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The best air beds are always the main reason for someone to have a good sleep. This case is especially true if you are either a guest staying overnight or participating in a camping trip outdoors. For these situations, there is no way that you can get your hands on a proper bed.

Thus, air mattresses, which are incredibly easy to set up, will provide you with the most convenience possible. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the ten current best options on the market for you.

List of 10 Best Air Beds On The Market

Pavillo Airbed Outdoor Air Mattress – Best For Single Camping

[amazon box=”B00F0B5ILK” image=”×151.jpg” title=”Pavillo Airbed Outdoor Air Mattress”]

The Pavillo Airbed Outdoor Air Mattress has lots of indents.

Due to their quick inflation, some air beds can provide you possibly the most comfortable and stable surface to sleep on. However, only some of them can serve as a suitable option for a camping trip, especially if you are going alone.

In this aspect, the Pavillo Airbed Outdoor Air Mattress is the best example, as it has the perfect size for one person. We all know how hard it can be to fit a fully inflated airbed into a small tent.

Due to the bed being constructed out of sturdy coil beams, you will not feel any discomfort. This stays true even if you are sleeping on uneven grounds, which is fairly normal on camping trips.

Furthermore, the creators also added a lot of indents on the bed’s sleeping surface, completely reducing any risk of you rolling out of bed and falling. Thus, you will not have to worry about your sleep being interrupted by your bad sleep position.

Of course, there are still some weaknesses that we do not like about the Pavillo Air Mattress. The most notable one of these issues is that they tend to make some squeaking noise when you make a turn, so some people can find that annoying.

  • Quick inflation
  • Sturdy construction of coil beams
  • Stable indents
  • Making squeaky noises

Active Era Premium Single Size Air Bed – Best Premium Option

[amazon box=”B01HZSO9MY” image=”×194.jpg” title=”Active Era Premium Single Size Air Bed”]

The Active Era Premium Single Size Air Bed is premium personified.

The first thing that you will notice about the Active Era Premium Single Size Air Bed is that it is premium personified. At the end of the day, it is among the few on this list that has a built-in electric pump. As such, you can inflate the mattress to a sufficient firmness level in just 90 seconds.

Next, we have an integrated, ergonomically designed pillow, which can comfortably support your neck and head. You will feel like there is no difference between this airbed mattress and your actual bed. As a result, you can have a full night’s rest with high sleep quality.

That’s not all, though, as we also have a rarely seen airbed mattress structure, with 21 smartly placed air coils. Resting on these coils, your whole body, not just the neck and head, but also the spine, etc., will receive optimal weight distribution and alignment.

The only weakness that we can see from this otherwise perfect product is, of course, its price. Ultimately, this air mattress is among the most expensive air mattresses on this list, so people with a budget cannot afford it.

  • Integrated, powerful electric pump
  • Integrated, ergonomic pillow
  • Smartly placed air coils.
  • Highly expensive

Intex Inflatable Bed – Best Value

[amazon box=”B07LH4KW3P” image=”×160.jpg” title=”Intex Inflatable Bed”]

The Intex Inflatable Air Bed has three size options

If a budget limits you, there is no better match than the Intex Inflatable Bed, as it is the most affordable option on this list. However, this does not mean that this airbed mattress is of low quality. Instead, it has the best value to price proportion out of all options present.

There is no shortage of sizes available for the Intex Inflatable Air Bed, as you can freely pick between three options: 137 x 191 cm, 183 x 203 cm, and 76 x 191 cm. As a result, this airbed mattress can serve both as a single and a double bed. However, there is only one height option: 25 cm.

Moreover, the Intex Inflatable Air Bed will not deflate easily, unlike other beds in the same price range. In fact, this bed can last at least a couple of days before there is a need for inflation again. As such, the most annoying issue of inflatable air beds, in general, has been solved.

Of course, there will always be some trade-off with such an affordable price to get the great features that the Intex Inflatable Air Bed has. To be more specific, it will take you more than 4 minutes to fully inflate this air mattress.

  • Three available sizes
  • Affordable price
  • Not easy to deflate
  • Take 4 minutes to inflate fully

Sable Double Size Inflatable Airbed – Best For Couples

[amazon box=”B07PNNLH95″ image=”×154.jpg” title=”Sable Double Size Inflatable Airbed”]

The Sable Double Size Inflatable Airbed has a 0.45 cm PVC layer,

There is one thing that any couple will have to worry about while using a double air bed: how much weight the bed can sustain? In fact, there are many cases of the bed giving up in the middle of the night, but that’s not an issue with the Sable Double Size Inflatable Airbed, thanks to its internal I-beam structure.

This structure design, coupled with the 0.45 cm thickened PVC layer, means that the bed can endure quite a huge amount of force. Thus, there is no way that two people can damage this bed, no matter how hard they fool around on it.

Of course,  does not mean that this airbed mattress is uncomfortable. Instead, due to the flocked fabric covering the PVC layer, you cannot even feel the PVC material, even if you try.

The only downside that we were able to determine after checking the SableAirbed out is the fact that it is quite heavy. Yes, even in the deflated state, this air bed weighs about 9 kg due to the electric built-in pump. Hence, you will have a lot of issues if you want to move this air bed around your house.

  • Strong I-beam structure
  • Thickened PVC layer
  • Soft flocked fabric covering
  • Heavy

Sable Comfortable Flocked Double Size Air Bed – Best Comfort

[amazon box=”B0792ZGPQB” image=”×154.jpg” title=”Sable Comfortable Flocked Double Size Air Bed”]

The Sable Comfortable Sleep Air Bed can adjust according to your weight

As you can easily guess from its name, the Sable Comfortable Sleep Flocked Double Size Air Bed’s main focus is to be as comfortable as possible. To be truthful, this airbed certainly has delivered on this promise thanks to the latest I-beam structure air coils tech.

Due to this feature, the bed can adjust according to your weight, sleep position, and body shape. It will be able to provide you with the perfect support, offering you an unprecedented experience of sleeping. At the end of the day, there is virtually no pressure on your spinal cord.

This bed also has an interesting design choice in its integrated raised pillow. To be precise, the upper-side of the Sable Double Size Air Bed is a bit higher than the surface, serving as a pillow and supporting your neck and head.

Obviously, there is no perfect product in this world, and this inflatable air mattress is certainly not an exception. After a while, we were able to see that it does have a weakness in its inflation time. Even if you use the built-in pumps at maximum power, this bed will need at least 3 minutes to inflate.

  • Comfortable I-beam air coils
  • Integrated raised pillow
  • Thick flocking surface
  • Take at least 3 minutes to inflate completely.

Coleman Inflatable Comfort Airbed – Best For Couple Camping

[amazon box=”B019X3EIIE” image=”×138.jpg” title=”Coleman Inflatable Comfort Airbed”]

The Coleman Inflatable Comfort Airbed is the best for camping couples

These days, couple camping is among the most romantic type of dates. However, if you bring two of the Pavillo Single Airbeds, there is nothing romantic at all. For these occasions, the best thing is the Coleman Inflatable Comfort Airbed.

The first reason for this recommendation is that this airbed can barely fit two people, so two people can snuggle together on something much more comfortable than a camping mat. Next, the dual air chambers feature means no one gets disturbed if their partner turns or gets up.

Furthermore, the air chambers of this bed can be inflated separately. As such, you can freely choose your part’s firmness level without making it an issue for your partner. Also, each part has a leak-free, dual-sealed valve, ensuring that there is no way the air bed can deflate overnight.

Nonetheless, we have still noticed some places that need improvement. Among them, the most pressing is that it does not have any way to address sweat. If you sweat in your sleep, there is a high chance that you will notice a damp patch, making it vital to air the bed immediately.

  • Dual air chambers feature
  • Anti-leak feature
  • Perfect size for couples
  • Not suitable for people who sweats a lot

Crystals Inflatable High Raised Double Air Bed – Best Stability

[amazon box=”B07H439XJC” image=”×297.jpg” title=”Crystals Inflatable High Raised Double Air Bed”]

The Crystals Inflatable High Raised Double Air Bed has a double layer base

Do you know the most annoying problem that people sleeping on air mattresses have to deal with? It’s not inflation speed, durability, or even support design, but stability.

Stability determines whether you will roll off the bed, and there is no option with more stability than the Crystals Inflatable High Raised Double Air Bed. Above all, this air bed has a specially designed structure that will keep it stable no matter how much you turn.

Needless to say, that’s not all there is, as this air mattress also has a double layer base. As a result, there is no way that you can displace the bed just by tossing and turning, something not many air beds are capable of.

From what we were able to gather, the one weakness of the Crystals Inflatable High Raised Double Air Bed seems to be that it is not that good at holding back air. In fact, there is no way that this air bed can be serviceably inflated after two days.

  • Stable structure
  • Double-layer base
  • Bulged outer frames
  • Quick deflation

Bestway Tritech Single Airbed – Best Durability

[amazon box=”B017SXUEUM” image=”×165.jpg” title=”Bestway Tritech Single Airbed”]

The Bestway Tritech Adjustable Air Mattress has Tritech internal beams

Utilizing the Tritech internal beams, which are essentially polyester mesh being encased in a strong PVC cover, there is no option on this list that can come close to the Bestway Tritech Single Adjustable Air Mattress when it is durability we are talking about.

Obviously, that is not all there is to this air bed. The Bestway Tritech Single Airbed beams are arranged according to the I-beam construction design. Thus, the already formidable durability of this air mattress is increased even more.

However, being durable does not mean that Bestway has forsaken the most important air bed factor: comfort. The designers has incorporated a thick flocked surface, to be more specific, ensuring that the Bestway Tritech Single Airbed will feel no different from a high-quality, real mattress.

Certainly, there will always be a weakness, and this time it’s the deflation time for this airbed. After doing thorough research, we were able to conclude that this airbed cannot last more than one day without completely deflating.

  • Durable Tritech internal beams
  • I-beam construction arrangement
  • Thick flocked surface
  • Relatively quick to deflate

Brace Master Air Mattress – Best Waterproof Feature

[amazon box=”B083NC8MKL” image=”×292.jpg” title=”Brace Master Air Mattress”]

The Brace Master Air Mattress has a breathable flocking layer

The most eye-catching feature of the Brace Master Air Mattress with Pillow is its 0.45 mm thick PVC near-surface layer. Aside from the clearly observable durability, this layer will also provide the mattress with the best waterproof properties out of all options on this list.

Needless to say, there is no way that Brace Master can forget to incorporate their famous comfort level into this bed. Namely, with an advanced honeycomb cylinder inflation design, the air bed’s support surface is hugely improved, making it practically impossible to sink.

There is also a warm and breathable flocking layered on this bed’s sleeping surface. Having this layer, the Brace Master Air Mattress can isolate any cold air, achieving its warm-keeping purpose. This feature will also make sure that you do not feel sweaty or stuffy in the summer.

Maybe it was due to their commitment to the waterproof and durable sleeping surface, it seems like Brace Master has chosen to trade off the Brace Master Air Mattress’ durability in other parts. For this reason, this air mattress is among the easiest to be damaged from the sides.

  • Durable and waterproof surface
  • Advanced honeycomb cylinder inflation design
  • Breathable flocked layer
  • Not durable on the sides

Campingaz Smart Single Flocked Quickbed – Best Pillow

[amazon box=”B018Y3O06O” image=”×143.jpg” title=”Campingaz Smart Single Flocked Quickbed”]

The Campingaz Smart Single Flocked Quickbed has a nice pillow

While some of the other airbeds on this list do have integrated pillow designs, those pillows are more of a raised part of the bed. This is not the case for the Campingaz Smart Single Flocked Quickbed, as it features the best and most functional pillow for your head and neck, in our opinion.

That’s not all, as this pillow design does hide another genius idea, a storage compartment. To be more specific, all you need to do is taking the pillow off, and you will have a space large enough to store your electric pumps alongside some other personal items.

Aside from these unprecedented designs, the Campingaz Smart Single Flocked Quickbed also has an airtight system preventing any air leakage from happening. Essentially, we don’t think that there is anything capable of escaping the double-lock valve design.

The most glaring issue with this otherwise perfect air bed is none other than the pump. You see, there is no pump being shipped alongside this airbed, and finding a pump that does work with it can be quite a hassle.

  • Fully functional pillow
  • Hidden storage compartment
  • Double-lock, airtight system
  • No built-in pump

How To Pick The Best Air Beds In The UK.

Now that you have seen the ten recommendations that we prepared, we want to introduce you to a buying guide. In this guide, we will specify the most suitable aspects of an air bed for specific situations.

The Height Type

Currently, there are two popular choices when it comes to the height of an air mattress.

First of all, we have the single-height mattresses, many of which will not have any built-in pump accompanying them. Instead, they only have tubes for you to blow into, as these single-height models do not need too much air to fully inflate. Obviously, you can also use a manual pump.

Best Air Beds

The main advantage of the single-height air mattresses is that they are lightweight. They are also more often than not portable and easy to store, making them the perfect choice for camping trips. Clearly, there are some drawbacks, mainly their quick deflation rate.

On the other hand, double-height air mattresses are not that much different from an actual bed. As such, they do feel a lot more substantial than the single-height options. Moreover, due to them being much larger, it is very hard to inflate them by air, so we need the help of integrated pumps.

For the most part, double-height air beds are the best option for guest beds, as they are relatively easy to roll up and store. Naturally, them being much more substantial than single-height models is also a huge advantage.

Sheet Vs. Sheetless

Aside from having a fuzzy surface, ensuring that all sheets can stay put, there are cases where a double-height model has a rib or lip on its side to help “hooking” a fitted sheep onto itself.

As for the single-height air beds, there is no need for ribs or lips, as they are usually short enough that the ends of any fitted sheet can be tucked right under the beds’ corners.

Support Capacity

This is actually the easiest aspect for you to find out, as most models do list the amount they can support right on their packaging. Nonetheless, you should always keep in mind that support capacity only means how much a bed can take on without immediately collapsing.

Best Air Beds in The UK

Due to this, there are cases where some much less durable air beds were able to score the same as those more durable on the support capacity scale.


After deflating an air bed, you will often see them turning into heavy, unwieldy tarps. Consequently, these tarps are not that easy to fold, much less carrying around, and they can also be damaged if you simply ball them up.

Hence, it’s better to check if there is a storage bag accompanying the bed.


Are Air Mattresses Sold With Their Own Air Pumps?

The answer to this question varies depending on the type of air mattress that you want to get. As we have mentioned above, there are two main types of air mattresses, single-height, and double-height.

For most single-height air beds, you will not see them having their own air pump, as these beds do not require too much air to inflate to a serviceable level. Therefore, all you need to do is only blowing into their tubes or using a manual pump.

On the contrary, double-height air mattresses are easily double the size of single-height air beds. Due to this reason, there is just no way that you can fully inflate them by blowing or manual pump. Also, these beds usually have valves, so you must enlist the help of a built-in electric pump.

How Easy Is It To Inflate And Deflate An Air Mattress?

If you have a double-height airbed mattress, all you need to do is connecting the air pump’s narrow-opening nozzle to the valve. Of course, you also need to check if the connection is airtight to prevent any air leakage. Then, you start the pump and wait for it to inflate to your firmness preference.

Best Air Bed in The UK

As for deflating, you only need to connect the air pump’s wide-opening nozzle to the airbed’s wide-opening mouth. Next, you switch the pump on and watch as it deflates the bed automatically.

What Is The Difference Between An Air Bed And A Self-Inflating Mat?

The first thing that you will notice to be different between an airbed mattress and a self-inflating mat is that self-inflating mats do not require an air pump while setting up. Also, self-inflating mats are, more often than not, only available in one single size, while air beds have many.

Moreover, self-inflating mats can combine both foam and air to make them more comfortable as well as warmer on the surface. On the contrary, they can only enlist the help of a breathable flocked layer to help with insulation. All in all, it depends on your firmness preference.

Can You Sleep On An Air Bed Every Night?

Air mattresses are created as an ideal alternative to actual beds for camping trips as well as sudden overnight guests. As a consequence, they can give you quite a high-quality sleep for one or a few nights.

Nevertheless, there is a high chance that your sleep quality will be affected if you use an airbed mattress every single night.


From what you have learned by reading through our articles, we hope that now you can confidently make your own educated decision on the best air beds for your particular situations.

Nonetheless, we still want to advise you that if money is not an issue, then nothing can beat the Active Era Premium Air Bed. At the end of the day, it is the most comfortable with the best support option.

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