. Once set up, you can easily adjust or use it without the native remote, bringing more conveniences.

Not only its flexibility, but the high speed is also recognized. It supports Wi-fi 2.4 and 5.8GHz, which is higher than the regular items that usually support Wi-fi 2.0 and 5.0GGHz only.

Beelink boxes supply a wide range of connections. In addition to providing usual ports, it supports TF cards and USB Mechanical Hard Disk 2.5/3.5 inch 4TB storage for expanding the storage space.

If you’re an amateur, the interface can confuse you a bit at first. But once you get used to, it’s straightforward to set up and adjust.

  • Includes remote control and voice control
  • Convenient to use and adjust
  • Faster performance
  • Supports many connections
  • May confuse you at first.

How To Choose The Best Android TV Box ?


CPU processor is one of the essential angles that you need to pay attention to when choosing an Android TV box. This is the main factor of hardware which decides your device’s speed.

If your product has a Quad-core CPU, it must be at least 1.5GHz to ensure stable running speed. And it would be better if the Android box has octa-core which gives higher processing speed.

The CPU processor is also related to RAM index. For example, with a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, your item must have at least 4GB of RAM or higher.

Storage Options

RAM and ROM are the 2 parameters that usually appear in most digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and Android boxes. Despite that, not all users can understand clearly what they are and how they can affect your product’s quality.

Android TV Box UK

RAM (Random Access Memory), when your product operates, RAM stores the information and keeps an intermediate position that makes programs run faster simultaneously.

ROM (Read Only Memory) is the place that stores the data of the system and necessary information to operate the device. What you downloaded or saved in your Android box such as Netflix, Youtube or others will be contained here.

If you want to download many apps and data, choose a product with a high ROM index. In case you want your Android box to run smoother and faster, a large-RAM item is an ideal choice.

Also, some modern TV boxes support external memory cards. So you can buy it separately to increase the total amount of the device’s memory.

USB Ports

As usual, Android TV boxes will have 2 or more than 2 USB 2.0 ports. People prefer this USB type because of its high applicability which allows most of the connectivities with other devices.

Also, some new-generation products provide users with 3.0 USB ports. It will make processing speed higher and give more stable transmission.

Video Quality And Display

In addition to processing speed, the quality and resolution of images and audio directly affect the user experience. Certainly, nobody wants to watch the streaming movies with low quality: blurry pictures and lack of colour balance.

Your device must have at least 1080p of resolution and the 3D functions to produce the average-quality images. And to display 4K videos, HDMI 2.0 or higher is required.

Support (Bluetooth And Google Play)

Some products support users with both Bluetooth and Google Play connectivity, which are worth your consideration as you can connect Google Play Movies and TV easily . When it doesn’t allow these 2 features, the connect ability will be reduced.

Best Android TV Box UK

Bluetooth connection helps you transfer the information and data from smartphone to Tv box faster. So you don’t need to copy them to USB then paste in the device anymore.

When your product supports Google Play connection, you can link your Google account more conveniently. This feature also decreases the hassle in setting Generally Accepted Privacy Principles.

Additional Features (Port, Version…)

The more additional features products are worth buying as they will be flexible for various using purposes. You can look for some such as 10-bit images for better display mode, or other types of ports for diverse connections.

Besides, the latest versions of system or model are the better choice. The newer your device is, the easier you can utilise it.

Best Android TV Box – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Android TV Box Worth Buying? 

If you’re still hesitated to buy an Android TV box, we will some you some advantages it brings to help you consider better:

  • Cost less than buying a smart TV or Roku
  • Don’t take up much of your space
  • Give a relatively higher speed than smart TV
  • Provides users with many apps
  • Can update the software fastly and easily
  • Allow better Google connection and Google voice control

Best Android TV Box In The UK

Is Android TV Better Than Roku?

There is no exact answer for this question as it’s dependent on your need. Each type of device has its own advantages and disadvantages that you can consider to choose one that suits you most.

Android TV


  • Modern interface for authentic theatre experiences
  • Easy to find most-used apps
  • Can control remote with voice


  • Can’t access to some channels or apps
  • Cost more than Roku
  • Risk of leaking private information



  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface
  • Huge repository of content includes apps that Android TV can approach: Food Network, Travel Channel, etc.
  • Better connectivities
  • Roku streaming quality is stable


  • Poor voice-control feature
  • Low-adjustability hardware
  • Hard to update

What Internet Speed Do You Need For Android Tv Box?

To receive the best streaming content quality, you need to have at least 2mb speed. And if you want to watch in HD mode, the internet speed must be 4mb.

Can You Use Android TV Without Internet?

Of course!

Android TV (or smart TV) provides users with 2 choices of internet connectivity: through built-in Wi-fi or wired Ethernet connection. So even when you don’t have the internet connection, you can enjoy your free time.

These are simple steps to set up your smart TV where doesn’t have the internet:

  • Determine the Ethernet port on side or back of the TV
  • Connect the TV port with Ethernet cable
  • Turn on the TV’s menu and choose Network settings
  • Change the connection to wired internet
  • Enter Wi-fi password and start to enjoy


Finally, you’ve got all the necessary and useful information about the top 10 products. Have you had the best Android TV box for yourself yet?

We hope that you’ll find our article is useful and support you in making a decision. Don’t ignore the buying guide as we make sure that it will help you a lot!

Xiaomi MDZ22AB TV Mi Box S is the champion on our list. We proved all the advantages it brings that meet all user’s needs. What do you think about this item?

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